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I tried out skyrim again after a long time. good, but the vanilla game feels a bit limiting. the mods can help somewhat, but skills side of things is it...
I try playing as ordinary person (not a sword swinging chosen one), and there are some needs I keep getting...

The good bits are, you can collect herbs and ingredients, do mining activity, cooking activity (that's about it) and so on, but the game's skills mechanic only encourages a limited set of things.
these are: alchemy, mining, enchanting. All other skills geared toward combat or theiving in some way, it feels like the game always pushes you toward violence and fighting.
The thing is that would not be how an ordinary person acts in the game. A mortal small person would almost often choose to avoid risky situations, not throw self recklessly into battle.
In this way the save game system takes the fear for life out of you.

I thought of a main skill group set, tell me how much you would like it or not...
what is missing?

- Main: SOCIAL, reading, writing, speechcraft, communication with humans, communication with animals and non humans
- BATTLE, combat, battle archery
- SURVIVAL, hunting, stealth archery, evasion and escape, foraging, cooking, camping, swimming, ?flight, exploration/orienteering, firemaking
- CRAFTING, smithing, tailoring, construction, tool making, design, carpentry
- LABOUR/resources, mining, agriculture, limited husbandry (the thing is this is animal control and exploitation)
- HEALTH. medicine, alchemy, movement, fitness, cleansing, body grooming/cleaning and barber
- ARTISTRY, decoration, tidy, organization
- TOOLS, machine use, technology

I'm not sure where "magic" fits into this...
maybe and inner aspect related or a mind related side of things...

some good mods are things like "trade and barter" and camping mods. however these are not encouraged by skill trees.

A skill is something you practically and skillfully do, not selecting from lists and options. So, for example, exploration and orienteering can be a skill that a player practically always does,
as the whole land is the "workshop". Hunting is a "skill" in the game because you can do it and get better at it, but you wouldn't have a options menu for hunting!

in the same way, things like cooking and crafting are more rewarding if you could apply your mind and hands to the actual activity. This has to be done by an abstracted "mini game" game mechanic,
or a puzzle, rather than a menu. I saw a mod where you place two firewood and a pot on the ground and apply a fire spell to heat up the pot... that is a good tacticle implemented game mechanic for cooking.

do you get what I am saying?

The other thing is that the vanilla game does not encourage diverse and ordinary ways of making income and work. I.e, i have to install "jobs of skyrim" to get even a little more work option.
The vanilla game most good option is to chop wood or mine indefinitely until you amass wealth. Other option is to beserk around like a maniac fighting things and looting them. other option is stealing.

So, a broad working and jobs option is needed.

What are your thoughts? I am willing to listen.