What is your character's attire

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Just started this archer. Haven't left riverwood yet, but I'm going to Solitude to join the legion. At the moment, I really like the look of the light imperial armor and the novice hood.

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My very first character was all about being as powerful as possible, so the armor was daedric. Then, with Kohlar, I played more to the character's background, so he wore carved nordic with ancient nord helm, (as depicted in my avatar), and eventually all ancient nord armor when I was good enough at Smithing and enchanting to make it powerful. Then came my Argonian Kahn, who will (eventually) wear dragon-scale armor which I imagine will look awesome on him. Malkjar the Malignant who is a terrifying Nord wears Dragonbone armor, as he embraces his Dragonborn nature. Finally, Chef Ramsay. To see what he wears, report to the Chef Build thread. :beermug:


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Early in the game, I try to get my hands on steel plate armor as fast as I can. So when I first start out, I'm of course begging, borrowing and stealing to stay afloat, in any kind of leather, iron, and steel. Then I get myself to Riften and offer to help that one dude get his horse Frost. That will get you the steel plate armor. With improvements, I can get that armor up to a rating of about 128 really early in the game, which is well above the armor rating for lesser armors you find in the first 25 levels or so.

I'll keep that armor until ebony comes along. Then I waffle back and forth with Daedric and Dragonbone. Most of the time I end up with Dragonscale, (light armor) unless for some reason my character prefers heavy armor, which happens.


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At the moment, Ryla's wearing Studded Armour, along with the Steel Nordic Gauntlets and the Steel Cuffed Boots. I doubt it'll change any time soon, I've yet to come across anything that I think looks better on her (I tend to favour appearance over actual effectiveness), but I guess we'll see. :)


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I am wearing light Ebony armor this time (mod), though I've worn scaled and Elven in the past. Last play through, it was a gunmetal color Elven armor mod, but a lot of my characters end up with Elven even without mods.

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This playthrough I'm planning on wearing the shellbug helm, to me it just looks mega cool. I dunno what to wear with it tho. s: maybe I should go with falmer armor?


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This playthrough I'm planning on wearing the shellbug helm, to me it just looks mega cool. I dunno what to wear with it tho. s: maybe I should go with falmer armor?
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Perhaps the chitin armor would match it.


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My Nord female is wearing the Saviour's Hide, foresworm headress, gauntlets and boots. That is her everyday wear. I put her in Master's robes when she is doing anything magicy, and when she is pottering around at home she wears the female version of the tavern clothes. She's a bit of a murderous, Daedra-loving, hussy.

My Argonian is in Daedric armour, without the helmet.

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I can't remember the last time I wore some of the vanilla armor pieces! Right now my Redguard berserker is wearing the Hedge Mage armor. Which is a very light armor set indeed. But it looks great!

I hide the helmet, though. She just wouldn't look right without her crazy dreadlocks hanging out all over the place.



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For my XBOX characters:

My assassin/thief characters: Either Ancient Dark Brotherhood armor or Black Guildmaster Armor or whatever its called (From Dragonborn DLC) or Daedric armor.

My mage or vampire characters: Either Glass armor, Tavern Clothes, or Vamp armor so I can enchant it all myself.

My one handed warrior characters: Either Ebony armor or Daedric armor.

My alpha werewolf character: Savior's Hide from Hircine of course, paired with Dragonscale gauntlets and boots (actually looks decent together and was the quickest way to get to the armor cap using Savior's Hide).

That pretty much covers it for xbox.

Now for my one PC character:

I have the frostfall mod so covering up is essential. So he's wearing all fur armor on his body, feet and hands. For his head he has a fur/leather helmet/hood type thing from another mod and he's also wearing a fur cape to protect better from snow and rain with a matching brown fur backpack.

Picking my character's attire is one of the funnest things to do in Skyrim!


For my Nord DB Stormcloak character I use - Ulfric's set(Modded to give same stats as elven light armor) and Anduril(2h Version, LoTR Weapon Mod)
For my Dark Elf Vampire I use - Ritual Armor Of Boethiah(Mod) & Blade of Woe.
For my Mage I use - Black Mage Armor(Another mod xD)
For Archer characters I use - Contractor Armor(Mod, lol) and Nightingale Bow.


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Irileth, my High Elf Battlemage, who is moving towards pure spell casting, is wearing enchanted Daedric armor. She has two enchanted Daedric swords, and also wields a bound bow.


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Chitin armor because I think it looks really cool and also its possible to reach the armor cap with it(Really important on legendary difficulty)


My current character (lvl 45 right now) started as a Stormcloak (Alternate Start mod), and wore those two sets (basic & Heroic once she got it) for the longest time.
There is one set she will have as her final armour, in the very distant future, and for now she's wearing:

- Dragonbone Ebonsteel breastplate (an incredibly lucky find in a random boss chest, a long time ago)
- Steel Fancy Cave Bear Claw Hood
- Steel Boots (I think they're called Steel Cuffed Boots in vanilla; enchanted with shock resistance)
- Steel Gauntlets (Steel Nordic Gauntlets; enchanted with Fortify Heavy Weaponry (2-H))
- Gildergreen Aegis
- Snow Bear Claw Cloak of Resist Magic (+10% MR)
- Ebony Shortbow (found at her very first dungeon, Korvanjund, at level < 10)
- Ebony Broadsword
- Backpack crafted with an Amulet of Kynareth (so I have a super cool miniature dragon skull on it)

Why steel? Well, because I'm using SkyRe, so wearing full steel (quality) armour provides additional protection against arrows and bolts. With the shield equipped I easily exceed SkyRe's higher armour cap (it's 900, and I have over 1000); no need for high-level stuff with the chestpiece I have. I haven't even improved anything except the steel items, because I haven't taken any smithing perks past that one and thus cannot improve (or make) anything fancier.

I also use Frostfall, and with my current gear have 200 exposure protection (max is 275). Sometimes looks are more important than effectiveness... and it's not like firewood is hard to come by.


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Irileth, my High Elf Battlemage, has switched to enchanted Glass Armor, to reduce her carry weight. She is switching from the steed stone to the atronach stone, so she no longer needs the perk from the steed stone.
My current character a woodelf warrior is currently wearing all glass armor with a circlet. I decided not to go with a helmet on this guy and go with a circlet instead. I may build a set of dragon scale armor later for him and see if I like it. I may go back to glass. We'll see.
My sneaky battlemage Bosmer, Serah Estiph, is wearing Vampire Royal Armor, an Amulet of Talos and the Nightweavers Band ring, Nightingale boots and Nightingale gloves with Nahkriin (the Dragon Priest mask that gives you 50 extra magicka and reduces destruction and restoration spell cost - this combined with the Nightweavers Band makes her Destruction spells cost 30+ magicka tops. Will eventually enchant something to make it cost nothing, but this'll do for now).

My Orc two handed warrior, Andromeda, is currently wearing banded iron armor, Nordic steel gauntlets and banded steel boots, perked a bit to give her extra protection.

My High Elf pure mage, Wren Mnemosyne, is wearing Novice Robes of Destruction, I believe, and iron gauntlets and boots for extra armor.

My Nordic Shieldmaiden, Nymeria, is wearing a full improved set of Leather Armor she made herself for the moment - she'll be heading Bashnag's way shortly to get Ancient Nordic armor. :p

My Khajiit sneak archer, Gypsy Moon, is wearing grey Vampire Armor, Vampire Boots and Leather Bracers (she doesn't like having her claws covered :p) as well as a circlet that makes her archery do 15x more damage (all except the bracers were a lucky find off of a dead vampire in Whiterun's plains) at the moment, until she gets to Falkreath and joins up with The Dark Brotherhood to get something better.

And my newest character, a sneaky spellsword Dunmer named Ianthe Tinúviel, who will be a Vampire Lord when the time comes, is wearing a full set of leather armor with leather boots enchanted with fortify sneak.

And I think that covers it. Also yes, I edited this post to include all five of my characters and what they're wearing now. :)
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