Does anyone else think Morrowind is better than Skyrim and Oblivion?

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I do prefer Morrowind, but I'm not sure if its anything other nostalgia at this point. Sure, the game doesn't hold your hand and there are much more character build options than the sequels, but it also lacks many things that are present in Skyrim, even if they are a bit shallow unmodded.


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I think Morrowind is a great game but a tad overrated in comparisons to later games in the series.

I think nostalgia plays a part, I feel certain allowances are made for its numerous flaws and most interestingly, I think it benefits from being most people's introduction to the series.

After reading so much praise for Morrowind over the later games, I did a little research and looked up comparisons between MW and Daggerfall.

Among those that played DF first, the opinion seems to go in favor of the earlier game, especially in the years closer to MWs release.

My introduction was technically Oblivion, though I want able to dedicate the time required to get truly immersed. That happened with Skyrim and I fell in love with the series. After 30+ years of gaming, Skyrim delivered so much of what I'd always wanted from a game.

I've gone back and played the others from 2 onwards.

Morrowind remains the most imaginative with its setting and story. However I can't fully overlook its mechanical flaws. The man thing for me is the balance, which has issues at both ends of the scale. While a common complaint is the "missing" issue when using a weapon early on, I could overlook that and persevere. The early walking speed, I preserved with but couldn't overlook. Certain quests that involved walking around Vivec and talking to people were actually painful.

However, after a while, you level to a point where those issues go away and the game comes into its own. However, the balance soon goes too for the opposite way.

Once you get proficient in certain skills and have a certain level of equipment, you steadily become increasingly overpowered.

Then there are things like the dialogue system, which though expansive, tends to see the same myriad of topics duplicated between exceedingly large quantities of npcs, or the fact that npcs trend to be static with no daily routine.

I have people telling me that repeated dialogue or innkeepers showing me to my room in Skyrim, breaks immersion but more jarring issues are ignored in Morrowind.

The common counter here is that MW is old but like I said, I've been playing games a long time and most of these issues were leveled at the game in reviews on release.

Having got close to the end of MW (beyond the ghost fence with the tools) and done a number of guild quests, I'm yet to see a variety of quest types or major puzzles. This surprised me as in many of these comparisons, MW is held up as having much smarter, thoughtful quests.

I'm not looking to trash MW. Like I said, it's still a great game for all its issues (a description pretty synonymous with Bethesda games at this point). I just feel that too often these comparisons have a skewed perspective that's a little hard on the newer games.

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