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Star Gazer

Well-Known Member
Grimbo last of his tribe
no more strong goblin tribe
but Grimbo find this book
Grimbo will do big things and write many pages in his book

Grimbo see a frog
frog was not usual color ~ very not common frog
frog not stand a chance
good meal for Grimbo ~ but no goblins to share it with
bad meal for Grimbo

Star Gazer

Well-Known Member
Grimbo see a big~folk with pointy ears on top a big beest
big~folk is rotten, think he better than Grimbo
Grimbo throw rock at big~folk’s beest
big beest run away
Grimbo laugh

Grimbo sit on log by road
big~folk with pointy ears sneak up on Grimbo
talked at Grimbo some time
big~folk give Grimbo a hat made of straw~stuff
Grimbo feel bad about the whole beest incident
good day for Grimbo

Star Gazer

Well-Known Member
water fall from sky again
water hurt Grimbo skin
big hat from big~folk keep Grimbo dry
maybe big~folk not so bad

Grimbo find tree~seed today
Grimbo bury tree~seed in soft ground
watch as water fall from hat to soft ground
Grimbo not enjoy water but tree~seed is different
it enjoy water
tree~seed different than Grimbo
Grimbo be nice anyway
big thought make Grimbo brain hurt

Star Gazer

Well-Known Member
[Publisher’s Note: The scrawled contents of this journal were uncovered at the base of a large tree near the Southern Velothi Mountains. The journal is hereby published for scholastic purposes, as it hints at the potential of a remnant of the goblin-folk, a race long thought extinct.]

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