Fallout: New Vegas Mods Create Beautiful Insanity

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Shawn Hopkins

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We will cover the poop out of Fallout 4 if any news ever gets officially announced, but in the meantime there's not much to do in that area but look back at older Fallout games. And mod the hell out of them.

A Jolly Wanker (not an insult, that's his real YouTube handle) installed as many mods as he could and tried to play Fallout New Vegas. It was a glorious disaster.

The first challenge his robot character was getting more than a few feet past the starting house, which was suddenly overrun by aliens and space marines. Fortunately the nearby area was also loaded with insane weapons like giant swords, a gun called "Sonic Colours" that curses and shoots huge neon explosions, and most helpfully an "I Win Button" that simply kills anything that opposes you. But then things got even weirder, and crashes inevitably came as overloaded explosions and spawning made the game groan.

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