ESO Housing Hike! July 2, 2021

A few highlights: an awesome hot-air balloon, a fallen titan, a wonderland, an ancient Greek theater, and secrets after secrets! Touring player homes in the Elder Scrolls Online and looking at cool creations! Thanks everyone for opening up their homes for these great tours! Streamed live at on July 2, 2021. Be sure to […]

⛩️ Secrets… Intrigue!.. Muurrder!! | P1 | ESO: Blackwood

I’m starting the new chapter zone story today for Blackwood- we arrive just outside Leyawiin & are greeted by a soldier looking for help in finding a missing councilor of the Elder Council. #ESO #ADeadlySecret #GatesofOblivion SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on twitter for my latest news, announcements & LIVE streams! 🐦 Also find me […]