The Absolute BEST Skyrim Combat Mods In 2023! | Modern Combat Synergy For All Playstyles!

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Mar 7, 2023 at 5:06 PM
Posted by LZedd
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Another year, another combat overhaul! This combat synergy using 8 - ish mods is my favorite out of all of the previous ones, as is it incredibly easy to set up & works flawlessly if managed properly.
Some of the best combat mods came out late 2022, & early 2023, & arguably further revolutionized Skyrim's Modded Combat, by introducing systems and features present in modern games like AC Valhalla, God Of War or Witcher 3, while some incredible animation frameworks and move sets have been inspired by Elden Ring and Dark Souls games.
The best part about these Skyrim combat mods is that they are heavily modular and completely optional, leaving all features optional, so they cater to almost every user, and works for all playstyles.
Additionally, this combat overhaul makes sure not to abandon the First Person Perspective fans, and provides alternative options if you prefer the be immersed as Elder Scrolls games originally intended.

I Hope You Enjoy and Have Fun!

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0:00 Collision Mod & A Dodge Mod
2:03 Sponsored Segment
3:09 Movement & Target Lock On Mod
5:03 Animation Framework
5:54 Animation Collection 1
6:39 Animation Collection 2
6:58 Recoil Removal Mod
7:15 What About The First Person Perspective?
7:43 First Person Animation Overhaul Mod
8:25 Resource Management Mod
9:30 Injury System Mod
10:08 AI Changes & Improvements
11:12 Very Important Tweaks & Compatibility Notes
13:18 Outro


Precision - Accurate Melee Collisions |
TK Dodge RE |
Unique TK Dodge Animations:
Smooth Slip Dodge Animation |
BDO Sorceress Dodge Animation |
Elden Ring Step Dodge |
True Directional Movement |
Modern Combat Overhaul (Attack - MCO | DXP) |
Elden Rim Moveset Collection (SCAR) |
ER Katana Moveset (SCAR) |
No Recoil |
First Person Combat Animations Overhaul - Size Matters |
Valhalla Combat |
Wildcat - Combat Of Skyrim (Used ONLY for Injuries & AI Improvements) |
Vanguard - Bash Behaviors Overhaul |
SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution |

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Intel i9-9900K CPU
Corsair Pro Vengeance RAM 32GBs
ROG Maximus XI Hero Mb
Asus ROG RTX 4090 OC GPU
And Corsair PSU (1000W) + Corsair Fans
Noctua's Cooler, NH-D15

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