New Fallout 3 World Record: Completed In 15 Minutes

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Peter Paltridge

Right now as you read this, Awesome Games Done Quick is happening, and you should take a look. Now through January 10, the best players in the world will be blazing through your favorite games as fast as humanly possible, using all sorts of crazy tricks and glitches to shave minutes or sometimes even hours off their runtime. You can watch the live stream online at or on anything that supports the Twitch app.

One game that WON'T be represented at AGDQ is the Fallout series, unfortunately. The good news is that a new record for the series' third game has just been set anyway. Gamer Rydou achieved a world record of 14:54, the first time Fallout 3 has been beaten in under fifteen minutes.

How did he do it? Lots and lots of glitch exploitation, as well as abuses of quicksave loads to skip every single cutscene. The first thing Rydou does after leaving the vault, for example, is cripple his own legs. It's to take advantage of an exploit, which he explains in the YouTube description:
When you cripple your legs, your speed is set to 0, then bring back to 60% of your normal speed. By quickloading just before getting crippled, you can confuse the game into giving you 60% without actually being put to 0 ( because we don’t actually really get crippled). So you get a huge speedboost, and walk at 160% of your normal speed.

This speedboost can appear in two versions : One which is “breakable”, it will last as long as you don’t quickload again. The second one is “unbreakable”, you can quickload or load a game without losing it.​

Rydou runs everywhere, uses every trick in the book and nearly dies a few times. It's worth a watch, especially since it's only fifteen minutes long.

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