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What makes you more FURIOUS?

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Zatam Zar

.esrever ni ti daeR
Personally none of these things really bother me, but what about you?


You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die.
Yeah, no matter. With so many members joining constantly, kinda hard not to repeat threads.


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I wish some of the new people would use the search facility sometimes rather than just post repeat threads.

But, I did it when I first joined, so I don't rage about it. :p The most I'll do is link the relevant thread in, so people can make their own choice on where they'd like to talk. There's a lot to be said for reading the old threads on here, I learned allsorts before even joining just by looking through old threads :)


Often times you just don't have the time to search for the right thread, and also it is fun to make your own thread. Also by making a similar thread it helps make the old threads resurface.


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The only thing that Bothers me is when others have gotten "Really Bothered" with others reposting or bringing up an old thread. (And I mean the Peeps we have had that make a "Hissy-Fit Fuss", not peeps that might suggest someone look at another thread or just mention it)

yeah... Those that feel that someone doesn't need to talk about a Subject just because they personally already have and personally don't care about the subject anymore. Heaven forbid a new Skyrim Player finds this Site and wants to talk about something, or is just getting into this site itself...

...that bothers me.


Dazed & Confused
Both could bother me under certain circumstances, but fortunately it doesn't happen often. Honest mistakes don't bother me, resurrecting old threads to add something worthwhile doesn't bother me.

This is what does bother me.
-Repeating threads: Example; someone decides to be a troll and reposts the same thread in every section all at once. Spam.
-Resurrecting old threads: Example; giving pointless replies, or worse, resurrecting an old thread where the discussion got heated, just to start another fight.

I suppose it's the intentions that make the difference. That said though, I don't go around being furious about either scenario. Even when I ran my own forum, it wasn't that big of a deal.


none of that really bothers me...


Pyro Psycho

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I HATE when I'm on an online chat room and people are like "any girls on?" Or " hey wanna be my girlfriend" it makes me FURIOUS!

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