Maybe I should just kill parthunaax and become a Blade

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Since I cant get any more shout locations from the Greybeards because it still tells me to find the word in Archwind Point when I allready found the word which renders the greybeards useless since I cant get any help from them because of this bug. at least then I will have more Dragon Souls if I join the Blades Aka The Order of Talos


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Yeah, once the Blades tell me I have to kill Parthunaax that's the end for them in all my games. Arngeir is right about them, they really have become nothing more than a pair of zealots. Killing Parthunaax would be like prosecuting Oscar Schindler for being a member of the Nazi Party.
First play through I decided to kill him, after I had fleeced all the info I could out of the greybeards, and gained all the dragon shouts.

This time I'm doing the no kill/pacifist challenge (or cowardly trickster as I prefer to call it) so he won't be dying on my watch. If I get bored I may use a couple of devious tricks to cause his death without killing him myself. But not until the main quest line is beaten.

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I killed him, mostly because the quests he blocks off from the blades were all that was left on that character.
Dont worry I would nnever harm my good friend for those Traitorus people who just used me to open up their temple and to save esbern and then say they "serve me" yet they demand me to kill a fellow Dov when we are Dovs ourselves

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The blades are a useful bunch when going to various dragon locatoins but after that they are pretty much useless as they can only give you a blessing for more dragon damage and a bed to sleep in. Thats really the only good thing about them is that they give you a new armor and a new place to lay your head at night
When the blades first told me to kill Paarthurnax, I thought it was some trick in the game, so I tried killing Esbern and Delphine... I was really disappointed that they were essential...


I miss Morrowind sometimes. You'd killed someone you weren't suppose and get that magical black box. Good times man, good time.