What is the above user most famous for?

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Premium Member
^ For having a signature with a Lord of The Rings parody in it.
^ For having an awesome avatar pic ^
^For making me say "wut"^
^ For being my new favorite Daedric prince (formerly Sheo. fl*ff cheese, get knowledge XD) ^
^ I don't know, so


The Progeny of Vikings
^ For being the nipplecopter. Also, for being a resident of California, which I think is extremely cool!
^ For being followed by Buffington Battle-Born ^

Zoa Two Tails

Cloak and Dagger Artist
For being addicted to skyrim so bad that they post on a forum
^ For being the first person to post on the "BANNED" forum game ^
^ For not posting faster than me ^

Zoa Two Tails

Cloak and Dagger Artist
^for posting about himself and a failed thread that I revived