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    Name: Henrigg Hag-Hater Henrigg2.2.jpg
    Race: Nord
    Sex: Male
    Age: 38
    Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 184lbs
    Class: Mage
    Likes: Traveling, writing and reading books, good food, learning, magic
    Dislikes: uncomfortable clothes/armor, spiders, witches, hagravens

    Physical appearance: Strong and tall physique, a common trait for a typical nord male. Henrigg has a long, visible scar on his left cheek, partially reaching his chin. He often sports a shaved head, but the nord's hazel hair grows back relatively fast. Another notable feature is his thick, brown eyebrows. Henrigg's greenish hazel eyes stand out from his otherwise rustic and slightly soiled appearance.

    Equipment & weapons: Henrigg travels light. He's wearing a hood, pants, leather bracers and cloth boots. Additionally, he carries a few pouches of alchemical ingredients and potions with him. Occasionally, he is also in possession of a variety of books and tomes whenever he's traveling in less extreme conditions. Henrigg1.2.jpg

    Spells & abilities: Being a mage, Henrigg can cast a variety of spells from different schools of magic. He specializes in destruction and conjuration magic to aid himself in battle, supported by adequate knowledge of healing spells. Henrigg is most comfortable using adept-level destruction spells, like Fireball and Chain Lightning. He can also wield conjured weapons like swords and bow proficiently. Henrigg has yet to master expert-level spells like Incinerate and Thunderbolt. In addition to magic, Henrigg knows how to throw a punch.

    Personality: Very inquisitive and adventurous, there is not a dull moment for Henrigg. He can be easily distracted by nuggets of wisdom, history and arcane knowledge. Despite the nord blood that runs through his veins and his people's distrust towards magic, his interest and dedication in the arcane arts do not waver. In fact, he believes that only the lack of knowledge leads to unnecessary prejudice and disdain. It's not just magic - this principle can be applied to politics, culture and life itself.
    Henrigg loves to eat a lot. During his travels, he had earned himself a title of "Henrigg the Hungry", of which he is not really proud of. He is not a heavy drinker, but whenever there is mead served the nord mage can't possibly refuse to grab himself a drink.
    He absolutely despises hagravens, or witches that are on a path of becoming one. These repulsive creatures make his skin crawl, not because they are ugly but also the brain rot disease they carry with them. These practitioners of dark magics give other honorable mages a bad name, thus they must be either turned back to normal humans or destroyed.

    Backstory: Henrigg was born to a rural family in Riverwood. Henrigg's father, Jurgaff was a lumberjack who used to be an adventuring warrior, and he told stories of his exploits almost every night to his son in his bed. The mother, Eiya, was a housewife and herbalist, who taught Henrigg a little bit of alchemy, so that he could one day become a talented alchemist. Instead, he slowly developed an interest in magical arts. When he got older, he decided to join the College of Winterhold, despite his father's objections. Henrigg's mother, however, encouraged his son to pursue his dreams. It took a lot of effort to join the college, but he eventually made it. He spent some good years there studying before he had to leave to see to his father, who was grievously injured by hagravens. Fortunately Jurgaff survived, but he couldn't no longer work as a lumberjack. Henrigg swore to avenge his father and made sure those hagravens would not harm anyone else. He eventually tracked down the repulsive creatures who hurt his father and blew them away with his devastating fire spells.

    The nord mage continued his pursuit of becoming a great mage and a scholar. The dwemer ruins, ancient barrows, lost libraries, mysterious caves... The more Henrigg learned and discovered new things, the more he realized he had still a long way to go.

    "I'll have some cooked beef... and some cabbage potato soup. Ooh, and some bread! Oh, and a salmon steak."

    :eek:Read further if you want to know Henrigg's dark secret...:eek:
    Class: Necromancer
    Backstory: His overflowing curiosity and aptitude for magic has led Henrigg to darker arts. Hoping to uncover the secrets of life and death one day he dedicated himself to a very diligent study of necromancy. On his travels Henrigg found himself a master who could teach him all the essential skills and spells. His apprenticeship was taxing, and it made him rethink about morals and values. Nevertheless he aims to help those who need help, despite the questionable scholarly pursuits.

    Since the practice of necromancy is illegal in Skyrim and other parts of Tamriel, Henrigg is discreet about it. He has established a secret laboratory in a cave somewhere in the Rift, in which Henrigg is conducting his experiments. From time to time he likes to lure greedy bandits in and use them as his new test subjects...

    "I don't understand my fellow necromancers who wear black robes with big, distinct skull marks on them. Might as well proclaim to the whole province that they are necromancers."

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