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  • Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Team Talks What You Can Expect Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Team Talks What You Can ExpectWhat will be in Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor? What kind of content can we expect?
    All new content is set to arrive in Elder Scrolls Online very soon, as the Greymoor content will arrive for PC today, while the console version will arrive on June 9th. The new content will take place in Skyrim, and focus on what the land was like before the Skyrim game you’ve all played. The team talked a little about what you can expect:
    “Without spoiling too much,” says ESO’s creative director Rich Lambert, “this year’s story and chapter centers around vampires and witches and werewolves in ...
  • Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Takes Place Within Midgar, And Other Answers Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Takes Place Within Midgar, And Other AnswersWhy did Square Enix decide to contain this first release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the city of Midgar? Why can’t you play as the lion yet? Fans have a lot of questions about this game right now, even before it officially comes out.
    Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi answered a few fan questions in this new Q&A session posted on Square Enix’s website. Kitase was asked why the game we’re getting contains only the Midgar portion, and he said….
    When we first started the Remake project we had to make a decision on what elements from the original ...
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Writer Talks Changes In Dialogue Final Fantasy VII Remake Writer Talks Changes In DialogueHow many changes are going to be in Final Fantasy VII? What about the dialogue?
    The process of making Final Fantasy VII Remake has been harrowing for Square Enix to say the least. They have not only made the game from the ground up in terms of graphical overhaul, but they completely redid the combat system, focused on only one section of the game for the first “title” and even fleshed out certain parts of the story.
    Not to mention, the game is going to have voice actors for the first time. ANd because of that, some serious rewriting of dialogue had ...
  • NieR Replicant Announced By Platinum Games NieR Replicant Announced By Platinum GamesWhat is NieR Replicant? Does it tie into NieR Automata?
    NieR Automata was one of the surprise games of the year when it came out. An offshoot of Drakengard, Platinum Games took that world to a bold new place and offered a head-trip of everything you think to expect in an RPG and turned it on its head and then some.
    Now, on Twitter, they have announced an “upgraded” version of the original via NieR Replicant, and announced that it is coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Steam. They also gave a clip of the games development and a tease of ...
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Shipping Early To Some Countries Final Fantasy VII Remake Shipping Early To Some CountriesFinal Fantasy VII is still coming out soon, right? No delays because of the epidemic?
    With the current epidemic going around the world, many businesses and industries have been affected. This includes the game industry to a certain measure. However, because of the nature of video games, many big name titles are still aiming to be released at their currently set release dates. This includes Final Fantasy VII Remake.
    However, in an update on the game from Square Enix, the team noted that things are getting accelerated in certain countries because of the epidemic.
    They took to Twitter to outline everything going on, ...
  • Nier Is Coming Back For A Reincarnation Nier Is Coming Back For A ReincarnationWhy are Square fanatics bouncing off the walls? Because they’re under quarantine and can’t go outside, but what’s the second reason? It’s because the impending resurrection of an originally neglected title is finally Nier.
    A lot of gamers regard 2017’s Nier Automata as one of the best video games of the 2010s, but it was actually a sequel to a previous game, Nier, that came out in 2010. Nier itself was a spinoff of Square’s Drakengard series, but that’s a different topic. Point is, now that everyone loves the Nier series, they have a strong hunger to play the game that ...
  • Fallout 76 Players Hoarding Toilet Paper Inside Of Game Fallout 76 Players Hoarding Toilet Paper Inside Of GameWhat’s going on in Fallout 76 lately? Anything good?
    While Fallout 76 hasn’t been the best game to play, there are some who are still loyal to the title and aim to make the most of it, especially in light of the Coronavirus situation. As a result, many players have gone from just getting supplies to hoarding toilet paper…inside the game. Not unlike how real “survivors” are doing that in the real world. Behold these tweets in all their glory.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Wall Market Exposed Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Wall Market ExposedWhat’s the one known area of Midgar we have yet to fully see in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? We’ve seen large sections of the Reactors, we’ve seen bits and pieces of other areas…what’s left? Wall Market…we haven’t seen Wall Market. Until today.
    Square released a ton of screenshots from the area today, along with detailed descriptions of some of the characters you’ll meet there, both new and old. See what you think…

    Here’s what you’ll see when you first hit the street. The influence of Japanese culture was more pronounced in Wall Market’s design than it was elsewhere in Midgar, and that ...

  • Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Movie, With Comments By Square Watch The Full Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Movie, With Comments By SquareWhat’s better than getting to see the full, uncut opening movie from Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Finding out exactly why they made the narrative choices they did. What does the team at Square reveal?
    The official Playstation blog has published a new interview with producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi on the cinematic that opens Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the choice to add new material to it. First, watch the video:
    You notice the opening minute or so is completely different from the original 1997 opener, right? Kitase and Hamaguchi explain the reasons behind their choices in the interview. You ...
  • New Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors Surface New Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors SurfaceWhat is the latest on Elder Scrolls 6? Where is it?
    Ever since its announcement, fans have been waiting in the wings for any and all information about The Elder Scrolls 6. However, Bethesda has been very tight-lipped, and fans haven’t gotten much. However, a new rumor has emerged and claims that the game won’t even be ready until maybe 2025. However, the rumor bringer, who claims to be a part of the dev team, has given some information about the games location:
    “Most of you have guessed right, it takes place in High Rock and Hammerfell. But the twist is that ...