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So by way of background, i started playing an ESO character (Redguard Templar) after playing Skyrim through twice.(once as a Redguard Heavy Armor one hander and shield and a second time as an Elf Light Armor Archer Two hander). . both times i played the only spells i used were candlelight and clairvoyance (well, flame and frost in the dwemer ruin to focus).

I am not a hardcore gamer, beford skyrim i played through Neverwinter Nights, the Bard'sTale, and Wizardry 1 and 2.

Anyway, i have been plahing ESO online and have managed to work myself up to level 12 allocating my points to health, onehanded/shield, heavy armor, and bow.

i have also been doing a little blacksmithing, completing the initial quest and first writ.

The problems I am starting to run into:

1. there has been very little improvement in the damage i am dealing. almost all the weapons i have found are in the 1000-1200 range. Nothing better seems to drop, and I cant craft anything better because...

2. I cant seem to find pitch, turpin, dwarvdn oil, etc.

3. As a reuslt lf this, an increasing number of quests are things i cant complete (Wyrd Tree Corruption), A Family Affair, the cellar, etc ) because either tbe main boss just hands me my ass or multiple (3-5) enemies gang up on me and hand me my ass.

any recommendations...?


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Tank, are you on PC or one of the consoles?

Here's a site that will give you some insight into what's out there to help boost you. I find the set armor/weapons particularly helpful.



The tempers and improvement items you need can be found at guild traders, but shop around as prices vary a lot. You can make pretty big coin, by running around the map and collecting every single node you can find, ore, wood, plants, etc. Also, all the food items you find in barrels, sacks, and crates will stack in your inventory, and sell surprisingly well. Join a decent trade guild, with a consistent trader, and you'll soon have enough gold to buy whatever tempers you need, when you need them.

You'll also have access to crafters, and folks in the know about builds, to help get you set up. A decent outfit of set armor would probably do you wonders. You'll also have a cavalry to call, when you get a tough boss.

If you're on PC, shoot me a PM and I'll hook up with you in game, and see if we can't get you set up.


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Thanks Joe,

I'm actually on the PC after playing Skyrim on the consoles. It's been quite an adjustment as everything from combat to how to allocate character and skill points is a whole lot more complicated than it was on the console version of Skyrim.

After an initial learning curve I've managed to complete the Fighter's Guild quest. I've also advanced the main quest to the Council of Five Companions stage and the Mage quest to the Mad God's Bargain.

Well, that's not entirely correct, I completed the Chateau stage and the last stage hasn't seemed to spawn and I'm not sure how to get it to...

...I've elected to use a sword + board build allocating my charcter points to Health and Stamina in about a 3:2 ratio, roughly. Not sure if that's optimal or not.

I've put as many skill points into One handed + Shield, Bow, and Heavy Armor, and Racial attributes as I can. Those are maxed out.

I've put a few into Soul Magic, one into the Mage skill tree (persuade), and a couple into the fighter skill tree (intimidate and silver crossbow bolt - that last one wasn't a great choice).

I haven't put anything into "class" attributes as all the Templar attributes seem to be related to that four letter word "cast", and the only thing I cast is an arrow from a bow (that, and I placed 0 character points into magic).

Hindsight's 20/20, but I probably should have started out as a dragon knight.

So basically now I am level 36, and have about 7 unallocated skill points from quests and skyshards, etc.

Currently I'm

1> Trying to find a way to get into a traders guild so I can sell stuff.
2> Trying to find a way to get the last stage of the Mage's guild quest to spawn.
3> Trying to finish the main quest.
4> Finished most of the side quests in Glenumbra, Stormhaven, and Rivenspire. About halfway done with Alikir Desert. Craglorn still kicks my butt.

Unlike skyrim, I occasionally run across stuff that I simply cannot put down solo. Unlike skyrim I have a bunch of skill points I don't know what to do with.

I see people running around all the time who have levels in the 100s, 200s, even as high as 600.

No idea how they do that given how long it's taken me to get to 36.


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I see. If you're going for the tank build, you seem to be doing the armor/weapon choice, and health/stam right. The tank's main job, in a group setting, is to taunt the enemy and keep them focused on him, while the healer and the 2 dps (damage per sec) players can work without being killed. They usually allocate their points/armor/etc to doing the most damage, or providing the most healing possible, at the expense of armor or health.

By this level, you will want to have started using sets for your armor and weapons. These sets give you more bonuses, the more pieces you are wearing, max 5. Here's a screenshot of a couple of set pieces, to give you an idea what they do. It compares a piece of Vicious Death jewelry, of which I'm wearing 4 pieces, with a piece of jewelry from another set that I was considering using. There are magic dps sets, tank sets, healer sets, stamina dps sets, and some all-around sets, but this is what I happened to have handy.


As far as the quests spawning, it's been a while since I've done the main quest, but I remember they're all intertwined. You may stall for a bit, until someone from the fighter's guild shows up and asks you to speak to the guildmaster. Once you finish that, you may have another portion of the mage's guild quest to do, or may get another visit from the prophet. If in doubt, look up the ESO wiki and it should break down the various stages, prerequisites, etc.

The guilds I can help with. If you PM me your in game @ , I'll hook up with you and get you into a guild or two, and we'll see about getting you some basic set armor.

The 600s you see are actually still level 50, which is max level. After level 50, you start gaining champion points, which are currently capped at 600. They work like mini-skill points, and come a lot more quickly than new levels would.
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Even if you aren't going to do any Magic, you can still take class skills because some can be morphed to where they take Stamina. Most builds these days are stamina based because of how OP it is. Nightblade is a class where nearly every class skill converts to a stamina based attack rather than magicka.

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