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  • Can you help with Skyrim load order please. I've been playing Skyrim since it's first came out and I know nothing about mods I have my game modded but I constantly get crashes I constantly get freezes I need help can you help me or point me in a direction where somebody can
    Hey I started a conversation with you and me. I am new to this website's interface so forgive me if I started the conversation the wrong way. You should take a look.
    My Names is Dilya,
    i saw your Profile today and it impress me after going through it i Decided to contact you for Friendship,i will Like to know more about you, location, Occupation, hobbies Age, etc,kindly write me back true my email address, ( Dilyaarnold10@hotmail.com ) ,Remember that Age,region distance or color does not matter when it comes to true friendship, ( Dilyaarnold10@hotmail.com )
    Best Regards Dilya,
    Aloha, Hoping to solve real problem here. Playing the New Skyrim SE on disc in Xbox 1, at about level 7-10 I mad a steel bow on the forge. tried to create at level 17 and the drop down menu for steel shows ALL options EXCEPT to make a bow - what the heck? Tried Bethesda forums and guess I'm just too old or dumb to figure how to "post" anything. HELP !!
    Are we Human?
    Or are we Hamsters?
    My fur is cuddly,
    My nose is cold,
    And I'm on my wheel looking for the answer.
    Are we Human, or are we Hamsters?
    Hey, I got a problem with the reputation system. I keep getting spammed with rep for somewhat no reason by certain users. Is it possible we could discuss on how to manage the rep system better? Having it spammed kinda takes away the point of rep. Like the feeling that you earned it. Thanks for reading!
    Um hi rayven i asked dunklunk and monster how to use the shout box and they told me to ask you if you give me permission please
    You should be all set now.
    Hello! I was advised to come talk to you. I just joined last night and wanted to know how to use the Shoutbox.
    Oh man.. welcome, I know i'm not Rayven but you have to be super active and you have to make a certain amount of posts to unlock it. Its a really bad feature and i know its bullcrap, but hey atleast theres no spammers. I dont know the exact amount of coments/posts you have to make to unlock it though soo..
    Hi Rayven, I have come to the forums in desperate need of some help, I have posted on the help forum, but I do not know if the attached notepad doc is allowed, it contains the error message I keep getting when I try to install Sky UI, would it be possible for you to take a look at the message and tell me if it's ok to post it. Thank you
    Hey everyone I'm jax I'm currently upgrading all my dwarven armour to superior... I have the helmet but the standard version, does anyone know where I can find the dwarven helmet and boots ?
    Rayven. Damn. Been a good f***in' long time. Schoolng all done?

    For your hubby: GO PACK!!! :)
    Please start a conversation with me for a chatbox anem change, won't let me start a conversation with you -.-
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