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Ava B-N

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We are looking for content in the form of articles about the Skyrim experience. They need to be well written (proofreading help is offered) and with a specific point of view and interest in mind. These are not just general forum posts, they will be showcased at this page (which will soon be the home-page of our forums).

If you are interested in joining a writing team, coming up with topic ideas and creating signature content for SkyrimForums, please post below on what kind of things you'll write and send a message to Rayven and Renegader by clicking here.

I would write a walkthrough on a few missions in skyrim. Like the main quest so I can learn how to write walkthroughs and maybe get into some of the harder quests. I enjoy writing so I could also write stories about skyrim like how each mission would be experienced in first person. I am getting to be a pretty good writer so I want to write for you.


If anyone needs help killing Alduin I will tell you how, I killed Alduin level 18 by almost maxing out my one-handed skill tree and learning a good few shouts. The DLC that helped me the most was Dragonborn because is it gives you free ebony weapons and the Dragon Aspect shout. Become ethereal is a good one to have. DO NOT TRY TO SUMMON ODAVIING it won't work because you're in Sovngarde. Wear Krosis or Volsung, Krosis will help you with archery, while Volsung will give you extra carry weight for stuff like potions. Use the follower infinite arrow exploit (give one arrow of any type to your follower and pick up the arrows for an arrow generator) on low-level enemies like Bandits before you go to Sovngarde. Level up your smithing till you can get Nordic armor (DLC) this will help you so much in Sovngarde, Put most of your levels into the weapon you're going to use. I hope this will help you kill Alduin


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Think of it like a magazine article. If the forums were Skyrim Magazine, what kind of content would you want to read? I think there will be the occasional fan fic but it would have to be in short story format or else a teaser to the rest of the content already posted in the fanfic section.

I think a series on "The Ultimate: <Build or Concept>" might be a good entry, for example. We have a ton of build conversations so people are interested in that. That sort of series can be expanded in many directions depending on the authors and interest.

I also think that the personal experience of the members is a good thing to have here. Not In Character stuff, necessarily. That's more like the blog. I think articles on the game mechanics would be very interesting. Since the Creation Kit is out, I'd also like to see some tutorials on various aspects pertaining to that as people dive into it.

I think there's more than enough room for opinion pieces as well, perhaps pitting one build against another or comparing storyline choices and such.

I tried the link to send the message but received a 404 internet error.

However, I would be rather pleased to write content regarding my beloved Skyrim. It has been my favorite game since first discovering it in 2017 when my son gave me a copy of SSE for my old PS3. After six months of non-stop game play, well over a thousand hours, I began to encounter some game breaking glitches and decided to move back to PC to try out some of the many intriguing mods I had seen for the game, like the Asteria Dwemer Airship player home by MattCM919 and Bijin's Lydia. Fast forward past well over 1500 mods tested to my current LO containing 300 mods at present and you may begin to get the idea... I love Skyrim! I've seen her flaws and her grandest adventures. I love this game and would be most pleased to provide content based not only on my own experiences but those of my many friends as well.
I will be receiving an upgrade to my gaming machine within a month and look forward to learning to create my own mods, most likely followers and npc replacements at least at first.
I've seen that side of the game in part by aiding my friends who author mods in various ways. I was able to aid Nicoroshi in reimagining Skyrim archery to be more realistic and enjoyable. He soaked up my 45 years IRL archery experience like the proverbial sponge and created the most amazing bows and arrows ever made for Skyrim, for any game I've played for that matter. I do not share this to brag, although it is something in which I am proud to have been a part.
Now, there may be some who say, "who's this newbie to say he knows Skyrim. I've been playing since 11/11/11." Well, I cannot claim to have that much experience as I was still neck deep in the Fallout and Diablo franchises at that time. I've been playing RPG's on PC since the first Fallout in 1998 and RPG's like D&D since 1980. I am a huge fan of putting the role play in RPG. There's a host of other titles I've played as well. But, I'm a Fallout veteran with literally hundreds of thousands of gameplay hours in franchise and similar numbers in the Diablo franchise. Yet, since Christmas of 2017 I have logged well in excess of seven thousand hours in Skyrim, mostly in SSE, maybe closer to ten or twelve thousand. I've lost track at this point. I'm retired. What else is a disabled old geezer like me to do? I also have spent countless thousands of hours in conversations with my dear friends discussing Skyrim 'til the wee hours of the morning on Nexus and bethnet forums. Since bethnet forums are going away, I am hoping to find a new home in which to discuss my beloved Skyrim. So, if you would like me to contribute I am certainly happy to do so. I always try to see both sides of any given subject as we all play in different ways, some with a few mods, others like me with many, while others prefer the vanilla gaming experience and even ramp up the difficulty with specific challenges that go well above and beyond the vanilla game. I've seen and played them all and made friends on every side of that coin.
If you prefer to have my input on a particular topic I am happy to do that or mod reviews and recommendations or nearly anything you like. If I don't know I ask those who do. That's how this Skyrim and modding community seems to work.
Just let me know. I'll be avidly posting either way because I certainly enjoy talking about the things I love which most definitely includes Skyrim.
Just FYI... I do no use ENB or mods that alter vanilla locations. So, I wouldn't be much help there. I expect my vanilla sites to look and be organized how I remember them. Where I do use mods is pretty much everywhere else. My favorites include followers, npc replacements, weapons mods including replacers and custom pieces/collections, gameplay changes/cheats, quest mods, player homes and apparel. Phat knows those types of mods rather well. I'm also a fair hand with console commands... yes, Phat cheats in Skyrim.;) I've played thousands of hours of vanilla so I prefer to bypass the grindy bits and get straight to the meat now. But, I don't judge anyone's play style.
I'll leave you with something I've said rather frequently over the years. We are each our own unique brand of weird. There is no "normal" only average and average is boring. So, be unique, be yourself and accept those around you for their uniqueness as well. We could all use a bit more tolerance and less finger pointing. You have two ears and one mouth for a good reason... Listen.
Adventure on my friends, Phat:pinkdragon::bluedragon:
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PS: I mentioned the Asteria by MattCM919. So, I should also add my personal thanks to JohnnyQuest101 for his brilliant port/remodel of the classic SLE player home and Matt for his kind permissions. Sure, it was my idea. But, all I did was talk to the right people. So, thanks again to Matt and Johnny. I have a couple dozen player homes that I cycle through fairly regularly. But, the Asteria is a fixture in my game, languidly floating above the ever lovely Lake Ilinalta.
Adventure on friends, Phat:pinkdragon::bluedragon:
Here's the view at night from the forward deck with Nightshade and Meara:yay:
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Jaymes Wright

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Sorry to bother you,

How do I get past the bug at the end of the Taking care of business mission for thieves guild?

I done this countless times but I'm being a numpty and totally forgot...‍♂️

I collect 3 debts and go back to Brynjolf.
We speak, then I follow into cistern.
Then he stands still then after a while attacks me!


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We are looking for content in the form of articles about the Skyrim experience. They need to be well written (proofreading help is offered) and with a specific point of view and interest in mind. These are not just general forum posts, they will be showcased at this page (which will soon be the home-page of our forums).

If you are interested in joining a writing team, coming up with topic ideas and creating signature content for SkyrimForums, please post below on what kind of things you'll write and send a message to Rayven and Renegader by clicking here.
I am also expirencing a problem with the new anniversary download. It took out my heart fire basement and added fishing tanks. Anyway to reverse or change that?


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Posts I would write....
I guess on topics like why it's incredibly useful to be in the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood (which are musts for me with any character I play), as well as my experience with different questlines and dungeons, etc. Basically just whatever crosses my mind about the game.

james mcmaster

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So, the reason seems to be different for many ppl. but many say SKYUI plays a part in the problem... For me my game freezes when i LEARN THE "DISARM" WORD OF POWER LEARNED AT ELDERSBLOOD PEAK. Ive tested this muliple times, and luckily i was already on the bards quest at DEAD MANS RESPITE so i was able to go and test the WOP there and it works fine i was able to learn that word with no issue to my magic menu. but when i went back out and up to Eldersblood that WOP broke my magic menu and froze... I just started playing again after about a yr off, and I've played a good 20 or so hours, and out of nowhere my game completely freezes on a blank magic menu screen. i thought i might have had something to do with (Player Size Adjuster Mod) that i had just moved in my load order, that was not the case, then I've read multiple places that SKYUI is doing it, so i unticked skyui from my load list and my magic menu was fine except for the lame vanilla ui... I reticked and unticked multiple times, tried unticking the magic menu option in SKYUI mcm and still froze. SKYUI DEFFINITELY DOESN'T LIKE SOMETHING... Granted I am running something like 256 mods without using loot, but ive been modding for yrs and do fairly well just winging it. i have a few animations that dont work and i get a ctd from time to time but my game runs, enjoyably. except for the WOP that i cant learn now... hopefuly its the only one!