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Hello there. Do you play TESO on the PC? Are you interested in exploring the world? I'm searching for company of any quantity to start a new game with, with me as a nightblade. I don't prefer any alliance over the other and am looking for a fun time.

My schedule is currently cramped due to college and mentoring, but I would make time for this. I have a Skype account, though I'm working on buying a mic. We can figure it out as we go along; I'm in no rush. If you're interested, reply here or PM me - that's up to you - and from there we can check if we're compatible gamers.


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I have the game on Xbone, but I know UnrealCrusader just got it on PC and he's looking for people to play with


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Well, he can certainly contact me through this thread of a PM if he'd like to. We can see if we can work together well as gamers.
I've heard that people on different consoles can't play together, so that's why I said PC. Is this true?


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Hello, I am just now getting back to computers time hehe. I just recently got the game for PC as Maiq mentioned. If you would like to team up and play a couple toons together, or see if were near each other if you've already progressed, I'd be glad to. I enjoy having a teammate for stuff and I have a mic. I found a few guilds, though my main guild is a HardCore RP Vampire guild, they are good peoples and have their own website and TeamSpeak server for any voice chat. Infact, we just had a meeting and decided we would allow mortals / thralls (non vamps) to join as like pledges, and the IC RP is only enforced at guild events and meetings and stuff. There's another new guild I found they are laid back and full of new people.
My account is @PhantomMercenary007 character name is Arcadius Mordecai, Race: Redguard (Daggerfall Covenant) , Class: Templar , Level: currently 14.
Hope to hear back from ya. And no consoles and PC can't play they are seperate. As well as your actual Faction (dependant upon your race unless you buy the pack) can only quest together in same faction.


"Stay awhile, and Listen"
Heya, sorry i havent been around lately, but yeah for sure always up for teaming up and powning some bosses and other players ^ . ^ .
Add me @PhantomMercenary007 my char is named Arcadius Mordecai still. Champion Rank 186 i think and im a DPS role
Yeh,thanks for the reply.
I dont have time for a while so i cant play the game but as soon as i login i will add you with my character "bucaneer"

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