Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds & Graphics

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Uther Pundragon

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No matter if you are a Morrowind veteran or someone who plans on getting and playing it for the first time, I suggest getting the above mod. It uses a simple exe program and most of the installing is automatic with only a few things you have to choose for yourself. It is a rather large download though, nearing 2GB in size, but is well worth it in my opinion. It takes the 'dated' look away and injects it with new life.​

Kir the Silent

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I would love if Bethesda redid that whole game! That game is the best!

Mark Bondurant

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I would love if Bethesda redid that whole game! That game is the best!

No you wouldn't. They'd use that moronic physics engine they insist on using. As soon as your bounding sphere passes across a room, everything would fly everywhere. You'd probably tear the plants from the ground as you walked down the road.


Morrowind FTW!
I would love if Bethesda redid that whole game! That game is the best!
They would create it for masses like skyrim.. Imagine skyrim in the world of vvardenfell (ofc removed all fantasy elements, no stilt striders, mushrooms etc)

And it wouldn't go to lore. In the time of skyrim the whole Vvardenfell and almost all of morrowind were ihabitable ash. You wouldn't want to play on ashlands where isn't anything (even cliff racers :sadface: )


The Imperial Storm
I use this overhaul and am amazed at how better it looks. The races look a lot better with the mods, too, especially the elves.

And I wouldn't mind if they re-did Morrowind like Skyrim. Though to clarify, I would hate it if they changed key factors of the game. So, basically, I would like to see Morrowind in Skyrim graphics.


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What is your CPU? That graphics card looks like more than enough, but I would only worry about your CPU. I run the Overhaul at Medium flawlessly with a AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core and a very, very, very old GPU, so I'm sure you can run it if you have a decent CPU.


The Imperial Storm


The Imperial Storm
Yes, it should be more than enough to run the mods, even on medium or high. :)

When you install the mod, you will have the options between three levels "low, medium, and high". Test first on low, then medium and if you run medium flawlessly, you can try high.

If you run on medium, you should be able to run the mod with that CPU without any hiccups unless you pick to pack the cities up with giant trees *separate option* and flora.


The Imperial Storm
It handles a lot of different things, some of which I simply never activated.

It includes better bodies (the people look amazing compared to before the mod), additions to armour and people, lightning, water and a few other options. However, I wouldn't put any details on armour or the water, because it will slow down your computer by a lot if it can't handle it.

The site has a lot of info for it, even screenshots;

Screenshots » Ornitocopter


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Went ahead and set it up. There were a few hiccoughs during installation, but it's working now and looks great. I did go with the "detailed but non-reflective" armors and weapons, and while I don't have an issue with slowdown, a lot still seem really bright, especially for "non-reflective." The imperial weapons, for instance, are like a bar of white gold. I solved this by getting silver, which is for some reason much darker than the steel of the imperial swords.

I might have to screw a little with distant lands, too; I think I set the draw distance too short.


The Imperial Storm
What kind of hiccups? Was it that the application froze and you had to shut it off? That happens a lot, if that is what happened. Pressing "X" and then telling the machine to "wait for response" lets it continue for about a few seconds before it loads the application/program and the options you picked.

I had the issue with the brightness, too. In video settings, try lowering the gama. If that doesn't work, try the option "realistic dark" and make sure you disable light/fire animation. That might help bring down the brightness.

You can set the draw distance via the settings by ESC key. I usually keep it short because it improves FPS for me, but it is always changeable. :)


Mine always says that I do not have expansions installed when I clearly do. also says I'm missing files?