How do I add voice type to generic dialogue?

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New Member
Hi, I am using a follower wage mod where your follower will say "Of course." when you give them their wage. The way this mod does it is to use a generic "Of course." response that is already available.

When you click into the Response Text "Of course." an Edit Response window pops up showing all the voice types that can say this line, along with the location of the voice files.

Now, I want Serana to say this line, and I have made a new voice file for that. But how do I add the Serana voice type in this thing? If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Thank you.

Barrabus Guhn

New Member
My understanding is that if it wasn't recorded for the original script, it's probably not in there. Maybe she never said that? That voice file may not exist. IDK.

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