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Barrabus Guhn

New Member
Greetings, citizens of Skyrim. Allow me to formally introduce myself to this forum; I am Admiral Barrabus Guhn, Warden of Orcshire, Commander of the Riverwood Orcs Grotto, Draugr Slayer, and master alchemist...or maybe just an old man with a child's imagination and too much free time.

I don't really play this game much. I got to like level 63 almost a decade ago, then I started modding, and despite all the time and effort I've put into it, I'm still not very good at it, but I do it anyway. For me the game turned into a clever place to keep my artwork and an amusing tool to create it with, but I put it down for a long while. Now, I'm ready to pick it back up.

It looked like I was going to have to start over and rebuild all my stuff (again), because it's not really working with the new edition, and I've started over so many times, because of glitches and whatever, that I've now got a large collection of versions and parts of versions of my mod that I don't want to just waste, so I'm rebuilding it and reassembling it. I decided I'd come here and log that progress, share what I'm doing, and maybe get some ideas from other players. I'll probably start posting pictures of my progress shortly.

My first mod was called "Orc's Haunch" (player home) when I started, and my focus has been on the Orcs ever since. The Avatar I use to walk through my mods (because I really don't play the game) is an Orc named Barrabus Guhn, and I began using the name Guhn as a naming convention for my mods, and now the Orc theme has become my standard...so here I am all orcish.

My mission here is to expand the Orc Empire. You can't stop me.