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    Confused Khajiit
    The Empire has fallen, but the outcome of the fall wasn't what any wanted. The last remaining super powers of Tamriel fought one last devastating war, a war from which Tamriel would never recover. The very terrain itself shook from the battle cries, the magic, and the swords of warriors and mages. The deceased would be reincarnated by necromancers and biological warfare and treachery would reign down on the kings, queens, and peasants. There were no laws in this era of bloodshed and death.

    Years later, after the Last War, peasants are being controlled by their Kings. Cyrodill's once-great cities are being stripped for their wood and stone, and used to build palaces for kings and queens and meager huts for the peasants. This is the era you are born in, the era of religious politics, book burnings, and the constant fear of your village being burned to the ground by the king's "noble" knights.

    Majir-Dar as Veros Bildren -(Bard's College)-
    Valin Oakthorn as Corvus Penumbra (The Raven) -(Thieves Guild)-
    Bambi as Leona (Fox) -(Thieves Guild)-
    Irishman as Incubus -(Dark Brotherhood)-
    The Phantom as Sellus Wavrick -(Fighter's Guild)-
    Sid as Lucret Caecilius -(Mages Guild)-

    Retired Cast
    EpicVakarian as Cammy Pyke (Blackspear) -(Dark Brotherhood)-


    Confused Khajiit
    The inn erupted with the sounds of merriment as Veros Bildren played the song, The Dragonborn Comes. The inn was quite ordinary, made of rather weak wood and a patch roof that seamed to leak even when there was no water to cause a leak. There were multiple tables and chairs laid out across the inn but most everyone was standing up and clapping their hands on their tankards to Veros' tune. When he finished singing, the men and women in the inn roared for an encore and Veros was happy to oblige, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, you want to hear a tale that has been passed down from Skyrim and into my ears?"

    The men and women in the inn shouted in unison, "Yeah!"

    Veros Bildren started playing his lute and singing expertly, he sang, "There once was a hero named Ragnar the Red, who came riding from Whiterun from ole Roriksteed! And the braggart did swagger and brandish blade, as he told of bold battles and gold he had made!" Then in almost a whisper, he continued, "But then he went quiet did Ragnar the Red, when he met the shield-maiden Matilda who said..." Then he jumped on top of table and continued, "Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead! Now I think its high time you lie down and bleed! And so then came the clashing and slashing of steel as the brave lass Matilda charged in full of zeal! And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no moooooore... as his ugly red head rolled around on the floor!"

    Jumping off the table, Veros walked over to the barmaid, "Any Sujamma left?"

    "For you? Of course! Anyone that can lively those cold hearts deserves a few drinks of their choosing." She pointed to a group of war veterans that were usually grim but on this day were merry.

    "It's all in the practice I assure you.... You know, there are a few things I would like to practice on you." He sat down on a wooden stool by the bar.

    The barmaid started pouring his Sujamma and replied, "Nice try, but I have a nice guard named Matilda who warned me about you and she's just waiting to cut your head off."

    Veros flinched, "She's still mad about the night we shared together? That was over a fortnight ago, she needs to live and let live." He took a few sips of his Sujamma.

    The barmaid coughed and indicated using her head that "Matilda" was right behind him. "Matilda" placed one giant hand on Veros' shoulder and he flinched again.

    Careful to take his Sujamma with him, Veros got up from his stool, "It's getting a little chilly over here, I guess I'll be going... over there." He pointed to a lone woman sitting across the inn at a table for two and rushed to get there almost running in his haste. He heard the barmaid and "Matilda" laughing as he swiftly walked away from them.

    He approached the beautiful lone woman. She had waste long, golden hair, her skin was unblemished, and her eyes were a green that only a forest could duplicate. Veros was a little confused as to why the girl was so dressed up for a common inn but he paid it no heed. Veros sat down on the chair opposite of her and as he did so, his right hand went instinctively to a boot knife he kept in his right boot. He then asked, "You don't mind if I sit with you do you?"

    "Erm, no I suppose not."

    "Good, I would hate to miss an opportunity to talk to such a beauty as you. May I buy you a drink, my fair lady?

    She seemed to be thinking for awhile but finally said, "Yes actually, you can buy me a drink." She seemed proud of her own response. Veros called over one of the maids and ordered a few glasses of the inn's most powerful drinks.

    Looking the lone girl in the eye, Veros asked, "Oh, where's my manors, my name i-"

    "Please, lets not exchange names. Lets just not call each other anything. I came here to have fun, after all."

    The drinks came in and the two started on them with determination. The girl seemed to struggle with her first few drinks but as time went on, she got used to the pain and drank as well as any Nord. After a few hours of almost no conversation, the two were drunker than a Nord after a drinking contest. Veros ordered a room at the inn and the two fell on the bed.

    The room was almost completely empty save for the bed, dresser, and the door that seemed to close at odd angles. Veros positioned himself on top of his girl and started undressing her, taking his time. He tenderly kissed her arms as the dress sleeves came off. The entire dress eventually fell to the floor and the woman's bare body showed in the torch light. She seemed a little embarrassed but also rather excited.

    Bang, bang, bang. Before they could have any real fun, someone knocked on the door, eventually breaking it down and stepped into Veros' room. The "someone" were multiple city guards looking for the princess of Chorrol. Veros cursed to himself as he was forcefully taken away from the princess and she started sobbing. One second we're having the time of our lives and the next I'm being dragged away.

    The guards likely thought rape and he would be brought in front of the king to be executed. Veros tried to plead with one of the guards that was dragging him away, "I don't suppose you'll believe me if I tell you she started it?" He heard "Matilda" say something cruel and the inn erupted in laughter and snide remarks at Veros' expense.

    Valin Oakthorn

    Vagabond Extraordinaire
    There was a cool breeze in the ruined city. It was once the capital of all nirn, and now, now it was just a pile of rocks. The waterfront had been soaked, drowned, destroyed by the water. The market district was looted of all valuables and life. The white gold tower just barely remained standing.

    But in the ruins of what was once the Talos Plaza District stands a crumbling church. The windows are broken, the roof leaking, even so it was one of the most sound structures in the city. And in dieing city, a single light shines in the darkness of the night. This light, is coming from that church.

    It's a candle, lit in the bell tower, flickering next to a tall man. His skin is tinted gray and his red eyes scan a piece of parchment laying out in front of him. His name is Corvus Penumbra, and the letter is from the King of Chorrol.

    Dear Corvus Penumbra
    The orphans near my castle tell tales of a hooded figure. They say that he is like a raven in the sky and that no mans gold is safe. Yet, these tales are of joy. They tell of that very figure giving them toys and food. Offering a helping hand in their tragic life. Their talking about you. I have use of your services, and can pay you quite the gold for them. Meet me in Chorrol within a fortnight.
    The King of Chorrol
    Corvus' leg dangled over the edge of the bell tower. There were books scattered around all pertaining to thieves or the guild. He took one more look at the skyline of the city. He would be at the black market the next day, and try to make his way to Chorrol. He stood up from his ledge, and moved over to the bed roll. The man laid down thankful for some sleep.​


    Calibration-Master General

    Cammy Pyke span around, ceasing her training immediately. Her spear was held tightly in her left hand, and her yellowish eyes narrowed, looking closely at her dark Brother, Carth. His red-and-black shrouded clothes glimmered, his sweat soaking the leather.
    "Yeah?" Her fairly high yet menacing voice was famed among the Brotherhood; there had once been a torture victim who had enjoyed the voice so much, he'd spent himself all over her. Needless to say, the victim didn't last much longer. However, many of her young Brothers, and some Sisters too, who still enjoyed her voice a little too much, and Carth was one of them. He shuddered as she spoke even one word, but kept control of himself and kept talking.

    "There's a letter for you."

    Five words that would mean almost nothing to an ordinary person, but to a member of the Dark Brotherhood, it meant everything.
    "What do you mean, a letter?"
    "I mean a letter."

    Cammy's eyes narrowed. When Carth took the letter out from a pocket, Cammy lunged for it, swift as a viper. She focused her mind for a second, letting one of her blades emerge from her sleeve long enough to break the seal on the letter before retreating back up to her wrist. The letter read:
    To the Black Spear of the Brotherhood
    I require your help.
    I would like to file a contract,
    and I would like to personally request you.
    I will pay well.
    If you are interested, come to Chorrol,
    three days from now, an hour from sunset.
    Outside the gate.
    A friend
    Cammy looked up, considering the letter. No-one had ever managed to contact the Brotherhood directly; why should she trust anyone who could? Although... no-one would ever forgive her if she lost the Brotherhood a contract, and she was capable enough to escape a trap. She said nothing; she simply shoved the letter back into Carth's hands and exited the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, heading southwest for Chorrol. The last any of her Family saw of her was the tails of her black leather coat, flapping in the wind as the Black Door shut behind her.​


    Active Member
    Night had fallen over the Imperial City. Leona walked through the rubble, shivering as a cool breeze passed her. She spotted a group of bandits in the distance and quietly made her way into the sewers, looking for a corner where she could spend the night.

    As she wondered about, she heard voices ahead belonging to some of the guild members. Leaning against a pillar, she watched them. They were drinking cheap wine in a dimly lit corner of the sewers, talking to each other in low voices. She wanted to join them, but she knew she wasn’t welcome. Not yet, anyways. To them, she was still an outsider, a little rich girl playing pretend. She hadn’t been in the guild long, only a year, but she had come far. By rank, she was above the group of thieves she saw ahead of her, but they didn’t trust her. Not that she had given them reason to trust her, she hadn’t told them a word about herself, let alone her name.

    As the group began to disperse she walked into the room and picked up a bottle of their wine, sitting cross-legged on a table. One of the thieves walked back into the room, an imperial, though she couldn’t remember his name. He was surprised to see her there and she gave him a small smile, greeting him politely.

    “Fox, isn’t it past your bedtime?” the imperial teased, poking fun at her age.

    She was eager for conversation of any sort, so she replied with a cheeky smile,

    “What are you, my mother?”

    The imperial cracked a smile and, having found what he was looking for, left the room after a short goodbye, leaving Leona disappointed.

    Once she had finished with the wine she stood up and started walking away, running a hand through her damp hair. She found a crevice about a metre above the ground and climbed in, settling her bedroll down and trying to get comfortable. The guild provided beds, but she was weary of sharing a room with the other thieves. She knew they weren’t supposed to steal from her, or harm her, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t. She shivered, deciding that tomorrow she would purchase a thicker blanket at the market. She wanted to get out of the city soon, perhaps Corvus would have something for her to do. She’d have to ask in the morning. When her thoughts had finally calmed down, she drifted off to sleep.


    Well-Endowed Member
    It would have taken extremely trained eyes to see Incubus that night. It was a pitch black night, no moon, with a gentle breeze that kept the shadows moving. Perfect for hunting. As Incubus stood atop the crumbling, stone building seeing everything with his enhanced night vision he sensed another. They were silent, obviously the well trained eyes that Incubus was expecting. The Dunmer smiled to himself, he loved life at the moment. The decay and violence of the times, the thrill of the hunt, or as he was now, the thrill of being hunted. As he stood there contemplating this, an exquisite blade pierced his heart. The assailant released the blade and took a step back, obviously shocked at his accomplishment. A bone-chilling laugh sounded out behind him and he turned to see a hooded figure. dressed from head to toe in a flowing pitch black robe that seemed to absorb the the very little light the night offered.

    'Incubus?' The assassin turned back to the body he had just run through and saw nothing. His blade lying on the ground, blood free. 'Just an illusion. Don't look so shocked Arakazi, it's embarassing.' Incubus smiled again, showing his razor sharp canines. 'I thought I got you, Spymaster.' Arakazi turned and gracefully picked up his dagger, than turned back around and bowed his head in respect of his master. 'I have interesting news.' Incubus nodded. 'Dark Sister Pyke has been sent a personal letter requesting her presence in Chorrol. She hasnt told anyone in the Brotherhood but im sure she is intelligent enough to know it isnt a secret.' 'Isit a job?' 'We can only assume so.' Incubus narrowed his glowing red eyes 'Never assume anything in this profession, you know that.' The Dunmer was calm but there was a definet reprimanding undertone that Arakazi noticed. 'Anything else?' 'Yes, but im not sure what it is just yet. King Crito of Chorrol seems to be planning something. Its difficult to find out exactly though, as he keeps changing his staff and our inside man, along with the rest of the staff, are being continually interrogated. Everyone is suspicious of everyone.' Arakazi obviously finished his report and scanned the surrounding area. Always alert. that is why you are my 2nd. 'I want eyes on Blackspear, preferably without her knowledge, as she may be in danger. Keep me in the loop at all times. As for the king, just continue with what is working. Don't push our birdie.'

    With that, Incubus turned and in a swirling of black material, vanished into the night.


    Well-Endowed Member
    Later that night...

    Through the grubby window Incubus could see a couple having intimate relations. He could hear their deep breathing and almost feel the accelerated blood coursing through their sweaty bodies. It had been awhile since the Dunmer had fed and as he stared coldly at the couple, a familiar tingling sensation tickled his gums and he felt his razor sharp canines lengthen in anticipation.

    Incubus stalked silently towards the small, run-down cottage and slipped inside, making less noise than the gentle breeze that was blowing. It was a simple, one roomed house with a floor to ceiling cloth curtain providing the bed with a small amount of privacy. The man and woman behind the curtain were moaning more and more urgently, and as the lady let out a muffled scream of pleasure, Incubus tore back the curtain, ripped the pale woman off her man and sunk his fangs deep into the artery running through her neck. Sweet blood. As the muscled man sat up with a yell, Incubus looked up at him with glowing red eyes and whilst still feeding, raised his pale hand and quickly calmed the nord. Incubus resumed feeding and as he began to feel the heartbeat of his victim beginning to flutter and fail, he stopped and let her naked body hit the floor. There was no need for calming spells on her as the blood loss was sufficient and it took all her strength to keep consciousness.

    Wiping the dribble of blood from his lips, Incubus looked up at the man now sitting up in bed with a mild look on his face. 'I've been looking for you, Bishop. Did you really think you could rat out The Flock and disappear from us?' The large nord, Bishop, looked quizzically back at the vampire, not saying a word. 'Do you realise that when you told that guard that you suspected there was a spy in the Kings court, that he was one of my Birdies?' Incubus laughed unkindly. 'Who are you... how do you know all this?' Bishop asked, frowning slightly. 'You moron. I am The Vulture, The master of spies and orchestrator of The Flock. You should feel privileged that I have come to deal with you personally. Although it was mostly because i was close-by, hungry and I am in need of another corpse.' With that statement, Incubus picked up a sharp steel dagger that was laying on a bedside cabinet and threw it to Bishop, who caught it one handed. 'Now, stab yourself.' Incubus ordered with a menacing smile. Bishop stared down at the knife and back up at the Dunmer, with a confused expression. 'I said...' Incubus raised a faintly green glowing hand. '...stab yourself!' Bishop turned the dagger in his hand and plunged it into his chest. The first few seconds the man didnt make a noise, just a glazed over look on his face. The bed sheets started to turn a deep red and Bishop let out a sickening gurgle noise, blood trickling down his chin. He was than silent, slumped down in bed.

    After a feed, Incubus' magic powers are increased and he could feel it! He closed his eyes and his whole body started to pulse with a bluish aura. The hands of the vampire were especially bright and as he slowly raised them above his head the aura grew in intensity until he struck his palms together. In an instant, the light from his body and hands transferred up into a small ball of energy between his hands and flew at the fresh body of Bishop. The nord began to glow a faint blue colour himself and his knife wound healed up. Bishop groaned and his eyes fluttered open. 'Excellent. Now get up, get dressed in your armour and come with me.' Incubus ordered as he turned and walked past the now unconscious body of the lady.

    Incubus was waiting outside for nearly 20 minutes when his thrall finally came shambling out in heavy steel armour. The Dunmer than created a large fireball of blue, white and orange flames in front of him and hurled it at the small cottage. He watched for a minute as flames engulfed the home, than turned and strolled into the pitch black night, his dead thrall groaning and shuffling behind him. Always so slow and stupid in the first hour of being thralled.


    The Phantom

    Consulting Criminal
    ('Tis rather short, so I'll add more later)

    Sellus Wavrick stood before a giant of a man. The man wore armour reminiscent of the Thieves Guild's and a black and white mask. He was there with two requests. The large man was an accomplished member of the Fighters Guild, named Scourge, and bore a message for the Old Wolf. He was to meet the King of Chorrol for undisclosed reasons. Then Scourge revealed his second request. He sighed and then spoke "I have no challenges left, all my enemies are broken..." His accent was curious, yet Wavrick could not pinpoint it "I need to die a warrior's death. You claim that you are the World's Greatest Mercenary, Old Wolf? Prove it! Fight me!"

    Although Sellus would have obliged, he didn't leave him any choice. Immediately after speaking, he threw a punch towards Sellus. Quickly, Sellus jumped back and drew his bo-staff, ready to battle. He grinned and yelled "You're getting slow, Scourge!" Then he tensed and flipped towards Scourge, bringing his staff down towards his head. Scourge gripped the staff and slammed Wavrick down on the ground. He went to kick him but Sellus quickly rolled out the way and sprang back up. Scourge threw another punch which Sellus blocked with his staff, he then kicked Scourge in the chest and, as he staggered back, smacked him in the head with the staff. Angrily, Scourge turned around and charged towards Sellus. He jumped out the way and using one hand, drew and fired his crossbow at his opponent.

    Scourge took the bolt to the back, millimetres away from his spine. He staggered forward and ran at Sellus, smacking him before he could react, sending the Old Wolf flying back. He dropped the crossbow which the masked man snapped in half. Seconds later, Sellus was back on his feet and back in the game. They both fought ferociously, Scourge throwing punch after punch with Wavrick blocking them all. The next punch, Wavrick caught in his hand and head-but Scourge. Using the brief moment while he was stunned, Sellus then repeatedly hit him with his staff and then kicked him away.

    Scourge lunged forward, grabbing the Old Wolf and holding him in the air by the neck, he tried punching him the face until Scourge went to punch him. Desperately, he caught the punch and kicked Scourge in the face, somersaulting backwards to escape. He then waited for the next move. The giant of a man threw another punch as Sellus flipped over his head and struck him with the staff so he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Then he threw his staff away and drew his spear saying "I hope you find peace in death, it's been fun. You're good, but not good enough though. I was expecting to be more overwhelmed, disappointing Scourge." Then he stabbed him through the cranium, killing him instantly.

    Then he proceeded to pick up the now bloodied message. It was rather brief, all its contents were
    "The mercenary, Sellus Wavrick, AKA the Old Wolf, is to travel to Chorrol by request of his royal highness, King Crito, for a potential contract worth 500,000 septims. The contract itself will be discussed in great detail personally.
    Good Hunting." Sellus was rather amused, he knew King Crito's city was in a poor state but to pay five times the usual fee for his services meant that something big was going on. Of course, he wouldn't refuse 500,000 septims. With that money he could retire, live like a King for the rest of his mortal life and finally find some peace.

    He began to concoct a letter informing the Fighters Guild of his indefinite absence and the... Untimely demise of one of their most famous members, by default leaving Wavrick to assume his position. Then he sent it and began to pack all of his equipment. His distinctive armour was first, which he donned, adjusting the mask to his face. Then he repaired his crossbow and strapped it to his back, followed by his bo-staff and spear, overlapping each other. As a precaution, he also took a glass sword and put the sheathe on his belt. Then he packed a bag, consisting of essentials such as: food, water, poisons, bolts and a few potions. The bag was then strapped to his horse, which he began to ride to Chorrol.

    Valin Oakthorn

    Vagabond Extraordinaire
    The next morning Corvus was in the black market early. Fences were crowded around, each offering something to sell, all offering to buy. The black market was deep within the sewers that ran around like a city beneath the once great imperial city.

    There's a constant disgusting, damp smell in the sewers. Dead skevers, rotting food, muck. The shop stands are set up along the path, for good reason. Anyone who dared to set foot in the rotting, acidic, muck and mud that was once sewer water would be lucky to survive. The roof is cracked, destroyed, ruined, it lets in light and casts shadows everywhere.

    The setting is perfect for Corvus. He can easily disappear from one shadow and appear in the next. Black Magic they called it. A quick teleport behind your opponent is more than magic. It's a miracle, even if the dark is the only place it works. He had spent years working, perfecting. It wasn't amazing, he could teleport a few paces should the lighting be low enough. Nothing invisibility and quick feet cant do, but impressive none the less. Some had taken to calling it Shadowv magic. Truth is, Corvus was just at home in the shadows, he's one with them.

    Corvus eventually was standing at an old orc woman. She could get anything, anywhere, and Corvus knew it. "I need a trip to Chorrol." Corvus said. His hood was down, and his gray tinted skin both intimidated and caused a few remarks from people. "How soon?" She replied. "When's your next carriage?" He asked. "Not for a few weeks or so." "That won't work. I need to be there soon." He said. The woman seemed stumped. She had a hunched back and moved slowly to a pile of papers. "Well that's all I have." She said, picking at a wart on her nose. "Wait! Wait Wait Wait!" She said pulling out a paper and waddling toward Corvus. "Horses. I have two." She said smiling a smile with far too little teeth. "That may just work.


    Active Member
    The sound of footsteps woke Leona far earlier than she would have liked. She sat silently as they drew closer, hearing voices belonging to some guild members. She waited for them to pass before yawning and packing a small bag. Leaving her non-essentials in the corner where they would not be found, she jumped down from the crevice where she had spent the night. She dusted off her clothes and ran her fingers through her hair before quickly braiding it, the braid reaching her lower back. One thing that she did not like about living in the sewers was the lack of mirrors and general hygiene facilities, not to mention the smell. It was hard to keep herself looking presentable and by taking a look at the other guild members, she could tell that most of them had given up a long time ago. Slinging her bag over her shoulders, Leona wondered through the sewers, heading for the black market.

    The sewers were still a filthy maze to her, so it took quite some time for her to arrive at the market. She walked through the stalls, enthralled by the variety of goods around her. She approached a fence selling jewellery and looked longingly onto a particularly shiny necklace. She loved anything of value, dreaming of one day collecting rooms of things that took her interest. She possessed a fair amount of jewellery already, some she had acquired in her childhood, some stolen whilst on jobs and some purchased, but she knew that wearing them openly was asking for trouble.

    Leona continued to wonder, captured by her childlike fascination, when she noticed a familiar face. Her lips curled into a smile as she saw Corvus talking to an orc. As she got closer to him, she overheard him asking to travel somewhere, though she didn’t catch where. With a smug look on her face, she walked up to him and asked cheekily,

    “Going on an adventure without me, are we?”

    Although she didn’t voice it, Leona was hoping she could tag along. She didn’t like to stay in one place for very long and she was desperate to go on some sort of adventure. It would be even better if she had company, because she had been spending an awful lot of time by herself or with strangers lately, and she hated it.

    Valin Oakthorn

    Vagabond Extraordinaire
    Corvus was reaching for a coin purse on his belt when he heard a familiar voice. “Going on an adventure without me, are we?” The voice rang out. Corvus turned to a short imperial girl. "Leona. I haven't seen you in a while." Corvus said. He knew her story, the orphans had told him it a while ago. She too had family problems and was forced out of the house. Her hair was braided decently, you could tell there hadn't been and assistance of a mirror, though it was better than most of the others in the sewers.

    He glanced at the orc woman. She had gone back to her business. He wasn't sure what all he should tell her. The letter mentioned no need for discrepancy. "Yes, I am heading to Chorrol actually." He said.


    Active Member
    "Leona. I haven't seen you in a while."

    She crinkles her nose in obvious distaste for his use of her real name. It was not that she was not fond of it, quite the contrary, she just did not like what her name reminded her of. When she heard it, she was taken back to her childhood. Not the bad side of it, but rather the things she had taken for granted as a young child. The life she would never get back. Sure, she could steal enough to live in luxury, but she could never regain the reputation of her family and, more importantly, regain all the perks that came with it.

    She was surprised Corvus even knew her name. She didn’t think she had mentioned it to him, or anyone since leaving home. She briefly wondered what else he knew about her, leaving her feeling a little uneasy, but kept her composure.

    "Yes, I am heading to Chorrol actually.”

    “Chorrol?” she parroted back, her interest growing, “What brings you there?”


    The fairly crap Pokémon trainer....
    Lucret stood across the counter from the Alchemist, he was obviously annoyed. "Listen to me carefully." He said slowly. "Can you do it or not. I am in a hurry right now, and late for a lesson. Give me a straight answer." The Alchemist was slow to respond but when he did it was what he expected to hear, "Yes, sir." He said mimicking Caecilius' tone "I can do this. Provided I have the correct ingredients. And I've got to say, they are quite hard to come by."
    "Thank you!" Lucret said, "I'll get them for you, just send the list over to my residence sealed." With that he abruptly left the Alchemist's and hurried to his house, where he had four impatient students waiting.

    The Khajiit, Maiit, male, 13 years old, knack for illusion and alteration magic. Two Imperials. Claudius Varro, male, 68 years old, quite good at restoration. Sibylla Krately, female, 28 years old, quite the conjurer. The Altmer. Medora Vannus, female, 17 years old, no real talent in magic, sent by father, King Antonius, to do something with her life. They were all there. "Ah! My students!" he shouted "I am so sorry I am late." With a wave of his hand he unlocked his door, yet he felt a little of his magic reserves be depleted. The door opened with a slight creek, and Caecilius' ethereal fox trotted in, swiftly followed by the students.

    "Why were you late, sir?" Came the arrogant voice of Medora. She was just sitting down, obviously not doing anything. Ignoring her, Caecilius moved into the open space in the middle of his house and said, "You all know what you need to work on. None of you are masters, but with time and practice you may well be. Now. Get on with it." He proudly watched the bustle as his students hurried around the room, collecting books, targets and other things to practice. Well, he watched all but Medora, who as usual was half-halfheartedly attempting to do magic. Today it was transmuting ore.

    An hour into the lesson as he patrolled the room, he focused on Sibylla, the Imperial conjurer. It appeared she was struggling to summon something. Lucret walked over and asked, "What seems to be the problem?" Sibylla took some time to reply and started with,
    "I was reading the copy of Liminal Bridges you gave me, and I found this piece of paper, with a spell on. And I was wondering what it did. I've gone through it time and time again, but I still don't quite get what it is or how to cast it."
    "Let me see here..." Lucret said as he looked at the paper, "Ah yes, I know exactly what this is." Then to the rest of the class "If you would all follow me outside I have something to show you all."

    He led the students out and into his large back garden, and instructed "All of you go and stand by the back of the garden. Thank you. Now this spell was taught to me a while ago, and our Sybilla here reminded me of it. Now if you would all stand back," He raised his hands and closed his eyes, when he opened them they were completely different, they had lost all kindness and had a seriousness to them now. He opened his clenched hands, and a swirling purple vortex appeared. He drew his hand back, and shot the vortex at the ground, feeling a small drain in his magicka pool. The small vortex widened into a full fledged gateway to another realm, and out galloped a beautiful pale blue horse. However the horse was but a barebones structure of the horse, and its pale blue tint came from the flames it gave off. He mounted the steed and said, "This is Aslvid, my steed. Now this is one of the most complex spells, very hard to learn, but when you get the hang of it, very easy to cast. On that high note, class dismissed." He watched as the students slowly walked out of the garden, and back through the house. A successful lesson, he thought.

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    "Chorrol? What brings you there?" She asked. Corvus wondered what to say. He wasn't one to be telling important business to someone he hardly knew. Then again, this could all be a trap and it would be nice for someone to know where he was. "I received a letter from the king. I'm to be there as soon as possible. That's all I know." He explained. It was the truth. Hearing it out loud made Corvus nervous. He knew next to nothing about the task. He looked around. There were more and more people making their way to the sewers, He was afraid someone would be taking his horse.


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    "I received a letter from the king. I'm to be there as soon as possible. That's all I know."

    Leona raised her eyebrows, confused by his words. It was strange that the king had requested Corvus specifically. Whatever he wanted must be very important. Something stolen, she presumed, but what could be so valuable that he would request a thief directly, rather than the guild? The more she thought about the task, the less sense she could make of it. Perhaps it wasn’t a task at all. If the king wanted Corvus imprisoned, or dead, this would be a perfect opportunity.

    “And you’re actually going? The king could very well want your head, you know?” Leona paused, an idea forming, and grinned, “You simply must have back up then.”

    She hoped he’d take her hint and invite her to join him. She had made it quite clear she was eager to come. Whilst she was mostly just keen for adventure, she was also genuinely concerned for his safety. He was kind to her, especially in comparison to some of the other thieves and she would miss him if he were no longer around.

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    “And you’re actually going? The king could very well want your head, you know. You simply must have back up then.” Corvus was surprised by her concern for him. It was obvious she wanted to go, but it was still socking to Corvus. Not many cared for Corvus. He took the high paying jobs, the orphans refused to give imformation to anyone but him, he made life difficult for other thieves. "Precisely why I plan to stop in with the orphans before I reach the king. Ms. Wart-Groshub over here has another horse if you would like to tag along." Corvus said, smiling at his joke despite the old ladies snarl. He usually worked alone but he figured it could never hurt to have a friend among the guild. He had also never disliked Leona's company in times before.


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    "Precisely why I plan to stop in with the orphans before I reach the king. Ms. Wart-Groshub over here has another horse if you would like to tag along.

    Leona's smile widened, pleased that he had asked. She had practically invited herself. Leona looked over at the orc and tried not to laugh as she snarled. "Sure. I suppose you’ll want to leave right away?"

    Leona was aware of Corvus' kindness towards the orphans, though she didn’t understand it. Arguably by no fault of her own, Leona was selfish and didn't really understand charity. She had grown up amongst people who spent their lives lounging about and drinking expensive wine whilst others starved. When she had left her family, she had to fend for herself, receiving no pity from anyone and so she had come to expect very little from people. This was why Corvus confused her, as a thief, one would expect him to be greedy, yet he helped orphans.

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    "Sure. I suppose you’ll want to leave right away?" She said. "Yes, but I do need to stop back at my base for a moment before we leave." Corvus said. He needed to grab a few things from the church. He hadn't been expecting a follower or he would have brought was he needed with him, but it is never good to bring any valuables to a place where thieves dwell.

    He would need some more gold, His bedroll, some books, a long with a few other things. He was worried about his insomnia. It was a rare occasion that he could sleep in a place other than his bell tower. He had a good supply of herbs and potions to give him the energy that sleep would usually give, but not many that would help him sleep outside of his home.

    No one that he had visited could figure out his insomia. He knew exactly why he couldn't sleep though. It was while he slept that his father would beat his mother, or be out drinking. The church was the first place that he had been safe in, and that feeling had stayed with him his whole life.


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    "Yes, but I do need to stop back at my base for a moment before we leave," he said.

    Leona was curious about his base. She knew he had some form of property outside the guild, though she had no idea where. It had to be somewhere close, but there were barely any structures remaining in the Imperial City. Not that she had taken the time to explore. Leona found the ghost of a city somewhat disturbing and spent very little time in the ruins.

    She thought about what she currently had in her own bag. She could do with some extra knives and gold but really she had all the necessities and anything else would be extra weight she didn’t have the strength to carry. That was one of the disadvantages of her small height and figure. However, what she lacked in inches made her a better thief, because it gave her an advantage in sneaking and meant that she could fit in places that others couldn’t.

    “Okay, is it close?” she asked, wondering how much information he would reveal about his base. She wasn’t sure if it was a secret or if others at the guild knew about it, she didn’t exactly converse with the other members often.

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    “Okay, is it close?” Leona asked. "Yes, it's just above ground and a district away." Corvus replied. He wasn't secretive about his house. The church was secure and decently well kept. It was cluttered, books and valuable items thrown every where. He loved it, he took pride in the protection of it.

    Corvus turned to the orc woman. "I'll take two horses. Get them ready in the stables by nightfall." Corvus said, tossing a large bag of coins to the woman. Corvus was not by any means poor, he could afford whatever he wished. He did however enjoy the poor lifestyle, he liked stealing and living in ruins, though he could never explain why.

    He turned back to leona. "Follow me."