Nord Refugee Character Diary - Hrisskar III

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Wow all I can say is that I am completely blown away by your Journal entries, and I am only five pages into the thread.

I just created this account now to tell you how appreciative and hooked I am on your entries!


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Its funny because I've never actually played Skyrim before! :eek:

I've always been meaning to but just never got around to it. After following the game on and off for about a year or so, and now reading your entries I think I'm going to have to take the plunge!


I know this is quite an old thread now, but I wanted to say how much I'm enjoying it (I'm only on about page 8 so far) and actually how it has made me enjoy the game more.

RPGs have never really been part of my gaming before (I dabbled with Tunnels and Trolls in my youth) but I have been very impressed with Skyrim.

Initially I was really just playing and viewing it in very much the context of GTA or Red Dead. However reading this thread has really changed my attitude to the game, and I really am thinking about it in a different way. My style has changed, and I'm considering things a lot more. I'm certainly not Role Playing by any stretch of the imagination, but I am moving that way.

So well done, you clearly have a talent for writing, and while I'm sure my gameplay skills don't currently allow me to approach the game in your hardcore style, maybe I'll get there eventually, and certainly you have improved my enjoyment of the game.

Muchas gracias.


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You should! It's a great game. Different from the others, but still great.

We need more content from you, man. I miss your stuff!


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We need more content from you, man. I miss your stuff!

My other journal is about to return. I had some life issues take over, but they are fading in the past .... so let me just fire up the Xbox here ...... d;-)

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i don't think anyone cares that you didn't read it. why are you even commenting that you didn't read a thread that's over a year old?


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i don't think anyone cares that you didn't read it. why are you even commenting that you didn't read a thread that's over a year old?
This thread is a year old?

Makes obnoxious comment about thread.

Doesn't even use basic sight functions to identify age.


Welcome to the forums :rolleyes:


Admittedly I was rather worried for Hrisskar getting through the embassy alive, but then I remember that lack of gear can't stop him from Shouting :) (And that, for Hrisskar, having gear isn't really all THAT different from not having gear).

Sjadbek: "Don't worry about the prisoner. I happened to be on the road from Rorikstead to Whiterun that day and I encountered them in the wilderness. He's safe. The Imperials are slightly less so."

The biggest threat honestly was the frost troll. If I hadn't been able to run past him, things would have been ugly.
I hate Frost Trolls


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Bigwooly, please do a hunter roleplay, after Immortal Words, this one was so great and so was Immortal words and I think that it is time for you to pick up your hunting bow, get a quiver full of arrows and set out in the wilderness if Falkreath as a hunter. :) keep up the great work.


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~ 3rd of Evening Star, 4E 227 ~

This was my father's.

It's been three years since I last saw him. I was twelve at the time. He wished me luck as I headed off at first light to fish at the lake. When I returned late that afternoon, he was already gone.

My mother tried to explain to explain it to me, but I couldn't understand. She told me there were things I didn't know about my father, and that he had to leave, and that he would return. She told me that I had to trust her and believe in his return. I remember seeing the key to his great chest hanging from a chain around her neck. He always had it on him, yet he had left it with her. I had only actually seen it a few times before, and I had never seen the inside of the chest.

From that day on it was just the two of us. My mother was skilled with using the land to create medicines and poisons, a craft she had perfected before she became my father's companion. She had been her tribe's healer, and upon my father's departure she didn't let a day go by without teaching me her methods.

My mother, blessed Anora, did her best to provide for us, but she humbly accepted my help despite my young age. My father had taught me how to live off the land over the prior years, and I put forth my best effort to keep our bodies warm and our bellies full. Some of my favorite times were resting with her at the end of a long day while she read books to me by the fading firelight. My favorite book was the Father of the Niben, which she taught me to read myself.

You might think as the days passed on that I would think less and less about my father, but the opposite was true. The truth was that I missed him greatly, and I feared for his safe return. My mother would often catch my mood, and try to lift my spirits, but I couldn't help feeling that I would never see him again. I never entertained the same worry for my mother.

But two and a half years after my father vanished in my absence, my mother was taken from me as well. We were together, on an overnight trip to collect juniper berries for an elixir she had recently taught me how to make. When mixed with canis root from the swamps to the north, the potion enhanced my abilities with my bow. It was my favorite potion to make with her.

Collecting the ingredients was a dangerous task, however. The journey to the swamps often took several days, and swamps themselves were infested with spiders. I remember every time my father took us there, how he dreaded that place. It seemed as if he had a history with the swamps that he didn't like to remember. Juniper berries were closer to our cabin on the hill, but still deep inside the territory of the forsworn. And it was they who took my mother from me.

I was peering over a cliff's edge, looking for more juniper bushes, when I heard my mother yell for me. I turned and saw her running towards me, waving her arms wildly for me to run. I saw the head of the arrow come through her chest just before she fell to the ground. She tried to stand and another arrow struck her along the side of her head, knocking her down again. I was already running to her before I realized she wasn't getting back up.

Two forsworn appeared beyond her, and I stopped in my tracks. I'd never been so close to them before. I'd only seen them in the distance because we were also so careful to avoid them. But these two were no less than fifty paces from me, and they still had blood in their eyes. It never even crossed my mind to run. My mother was on the ground in front of me, bleeding to death.

I notched an arrow and let it fly as the forsworn charged me with blades drawn. The arrow struck true, and I quickly took one of my potions to enhance the shots that followed. One .. two .. three … the first forsworn fell. One .. two .. three .. four … the second met his fate.

It took me the better part of two days to get my mother back to the cabin on the hill. How she survived with a fourteen-year-old boy dragging her across the mountains I'll never know, but she did. She was a strong woman. For the next three weeks she fought as hard as anyone could to stay alive for her son. But one morning, with the new day's sun filtering in through the crevice's in the roof, she began to lose the fight.

She had been unable to speak for weeks, but now, with determination and strength in her eyes she grabbed at my shoulder and managed to mouth a single word … "isran". I stared at her, confused, thinking that maybe she was hallucinating. She gripped my shoulder tighter, though, and stared into my soul with her eyes, and once more said the word … "isran". And then, in a moment I can't close my own eyes and not see, I watched her eyes slowly slip shut and small .. approving .. loving .. proud .. and somewhat sad smile crept across her face. And then she was gone. And I was alone.

It took me a few moments to realize this, to realize both of my parents were gone and that I was alone in the world. But I also realized my mother had placed something in my hand while she was holding me close. A key. The key. The key to my father's great chest.

I didn't use it for nearly six months. My father had always been very serious about me not touching his chest. Not that I could have gotten it open without the key, but it was the one thing I never tested my father on. I couldn't bring myself to use the key, as doing so seemed like it would seal my father's fate of never returning.

A week ago I opened it.

Inside I found a bag of gold coins … a beautiful red gem ... and this journal. My father's journal.


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- DEAD IS DEAD (no save reloading .. period)
- difficulty set to 'expert'
- HUD set to 0%
- brightness lowered two notches
- may not use in game map unless at a known (discovered) location
- may not use the 'fast travel' option ever (except by cart and see below)
- may use fast travel to travel to/from alchemist shack to mix potions
- may use fast travel to travel to/from Whiterun to craft armor/arrows
- must rest for at least 8 hours every day (allowed to make rare exceptions)
- must eat 3 meals every day (allowed to make rare exceptions)
- salmon, rabbit, mudcrab legs, etc count as one meal
- goat leg counts as 9 meals, venison counts as 30 meals, mammoth snout counts as 90 meals
- when using larger variants for meals must carry until they are expired
- must have a free hand to use a potion (can only use one potion per 5 seconds in combat)
- may not swim while wearing armor
- must wait (1) hour after exposure to freezing water to build a fire and warm up
- must wait (1) hour to harvest from a small animal
- must wait (2) hours to harvest from a large animal
- must wait (1) hour for every leather or leather strips made
- must wait for (2) hours every day around midday to account for proper time passage
- a companion fee is for (1) 24-hour period
- a horse may carry 30 pounds
- must drop the 30 pounds whenever dismounting the horse
- if health falls below 50% during combat all armor must be replaced as soon as possible

- must apply levels points in a 1-3-1 fashion (magicka-stamina-health)
- may not use magic (excluding race power)
- may not pick locks
- must use a bow as primary weapon
- may only craft armor from leather
- may carry 48 arrows max (2 quivers of 24 each)
- may apply a total of 30 perk points
- must avoid civilization (towns/cities/etc) for the most part

- character level at 15
- magicka at 120, health at 130, stamina at 190
- archery skill at 60
- alchemy skill at 58
- light armor skill at 23
- sneak at 26
- one-handed at 25
-- fine hide armor
-- fine hide boots
-- fine hide bracers
-- fine hunting bow
-- 52 iron arrows
-- iron dagger
-- pickaxe
-- woodcutter's axe
-- misc potions
-- misc food
-- misc books
-- ruby
-- 567 gold
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~ 4th of Evening Star, 4E 227 ~

It's a new day and I still feel strange about writing in my father's journal. It helps me feel connected to him again, but at the same time I feel his loss more. Maybe in time writing will help ease the pain.

I suppose I should provide my name, for whomever might one day read this. I'm called Bel-Hinald. My father was Hrisskar the Third, and my mother was Anora. I was named for the lives of two others. Their names were Belrand and Hinald. I don't know much about Belrand other than my father was quite fond of him at some point in the past and I think he may have saved my father's life. Hinald was my my mother's brother, who did in fact save my father's life from a rampaging mammoth years before I was born. It was because of Hinald and that mammoth that my mother met, attending to my father's injuries while he recovered.

Some time after that they became companions and she left her tribe to come to this cabin on the hill that my father had built. This is where I was born into the world, and from where both of my parents left my world. It has been my home for fifteen years and will likely be where I leave this world from as well .. assuming I'm not eaten by a bear in the wilds today.

This is enough writing for now. I need to collect some wood today for cooking and for arrows.