Since the release of ESO is the game worth getting?

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I remember beta testing the game, and it was loaded with bugs... couldn't stay on long enough without crashing. I wasn't able to completely test the game out due to the crash (Mind you I have a high-end computer so it should not be crashing).

How is the quality of the game now comparing to when it was first release? Has it improved dramatically since then or is it still the same? Hows the community based? I have a friend who is also interested in getting the game. I just need to know if it's worth getting.

More importantly how well is the anti cheat system? Is it strong and stable?


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ESO is much stronger now. Many of the initial issues have been cleared up. I most def think it's worth playing.
Yeah definitely worth it. I have not playing it for a while but cant wait to redownload tonight i hope:)

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this game has beautiful artwork and all the missions are unique, challenging, and fun. now in the game you can travel anywhere you want with your friend(s) because the world up/downscales to your character. I think you should definitely get the game!
ps: on pc, during the autumn steam sales, the game was only 9$

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