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Jan 24, 2023 at 6:15 PM
Posted by LZedd
Anniversary getting the best start possible! Hitting lots of the new content efficiently while staying away from mostly all questing!

1:27 Bandit Camp & Shrine of Talos
-3 items to disenchant

2:07 The Guardian Stones
-Mage Stone

2:48 Anise's Cabin
-Disenchant items
-Flawless Emerald

3:35 Riverwood

4:48 Myrwatch
-Enchanting + Staffs

7:38 Whiterun
-Sell potions
-Buy Soul Trap & Muffle
-Start Into The Shadows
-Start Beyond The Grave

9:17 Silent Moons Came & Halted Stream Camp
-Assassins Journal
-Transmute Ore & Mine Ore

11:22 Falkreath

11:42 Knife Point Ridge
-Daedic Plate Armor

12:22 Hobs Fall Cave

13:45 Stables
-Horse & Armor

14:21 Fort Amol
-Bound Bow & Conjuration 30

15:52 Mara's Eye Pond
-Staff of Worms & Gems

18:25 Atronach Stone

19:26 Mzulft
-1/4 Glowing Crystal Shards

20:05 Raldbthar
-2/4 Glowing Crystal Shards

21:21 Winterhold
-Join Collage & Enchanting
-Staff of the Storm Atronach

25:10 Sky Temple Ruins
-Arm of the Sun & Moon
-Sovereign Band
-Daedric Sword of Inferno

28:08 Solsthiem
-Chaos Enchantment

30:08 Shrine of Meridia
1/3 Elemental Fury Shouts
-Dawn Breaker

32:26 Solitude
-Archery Vendor
-Daedric Crossbow

35:48 South Shriek Wind Basin
-Flawless Ruby
-Vampire Dust
-2/3 Elemental Fury

36:59 Markarth Stables

37:22 Shrine of Peryite

37:57 Dragon Tooth Crater
-3/3 Elemental Fury Shouts

38:35 Deep Folk Crossing
3/4 Glowing Crystal Shards

41:01 Arknthamz
-4/4 Glowing Crystal Shards

41:26 Bthalft

43:06 Ritual Stone

43:22 Atronach Stone

46:51 Bow of Shadows

50:32 Riften

52:10 Champions Rest
-Ebony Set
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