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    Name: Ser Renald Stroud
    Nickname: Ren
    Birthsign: The Apprentice
    Gender: Male
    Age: 61
    Weight: 192 lbs.
    Race: Breton (half-Nord)
    Height: 6'1"
    Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference for men
    Laterality: Right-handed

    Skin Color: Fair
    Eye Color: One is brown while the other is blue.
    Hair Color and Style: Gray, medium-length wavy
    Build: broad, tall, well-built
    Distinguishing Features: A scar underneath his left eye, freckles
    Tattoos/Piercings: none

    Constant Wear: While at a temple, he will be seen wearing a monk's robes along with a pair of boots.

    Casual Wear: When not at a temple, he will be seen wearing a brown linen tunic and brooches, along with a cloak of wolf skin.

    Armor: Renald has his armor from his short time as a member of the Knights of the Rose. He also has a set of chain mail underneath a red surcoat. (the akatosh cleric armor from http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26904/? and the hedge knight armor from Immersive Armors)

    Weapons: Renald carries around a steel longsword and a shield, forged by the blacksmith of Wayrest.

    Magic: Renald is skilled in the school of Restoration magic. His experiences both as a member of the College of Winterhold and as a priest have lent him skills in Restoration magic.

    Other: He carries around a pipe and tobacco for smoking.

    Personality: Renald is generally a kind older man, always willing to go out of his way to help those in need. Despite seeming so kind, his dark history has left him scarred due to the deaths of his family and having to execute his uncle. He smokes and drinks to deal with this problem. He is also a very studious man. However, he is also shy and softly spoken most of the time.

    Fighting Style: While most competent with a Restoration spell in one hand and his father's longsword in the other, he is capable of fighting with most weapons, and trains with both magic and steel every day to improve.

    Habits: Drinking and smoking are his two habits.

    Voice: Ian McKellen

    Likes: the Aedra, reading, studying, swordplay, his husband Ysmir, the Dawnguard, the priests at the Temple of the Divines

    Dislikes: undead, vampires, werewolves, Ulfric Stormcloak, the Vigilants of Stendarr, the Stormcloak rebellion

    Affiliations: When they were both young men, Ysmir and Renald studied at the College of Winterhold. They have also joined the Dawnguard to fight the vampire threat.

    Afflictions/Fears: They are both worried about the dragons and the threat they pose to Skyrim as a whole. They worry about the vampires and werewolves becoming bolder. They also worry about death.

    Properties: While they own a home in Solitude, when travelling, they will both stay at temples or the inns.

    Job: He is a priest and knight. If someone asks for healing, he is always willing to do it.

    Weaknesses: Speed. Due to his older age and his heavy armor, he is not able to move as quickly as younger folk. He is still able to move quickly for someone his age, though.


    Ser Renald was born in Wayrest, the son of a knight and his wife in the realm. His life was peaceful, and being the third son meant that he had more freedom than his older brothers. He would go and watch the Knights of the Rose train. When he turned sixteen, he enlisted in the city guard. However, there was little activity besides an occasional brawl in the city, so his life remained relatively the same. Soon he was told by his illegitimate uncle Arniel that there was a rescue mission that he would be a part of.

    However, Arniel wanted the throne his older, legitimate brother held. He told the other mercenaries going with him to kill the lord and lady as well as his older brothers. The small group set out and were able to successfully rescue the merchant. However, they returned home to a bloodbath. Renald was soon recruited into the Knights of the Rose for his efforts in rescuing the merchant, as they soon began to investigate the deaths of his family. When it was discovered that Arniel had killed his family, he had Arniel as well as the mercenaries under his command executed for treason. However, even with them dead, Renald's pain was still strong.

    Renald left home with his horse, his father's sword, and his armor from his time as a member of the Knights. He arrived in Solitude after about a month and a half, where he collapsed from sheer exhaustion. He woke up in the temple of Akatosh, being healed by a young priest named Ysmir. Ysmir convinced Renald to join the priesthood, and so he did. The two would get married, and set out to study at the College of Winterhold. Since then, they have returned home to Solitude. But with the threat of vampires becoming greater, they joined the Dawnguard.

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    Asmund Fire-helm

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    This sounds cool. I'm storing my character Here, (I'll use this guy a lot)

    Farwil Berano
    Birthsign: The Serpent
    Gender: Male
    Age: Really Old, looks young.
    Weight: 170lbs
    Race: Dunmer
    Height: 6'1"
    Sexuality: Straight
    Laterality: Left-handed.



    Armor: Farwil originally wore a dark looking set of Chitin armor. After joining the Dawnguard his main armor changed into the Inquisitor's Black Coat (Nexus). By the time he had entered the Soul Cairn he wore the Royal Vampire Armor. after Defeating Harkon he usually wore the Falmer armor.

    Weapons: A Silver Longsword and a Crossbow.

    Magic: Farwil is an Expert in the schools of Destruction and Alteration. As a Vampire, The School of Restoration doesn't really work on him (Mainly hurts him) but he knows a thing or two about Illusion.

    Personality: Farwil is essentially full of Self-hatred. the Ancient Vampire has spent most of his unlife hunting others of his kind, seemingly because he wanted to stop anyone else to become like him. He is generally gruff, and a firm believer of 'Shoot First, Question never'.

    Fighting Style: He is a master Swordsman, and specializes in Frost Magic. in a normal fight, he prefers to take out the most dangerous enemies with his crossbow first, and then tries to disable enemies rather than kill them. of course, the same cannot be said when he is fighting a vampire.

    Likes: Magic as a whole.

    Dislikes: Vampires (When they attack the innocent), The Vigil of Stendarr (That made the Vampires grow bold and vengeful enough to attack the people in the streets)

    Affiliations: As an Ancient Vampire, hailing from the late Second Era, Farwil has been a member of many guilds and Organizations. most recently, he's been a member of the Dawnguard and the College of Winterhold.

    Afflictions/Fears: His biggest fear is that the Vampire kind may grow so bold to try and wage open wage open War against mortals.

    Properties: He is a Wanderer. he has no home.

    Job: Vampire Hunter, as well as Detective

    Weaknesses: Like most vampires, Sunlight and Fire.


    Farwil Berano was originally a Farmer's child in a Village on the Borders of Rift and Morrowind, before the Second Akaviri Invasion.
    when he was a teen (By Human standards) a Coven of Vampires took over a small cave near the village, and when they had enough thralls and were tired of the place, attacked their village, burning it to the ground and slaughtering everyone.
    Of his bad luck, Farwil was bitten by a starving vampire of said coven, and he survived the Carnage, instead forced to live his life as a Vampire.
    His main drive, ever since that day, was to hunt down the coven that did this to him, and then to hunt down any vampire who dares attack innocents.
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    Name: Kalif
    Race: Nord
    Class: Warrior/Brute
    Age: 38
    Likes: Killing Imperials with his greatsword, sharpening his greatsword, getting drunk at the nearest inn/tavern.
    Dislikes: Imperials, the thalmor, High Elves, books, magic.
    Looks: Buzzed dark brown hair, with a medium-long goatee. Wears heavy armor while keeping his greatsword close at hand. About 6'1"-6'2" and 208 lbs. Very muscular build, looks slightly bulky. Dark brown eyes and a thick nose adorn his face.
    Bio: Kalif's parents were murdered by the thalmor during the destruction of a Temple of Talos, near their hometown of Dawnstar. He wishes to end the Imperial control of Skyrim. While he supports the stormcloaks, he takes his own path in liberating Skyrim. He enjoys finding company with fellow Nords, but welcomes any who oppose the empire as his brothers and sisters.
    Personality: Enjoys causing trouble when Imperials are around. Rough on the exterior , but get to know him and become his friend and he will gladly give his life for your protection.
    (Just so everyone knows I'm new to RP, but I'm very excited to get started. If anyone sees something I'm doing wrong please let me know.)
    Nice dude. I play a build similar. He may have his soul sold to hircine for lycanthropy but he dont give a skeevers arse about worshiping him. Hes a radical talosian lol...
    Name: Wybjorn ironside It means thunder bear in old norse.
    Race: Proud Nord.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Height: ehhh 6.2
    Class: Warrior
    Weight: 210 mainly muscle he trains his mead gut off.
    Sexuality: Straight. Married to aela.
    Appearance: Big bear of a man. His parents named him with the name wybjorn because he was always big and strong for his age. He has red sorta kept sorta unkept hair with a war braid in front. A long goatee but is in the process of growing it out. )Face sculpter) He has blue war paint covering half his face and a couple of scars from his early days as a blade for hire.
    Profession: Blacksmith and sell sword companion. later on SC soldier.
    Favored gear. Heavy armor. Things made of steel or bone. Same for his swords. He prefers to use sword and shield. Nord hero or skyforge steel.
    Affiliations: As of now companions above all else he is the harbinger.
    Personality: Fun to be around. Tough yet smart. He thinks the empire has no place in skyrim. He loves fighting and is the happiest in the midst of battle. The only thing that makes him as happy as beheading a bandit with a sharp piece of steel is being with his wife aela. Very headstrong and stubborn. hes kind of a smart mouth. Very sure of himself.

    Fears: That the thalmor may become a perminent presence in skyrim. (He aint gona let it happen) Spiders.

    Things he hates. Thalmor. Empire. milk drinkers. Assassins. Thieves.
    He doesnt hate all elves but has an instant distrust for them.

    Current main gear.
    Wolf armor
    Steel shield
    Skyforge steelsword
    Nord hero sword.
    Will wear furs when just out hunting.
    Will wear clothes when staying in citys.

    Current job. adventurer, mercenary. bounty hunter, Treasure hunter.

    Main jarl. As of now balgruuf but is transitioning to falkreath. later ulfric

    Helps guards. Fights for gold honor fame and glory.

    likes mead other nords. Fighting.
    Name: Valmir
    Race: High Elf
    Class: Thalmor Wizard
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: His stature is 6'1 and weighs in at 143lbs. He has slate gray eyes and smooth black hair with a clean face. Valmir wears the dark hooded thalmor robes.
    Personality: Valmir believes like all the Thalmor that he is superior to all races and will do anything to show it. He is also deceitful and has no qualms with torture or death when it comes to those who oppose him.
    Misc: Valmir doesn't like brute force so he heavily relies on magic using his staff of destruction when needed. His person carries a sword only as a last resort. He grew up in a privileged life, so he also has an intolerance for the uneducated and poor as well.

    Sounds interesting I may steel this... ;)
    Name: Balinor

    Race: Nord

    Class: Woodsman

    Gender: Male

    Looks: His hair is dark blonde and straight reaching the shoulder, a wind-braid hanging down along his jawline which is covering with a unkempt braided beard.He bears wide shoulders from his years of living in the wilds, his frame as large as his shoulders, approximately six feet tall, large muscles overlaid with lightly tanned skin. His eyes are light blue as if reflecting a clear sky. His skin clear except for three white scars running from the upper right side of his chest running diagonally over his solar plexus stopping a few into his abdominal muscles from a standoff with a bear.

    Personality: He does not talk much as he has never truly needed to. He does not enjoy fighting and deems it only fit if necessary for his survival or the survival of one he holds dear. He does not like cities with thoughts that they are too noisy and prefers to be among the wayward pines and large conifers of his home, the forest. He is extremely patient and rather optimistic when he chooses to speak but not so much so that he comes short of being realistic.

    Background: He has lived in the forests of southeast Skyrim for much of his life his parents, both Nords, having done the same. When he came of age he set out on his own taking only a hunting bow. He was trained from a young age by his father in the art of combat and through this has come to be able to efficiently wield great swords, daggers, maces, bows, and has a small knowledge of shields. He now sells furs to The Warmaiden and the smith at the Skyforge.

    Weapons: He wears a hunting bow and his quiver of steels arrows, along with two steel daggers strapped at his hips. He wears two steel swords on his back, one of which was a gift from his father, and the other he has acquired from The Warmaiden.

    Armor: He wears simply made hide armor (Skyrim) and hide boots (Skyrim) made from the hide of the bear which gave him his scar. This allows him to move quietly through trees and blend in well with the forests and allows for fleeting escapes from any potentially deadly situations.

    Im going to try this very soon
    Name: The Shaded One (people address her as shade)
    Class: Assassin

    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Female

    Looks: She uses Shrouded Armor, a daedric dagger, and an ebony bow, she rarely ever shows her face so no one knows what it looks like.

    Personality: although she is an assassin, she holds high morals and is loyal to the nightmother. When she kills she doesn't do it for the gold she does it for sithis. she doesn't talk much and keeps to herself but she is compassionate and friendly to the ones that she trusts

    Misc: she never knew my family, I can only assume that they were fleeing from the argonian army when they overrun Morrowind. she came to skyrim in a merchants cart and was adopted by the Dark Brotherhood who was ordered to ambush that merchant. They taught her everything she knows, and seeing how she didn't have a name and she blended into the corner of the cart they named her The Shaded One.

    (so just wondering can I join your story at the bannered mare? I have a good idea for a way to come into the story)

    Awesome build . I have one just like it torlar the shaded dunmer male assassin its my first time doing the DB I love it. His personality is like "shade" in that the only people right now he is opened up to is his brotherhood family. hes loyal to those he trusts and nice to those he trusts but if he dont trust you its best to stay away. If you insult him you may end up with ciceros dagger in your gut (He took it off him when he killed him for harming his family) He kills for coin sithis the night mother and because astrid said so lol. He prefers to use daggers and small swords with a bow occasionally ( stealth archers are OP so I use dagger mostly) even in combat its a dagger until he needs a sword. He considers himself a courier of sithis. he likes poisons and is somewhat fascinated with death sort of addicted to it now. its a fun roleplay he gains gold very fast with the DB.
    Name: The Shaded One (people address her as shade)
    Class: Assassin

    Race: Dunmer

    Gender: Female

    Looks: She uses Shrouded Armor, a daedric dagger, and an ebony bow, she rarely ever shows her face so no one knows what it looks like.

    Personality: although she is an assassin, she holds high morals and is loyal to the nightmother. When she kills she doesn't do it for the gold she does it for sithis. she doesn't talk much and keeps to herself but she is compassionate and friendly to the ones that she trusts

    Misc: she never knew my family, I can only assume that they were fleeing from the argonian army when they overrun Morrowind. she came to skyrim in a merchants cart and was adopted by the Dark Brotherhood who was ordered to ambush that merchant. They taught her everything she knows, and seeing how she didn't have a name and she blended into the corner of the cart they named her The Shaded One.

    (so just wondering can I join your story at the bannered mare? I have a good idea for a way to come into the story)

    Will u do the Thieves guild. Mine will mainly for extra coin using his skills at hand. But will hate the no killing.


    Sorceress Supreme!
    Name: Lyrissia Alethia
    Race: Dunmer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 43, though she appears a couple decades younger
    Birthsign: The Shadow
    Profession: Assassin/Bounty Hunter

    Laterality: Ambidextrous
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 145 lbs.

    Appearance: Lyrissia is a typical dunmer woman, except for two distinguishing attributes; her hair, which is a deep red, and a pair of long scars on her left cheek. She has a modest bust, and shoulder length hair, a thin nose, and the charcoal grey skin of her race.

    Apparel: Lyrissia wears a set of cuir bouilli armour, which offers her manueverability and moderate protection in battle. She is almost never seen out of her combat garb, but when she is, she prefers muted clothing, that allow her to blend with a crowd. When travelling, a mask covers her lower face, concealing her scars, and a hooded, grey cloak, offering protection from the elements.

    Weaponry: Though competent with a number of weapons, from axes to daggers, she prefers weapons that are easily hidden. At the moment, she wields a matched set of blades, one a sword, the other a dagger. Both are slightly curved, though not to the point of a scimitar. This makes them ideal for both slashing and stabbing attacks.

    Personality: Lyrissia is generally a focused and quiet dunmer, contrary to the common belief that all young dark elf females are rather...promiscuous. Part of this is due to the profession she has chosen, and part is because of the loss she has suffered.

    When forced to partake in conversations, she is revealed to have a dark sense of humour, and will not hesitate to humiliate others around her. This is, of course her way of coping. Those few that know her well, know that she harbours a deep seated lust for revenge, one that she will see through, even if it costs her her life.

    Likes : Quiet, being paid, a well laid out plan.

    Dislikes : Anarchy, loud noises, clumsy people, and Stormcloaks.

    History: Lyrissia was born in a quiet village just outside Leyawiin, in Cyrodiil. For most of her life, she was content, and loved by those around her. Though she had plans to eventually, become the villages medical practitioner, tending to minor wounds with her mothers' supervision, fate had other ideas.

    War broke out in Skyrim- a nord by the name of Ulfric Stormcloak rebelled against the Empire, and declared the northern province an independent kingdom. Predictably, the response by the emperors' legions was swift. Soldiers marched north, intent on putting down the rebellion before it could gain any ground.

    One afternoon, a cohort of Imperial legionnaires came through the village, among them, a young man stood out to Lyrissia. His name was Decius Commodious, and he was as smitten with her as she was with him. Against her parents' wishes, she accompanied him to Skyrim.

    The two spent their off duty time, he from fighting, and she from tending to wounded soldiers, together. They were well and truly in love, and planned to start a family, once the insurrection was dealt with. Once again, fate intervened, this time, for the worse. Decius' patrol was ambushed, and slaughtered. Word of his death reached Lyrissia at camp a day later.

    A change came over the usually friendly woman. She became cold, withdrawn, and one morning, several days after her lovers' death, she left the camp. Unknown to the imperials, she fell in with darker characters, who were all to happy to turn her onto the path of murder and mayhem. And she was more than willing to oblige.

    Since that day, Lyrissia has become a nightmare in the dark, stalking Stormcloaks and their supporters throughout Skyrim. Willing to take contracts from anyone, so long as it ends in Stormcloak blood watering the frozen ground.


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    Name: Kiandro Faeoth
    Race: Altmer
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 260 lbs
    Age: 51(In elf years that's still extremely young)
    Birthdate: 20th of Last Seed 4E 150
    Class: Two-handed warrior/Battlemage

    Appearance: Typical Altmer man with shiny golden skin, a full beard and short hair. 6'7 of pure muscle.

    Apparel: A set of regular Steel-Plate armour with enchantments suited for spellcasting.

    Combat: Capable of conjuring weapons, but prefers the feel of real weapons hands. Master at conjuration, destruction, restoration and uses all three in battle. When he runs out of mana, he pulls out his battle axe and hacks his opponents down

    Weapons: Enchanted Dragon-Bone battleaxe

    Magic: Adept at Illusion and Alteration. Master enchanter. Master at conjuration, destruction and restoration.

    Alignment: Imperial Army as they are the ones most capable of fighting the Alderi Dominion

    History: As a child growing up in the Summerset Isles, Kiandro showed exceptional talent in magic. The son of esteemed eleven nobles, he was expected to excel his peers in magic and become a battlemage for the Aldmeri Dominion. Kianrdo had a different plan for his future however. He was fascinated by the culture of different races, especially the supposed 'savage' Nords. He would train with swords and axes for many hours of his day against practice dummies and planned on becoming a warrior instead of a mage.

    He enlisted in the Aldmeri Dominion as a battlemage at the young age of 18 (practically a baby elves) after constant pressure from his parents and fought in the great war. He was disgusted at the way his fellow soldiers regarded the other races but kept his sympathy towards the other races to himself. He killed many people in the war and he became somewhat of a legend for his ability to cause mayhem on the battlefield with both magic and his axe. After the war ended and he learned of the oppressive things that the dominion would enforce on other races, he had enough and left the Dominion and the Summerset Isles to wander Tamriel.

    Near the border of Skyrim, a group of former Imperial soldiers recognized Kiandro and were absolutely infuriated that he would dare to show his face in Skyrim and attacked him. He killed them in self-defense but was then spotted by a group of Imperial soldiers walking by and with a pile of dead people around him, it didn't look good. He was promptly arrested and sent to Helgen to be executed.

    After escaping Kiandro realized that the Dominion must be stopped and that it was the Imperials, not the Stormcloaks who would lead the fight against the elves. He went to Solitude to enlist in the Imperial army to quell the rebellion and to unite the Empire so that it may stand a chance against the Aldmeri Dominion.

    Personality: Hates discrimination and racism which is what drove him away from the Dominion and had him fight the Stormcloaks.
    Name: Giselle Gestal
    Birthsign: The Atronach
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Weight: 105lbs
    Race: Breton
    Height: 5'2"
    Sexuality: Straight
    Laterality: Right-handed

    Appearance: Short and lithe in stature, with fair skin, strawberry blonde hair, and big, light-blue eyes.


    Giselle, with her horse Betsy behind her. Camera quality in Tamriel is notoriously poor in the Fourth Era.

    Apparel: Her arrival in Skyrim saw her lose most of her luggage and coin at the border, leaving her with nothing but the clothes she was wearing - which got ruined when she tried to raise some extra coin chopping wood in Riverwood. She has since replaced them with an ill-fitting blue dress which she wears when she isn't travelling, and a basic set of unenchanted robes which she wears at all other times. She always wears a gold and sapphire circlet, which used to belong to her mother and which she was able to hold onto when entering Skyrim.

    Magic: Giselle is a self-taught mage, and is capable of a few basic destruction and restoration spells - she is naturally talented in lightning spells, and uses those almost exclusively for self-defence, and she can generate some simple wards too. She is much more interested in advancing her conjuration skills though, and thus far she has largely perfected the art of summoning a spectral wolf with some degree of reliability. She has also been able to conjure a flame atronach with... less consistent success. Her atronachs have a roughly 40% chance of emerging from Oblivion in a very bad mood, however. As such, she has developed an unusual tendency to summon a spectral wolf first, so that if something goes wrong it can help to defend her from the atronach. She has learned a frost atronach spell too, but performing it heavily taxes her magicka reserves, and she has decided not to try it again until she's figured out why her flame atronachs are often so annoyed with her first.

    Personality: Jubilant and curious, Giselle has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning. About everything. Bored with her quiet life in Anvil, Cyrodiil, she has used all of her modest wealth to commence a Tamriel-wide journey of discovery, starting with Skyrim. She has a natural affinity for magic, and wishes more than anything to become a full-fledged mage, but owing to the state of the Synod and the College of Whispers in Cyrodiil, she is entirely self-taught and unmentored, which can make some of her spells... unreliable. Undeterred, she is intent on joining the College of Winterhold to pursue her dream and hone her skills.

    She maintains an optimistic and often naive outlook on life, finding all things fascinating. Her journey from Cyrodiil took thrice as long as necessary because she insisted on stopping whenever her hired carriage passed by anything remotely interesting to her, so that she could study it - and unfortunately, 'remotely interesting' can include anything from new alchemical ingredients and unexplored ruins, to interesting pebbles and bugs. When she lost all of her coin and luggage at the border, she was more upset at losing the samples she'd collected along the way, rather than losing her all of her wordly goods and life savings. This tendency for her to be easily distracted seems to affect nearly everything she does - she once spent an entire day in Candlehearth Hall, Windhelm studying the ever-burning candle there, after the innkeeper told her that it never went out, and on her very first encounter with a draugr she attempted to engage it in conversation, nearly losing her life in the process.

    She dislikes combat, and dislikes taking lives even moreso - even if she has no other choice. Her first real life-or-death fight in her life happened immediately after she'd left her hired carriage on arrival in Skyrim, and she was attacked by a pair of wolves on the road to Riverwood. While she defeated them and suffered no injuries, she became extremely depressed afterwards, and had nightmares about the creatures dying in agony because of her. She has since been in a few more fights, and become better at handling them, but she still suffers with guilt whenever she's forced to take a life.

    Fighting Style: Desperate and haphazard. She has only been in a handful of real fights, and these have always been thrust upon her, rather than as a result of her seeking them out. At her best, she will summon her spectral wolf (or a flame atronach, if she is feeling particularly brave) and hang back to study how her opponents fight, only offering destructive spell support in the event that it seems absolutely necessary. When her life is in immediate danger, or her summoned ally is defeated and she cannot summon another in time, she will panic and fall back on her natural affinity for lightning spells, hoping that the shock will deter her foes long enough for her to run away. Nevertheless, these spells are remarkably effective for an untrained mage, and if she can remain focussed rather than panicking, she can do some decent damage with lightning bolts.

    Likes: Learning and discovering new things. Anything to do with magic is particularly fascinating to her, and alchemy is one of her hobbies, but even something as simple as an interesting-looking stone, or the unusual behaviour of a deer, can just as easily enthral her. She spent several days in the village of Riverwood when she first arrived in Skyrim, and much of that time was her indulging in learning about the local culture and politics, as well as the non-magical crafts of the people who lived there. She befriended Alvor the blacksmith, and took a few lessons in smithing from him - and decided quite quickly that while manual labour clearly wasn't her strong suit, she found it fascinating how much thought and knowledge went into even non-magical vocations.

    She reads excessively, and hopes one day to have a library of her own to match the Imperial Library. She loves animals, even the violent ones. Outside of knowledge, she likes meeting interesting new people, has a soft spot for pretty clothes, and is overjoyed if she is able to help somebody with a problem. She believes that magic exists to benefit the world, and is part of the reason she pursues the craft.

    Dislikes: Fighting. Giselle can fight, sort-of, but dislikes doing so, and dislikes killing even more. This is probably why she dislikes violent people as well, especially those who revel in violence and seek it out. She finds wilful ignorance to be frustrating, given her inquisitive nature and open-mindedness, and would rather not spend time around people who are set-in-their-ways, or who refuse to learn even when there is a gap in their knowledge.

    While she is a fan of meeting new people and learning all about them, she dislikes large cities, and tries to avoid them if she can.

    Affiliations: None. She is seeking to join the College of Winterhold, but has yet to find the place.

    Afflictions/Fears: Giselle has no particular fears or 'phobias', besides those rational fears that most mortals share, but she is easily panicked when things become chaotic or violent.

    Properties: As a fairly recent arrival to Skyrim, and a relavtively impoverished one at that, Giselle owns no properties in Skyrim. Her expectation is that she will obtain lodgings in the College of Winterhold, when she finally reaches the place and if she is accepted as a student. For now, she stays in inns, and makes coin doing odd-jobs as she travels. She managed to scrape enough money together to purchase a horse, whom she has named Betsy and whom travels with her everywhere.

    Job: Giselle was a clerk in Castle Anvil in Cyrodiil prior to embarking upon her journey. She is now unemployed, but has undertaken a number of odd jobs around Skryim since arriving. She attempted to make some coin in Riverwood from chopping wood, but proved to be inept at the task. Instead she has helped people with things ranging from collecting alchemical ingredients and making simple potions, to using magic to solve small problems here and there, and has made enough coin to get by so far, and she even bought a horse.

    Weaknesses: Curiosity. Giselle is fairly undisciplined, and lets her curiosity get the better of her, which is usually how she has ended up in the few fights she's been in. She is also untrained, having taught herself everything she knows. She's not very physically imposing either, even by Breton standards, and could easily be overpowered if caught unawares or her magicka is depleted.


    Giselle was originally born in High Rock, of two Breton parents - Geraster and Jylienne Gestal. They moved to Cyrodiil in search of a better life, but in the aftermath of the Great War things in the capital province were highly unstable, and her father was killed by bandits on the journey. He left enough inheritance for her mother to start a new life, which they did quietly in Anvil, her mother working as a cleaner in the castle.

    Inquisitive from an early age, Giselle devoured every book her mother could get her hands on, and realised at the age of 10 that she had an affinity for magic, after nearly setting a passing Khajiit traveller on fire by accident (he asked for directions, she pointed, and flames came out). She initially feared this affinity, and tried to keep it under control for a few years after that, but gradually became less afraid of her abilities and started to spend hours at a time in their garden, training herself on makeshift targets. When she was 17, her mother managed to get her a job as a clerk in Castle Anvil, and she used nearly every spare Septim she earned to buy spell tomes and other books of learning. Less than a year later, her mother contracted a particularly nasty case of blood rot, which proved fatal.

    Giselle continued living in their small home and working as a clerk in Castle Anvil for several more years, and after spending a year in mourning she resumed her training - notably, adding restoration spells to the mix and taking up alchemy too, perhaps in response to her mother's death. She began stockpiling as much coin as she could, determined to leave Cyrodiil in pursuit of knowledge, and to become a proper mage, feeling that the Synod and the College of Whispers were both inappropriate to her outlook on life. Several months ago she resigned from her job at Castle Anvil, sold all of her possessions, including her parents' house, and hired transport to Skyrim.

    Unfortunately, just like Cyrodiil when her parents first moved there, Skyrim was unstable and rife with lawlessness, being as it was in the midst of a civil war. Mirroring the fate of her father, almost as soon as she bid her carriage driver farewell, she was accosted by raiders and robbed of her luggage and coin. Fortunately she was unharmed, and knew better than to try and resist them, but all she had left to her name was her mother's old circlet - hidden in her clothing, fortunately, but not something she could ever part with - and the clothes on her back. She arrived in Riverwood not long afterwards, and began doing odd jobs around the small village such as wood chopping, and even befriended the local smith, who attempted to give her lessons (which she failed, though she was able to keep the 'dagger' she forged as a souvenir). After a few days, she raised enough coin to purchase some supplies and fresh clothing, and continued on her journey.
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    Full Name:
    Arrald Strong-Arm of Falkreath

    Preferred Name:



    • Just over six feet tall

    • Weighs approximately 260 pounds

    • Heavyset muscular build gained through many years of farm work in younger years, and combat training in his early twenties

    • Has brown eyes that are usually the first thing noticed by people he encounters

    • Dark brown hair is kept short

    • Beard is kept to short, but is still visible (slightly more than stubble), and is the same color as his hair

    • He has a variety of scars covering his torso from many different wounds he received from fighting off a variety of adversaries (mostly bandits)

    Positive Traits:

    • Very diligent and honest. He does not believe in breaking the law.

    • Charismatic personality makes him an easy person to get along with.

    • Very compassionate personality causes him to often be very charitable and selfless

    Negative Traits:
    • Has little self control in certain situations which can get him into trouble at times.

    • He is easily seduced by the daedra and opposite sex.

    • Casual clothing includes regular civilian clothing

    • Armor choice is usually iron armor, but usually without a helmet

    Weapon Choice:
    • Steel broadsword for close encounters

    • A steel shield for blocking his foes’ attacks

    • A standard wooden longbow for attacking from a distance

    • Drinking

    • Smithing weapons and armor

    • Eating

    • Putting an end to threats to the general public (bandits, dragons, etc.)

    • Crime

    • Criminals

    • Lazy people

    • Mages


    He was born and grew up in a successful family in Solitude, he lived in peace until he was about 6 years old, but at that point things changed.

    He lost his older brother in a horrible accident. One evening the two were on a stroll outside city walls when a pack of wolves pounced out of the woods. His brother drew his dagger and ordered him to run. As he sprinted towards home he could hear his brother’s screams. He was labeled a coward after the incident. Even at a young age, it seemed to his family that he could have done more. He became very outcast.

    After years of abuse he finally decided to run away. He left home at 12 and never turned back. In his bag he had a dagger, water, and a small supply of food. He ran out of city walls one night, and didn’t stop. He ran for three days, only sleeping a total of two hours. Eventually, he came across a small farm. The farmer happened to see him running and stopped him. After a long conversation and a warm meal the boy was hired as a farm hand.

    Nobody truly knows where his combat experience comes from, as this is the only part of the story he tells. (Learn the rest, and more detailed version, through RP)


    Currently a city guard, who wishes to protect the general public.

    Allied Factions:
    • City guard

    • Companions

    Enemy Factions:
    • Any bandits

    • Foresworn

    • Vampires


    Name:Micael Reinhart

    Race: Breton


    Appearance: Height:5'8"
    Weight185 lbs.
    Hair: Dark Brown and curly cropped close on the sides with the hair longer and forming rings on top.
    Eyes: Dark green
    Skin:Tan by Breton standards
    A stocky build with a large chest. Criss-crossing scars across his mouth. Although he is a magic user combat and conditioning have made him physically fit and more than capable of wearing his heavy armor casually.

    Personality: Micael is charismatic and he knows it. He grew up a decendent of a house of knights in high rock that fell from favor but retained the dignified mannerisms. He is quick to flash a disarming smile but this hides his calculating nature.

    Guild(s): He is not a member of any standing guilds but is an auxiliary in the Imperial Legion.

    Background: The Reinhart's were a prominent knighted family in high rock until two short generations ago they became the victims of political intrigue and espionage casting doubt on their otherwise prestigious heritage. After the family lost favor they turned their martial prowess to Imperial service in the legion serving with the same dedication and skill for which they were once so renowned. Micael continued this tradition and though he trained from a young age to become a legionaire, his skill for destruction magic became quickly apparent. He continued his martial training setting out on his own limited personal time to hone his magical prowess. This has lead him to worshipping Julianos in his studies and he carries a pendant to the divine on him although he does not see himself as overly devout. After several years serving the Empire he was reassigned to Skyrim to, "Aid in the crushing of this Stormcloak upstart in anyway that opportunity and your skills deem fit."

    Political Affiliation: He is an unwavering soldier and supporter of the Empire.

    Weapons/skills: Micael is highly skilled in the use of his shield(Block) the wearing of his armor(Heavy Armor) and in the wielding of damaging spells(Destruction). He is also skilled to a lesser degree in the use of swords(One-handed) due to his training as a child and as a legionaire and also knows some rudimentary healing spells(Restoration) that help him fight on through the long gruelling fights that occur on the battlefield.

    Extra: While he is intelligent and his family's history should warn him, he is trusting almost to a fault. He also is a heavy drinker and when in his cups can quickly turn from moody and dour to jovial and merry.


    Stormcloak Warrior
    Name: Hulgar
    Race: Nord
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior
    Birth Sign: The Lord
    Appearance: Tall battle-scarred veteran wearing a bear pelt with steel plated armor underneath. Blue eyes and dark brown hair that drapes down to his shoulders. Full beard coming down from his face and light blue war paint covering half of his face. He boasts a large steel battle axe on his back.
    Likes: Mead, Mead, and Mead
    Dislikes: All elves unless they prove themselves trustworthy to him.
    Background: Hulgar is a veteran of the Great War who fought on the front lines, cutting down Thalmor soldiers one after another. He believes in the Nordic Pantheon and not the Imperial Cult. After the war he worked as a mercenary and built a name for himself. He then joined the Companions, knowing his comrade from the war, Skjor, would vouch for him. Now he does work for anyone if they've got the coin.
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    Name: Iosif
    Race: Nord/Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior
    Age: 27
    Appearance: 'Don't like those eyes you have, there's a bad hunger to them', Iosif is fierce demon hunter and a force to be reckoned with. Tall, intimidating. Metal armour underneath bear pelt, face covered except for eyes and nose. Ice blue eyes, remained this colour after becoming a vampire. He travels alone with only his horse and black wolf, 'Storm' for company, hunting demons. He doesn't like the creature he's become but he has no qualms about feeding when he needs to or biting those who anger him. A skilled hunter who's masterful with sword and bow.
    Likes: His own company, killing.
    Dislikes: Demons, people who disturb his peace or get in his way.
    Background: Comes from a long family of demon/vampire hunters, he killed his father/mentor after his father became afflicted with vampirism. Iosif contracted the disease during the struggle.

    (Disclaimer: image is not mine, copyright of
    Rob-Joseph at Deviant Art. Image temp until I make my own).


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    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Lilium Lancif

    "Ar molag anyammis, av latta magicka."
    From fire, life; from light, magic

    NAME: Lilium Leidela Lancif

    ALIAS: Lily by loved ones

    AGE: 24

    BIRTH-DATE: 17th of Rain's Hand, 4E 178

    BIRTH PLACE: Unknown, but she was taken in as a young child in Anvil, Cyrodiil

    GENDER: Female

    RACE/ORIGIN: Altmer/High Elf [100%]

    CLASS: Scholar, Mage

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: Her adopted father, Lucius Lancif

    AFFILIATIONS: Arcane College (Cyrodiil) [Excommunicated], Mage's College of Winterhold [Apprentice Mage]


    RELIGION: Standard Pantheon (The 8 Divines), acknowledges but does not worship Talos as a divine




    HEIGHT: 6'1"

    WEIGHT: 140 Lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Fair, and Tall

    FACE: Soft and Angular

    EYES: Soft, with almost glowing Emerald irises

    SKIN TONE: Soft Golden Complexion

    HAIR STYLE: Cut Short, worn down and usually relatively messy

    HAIR COLOR: Soft Auburn

    SCARS: A violent looking scar, running across her left cheek from below her ear, to just before the left corner of her lips






    TEMPER: Even-tempered, she almost never loses her temper

    OUTLOOK: Positive, though she knows the world has it's darkness, but she believes the light and love of the good outweighs the shadows

    HONOR: High, she highly respects those she thinks deserves it (Most individuals)

    ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Witty, Scholarly, Wholesome, Selfless, Caring, Warm, Intuitive, Friendly, Helpful, Strategic, Trusting

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Selfless, Overly Focused on Knowledge and Magic, Sometimes Oblivious to Danger, Naive, Overly Trusting

    LIKES: Aetherius, The Night Sky, Magic, Reading, Books, Libraries, Adventure, Anthropology, History, Geography, Botany, Animals, Other Mages and Scholars, Adventurers, and she is secretly fond of Chiseled and Brawny Warriors

    DISLIKES: Ignorance, Bigots, Liars, Evil, The Undead, Poachers, Belethor (He has a tendency of Hitting on her every time he's in Whiterun)

    FEARS: Death, Loss

    PHOBIAS: Snakes

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She reads when she isn't doing anything else (even while walking, and talking sometimes)

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To know everything that she can before she joins her father in the afterlife; to make her father proud



    Gear and Fighting Style

    HEAD: A simple Copper and Sapphire Circlet, and a Hood depending on the weather conditions

    TORSO: A set of College Styled robes, that she opted to weave herself. The colors are matching that of the standard Apprentice robes, however the cloth draping over the top of her left shoulder carries the color of ebony.

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: Her shoulders and arms are covered by the standard style of the College's Apprentice robes, however her arms while traveling and adventuring are embraced with Ebony colored Elven style gauntlets.

    WAIST: Around her waist a standard leather, steel clasped belt holds her robes warmly to her slender body

    LEGS AND FEET: Underneath her robes she wears a pair of thick fur and cloth pants, which run underneath Ebony colored boots matching the Elven style of her guantlets.

    EVERY DAY CARRY: Inside the small bag she carries over he shoulder, you will often find a small alchemist pouch filled with the ingredients to make health and magic potions. Along with this pouch a filled water-skin can be found next to a small count of assorted potions. Likely the most noticeable masses are a few of whatever books she may be reading and/or studying at the time.

    WEAPONS: As a pure mage, and because she has no clue how to wield any weapon; she carries none, and intends to keep it that way. It's a waist of energy and time to carry them around with her when all the offensive and defensive capabilities that she needs reside within her mind and her connection with the plane of Aetherius.

    MAGIC: Lilium is fairly proud of the fact that she refuses to pick only one school of magic to practice, and prefers to use all of them. Her goal is to be as powerful at wielding magic like the master mages of old - who knew every spell for any situation. With this, she has a plethora of mastered spells at her disposal that she masterfully and strategically uses. The list is as follows:

    ~ Alteration: Candlelight, Magelight, Ironflesh, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Equilibrium

    ~ Conjuration: Soul Trap, Revenant, Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Ice Atronach, Conjure Storm Atronach

    ~ Destruction: Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Ignite, Fire Cloak, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Freeze, Frost Cloak, Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lightning Cloak

    ~Illusion: Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Pacify, Rout, Invisibility

    ~ Restoration: Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Heal Undead, Stendar's Aura, Turn Undead

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: While in battle, she is able to do numerous things, depending on the situation she finds herself in. Weather it means summoning support, healing comrades, raising the dead or striking fear in the hearts of her foes; she's a fierce competitor on the battlefield. However, she doesn't ever feel comfortable with going into a battle alone, and prefers to have friends or comrades at her side as she can only pull from her deep connection to Aetherius for so long. However, if need be, she has managed to master a spell that most mages refuse and almost never use - Equilibrium; in which she pulls from her own life energy to continue drawing from the Realm of Aetherius.

    FIGHTING STYLE: Heavy Support, Decent Defense, Formidable Offense, Major Influence




    Lilium never knew her birth parents, but at some point in her young life her adopted father took her in. Lucius Lancif, a soldier in the Imperial Army. Nothing more than a lowly soldier, he was assigned to new areas of Tamriel, moving them fairly often. Never making much money, or staying in one place for any more than a year, Lilium and her father kept mostly to themselves outside of the barracks'. When her father was out on duty, Lilium often wandered the roads in whatever town they were in at the time; with some of the few possessions her father could afford for her - books.

    This is how their tiny family lived, bouncing from place to place, until she was almost 18 years old. Just before she turned 18, Liliums father retired himself from the Legion, and purchased a small home inside the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. He had joined the city's guard, and for the first time in all her years she had a definitive place to call home.

    On her 18th birthday, after months of searching for a way to join the Arcane College, Lucius surprised Lilium with an invitation into the school. An old friend of his, from 'back in the glory days' as he so eloquently put it, was a member of the College and managed to pull some strings.

    Though she wasn't a proper student, and merely a handmaiden, Lilium took every chance she could to snatch a book to read in her free-time only to put it back and grab another. She would often make excuses to clean during lectures, in order to learn from the Master mages about the realm of Aetherius and the art of magicka.

    She was able to do this without notice until she was 21, before she managed to make an enemy out of the Lore-keeper and Librarian of the college. Lilium was caught stealing a spell book, and had admitted to only borrowing it. The College did not feel the same, and excommunicated her in an instant, forcing her to leave and never enter the grounds again.

    Her day of excommunication was only the beginning of her bad luck, as on her return home, a courier met her with a note from the Captain of the city's guard. Her father was mortally wounded in action.

    She got to speak with him only in his last moments. A robbery in the Market District went awry, and he ended up getting stabbed in the chest; puncturing a lung. Lilium didn't bother to tell him about the trouble she had gotten herself into, rather, she focused on making the last moments of his life as happy as she could make them.

    His last words echoed in her mind as she packed up the few things she needed, and sold the rest of the belongings and her first home. And then she was in the wind, on her way to the north. To a college that would accept and teach her no matter who she was or where she came from.

    "Never stop reaching for your dreams, my Lily. You're the best and smartest person I have ever known, and you have always made me proud. And I cannot wait to see you become the best that you can be, that I know you can be. I am always with you, and I love you to the moons and back."

    College of Winterhold, Lilium Lancif, at your service.
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    So here's a new little project that I'm gonna be doing, a Revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the first of the 'Revived'!

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what her visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in her CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)


    Serenity Amaria

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    NAME: Serenity Amaria

    ALIAS: The Ice Shot (Self Called)

    AGE: 18

    BIRTH-DATE: 14th of Second Seed, 4E 183

    BIRTH PLACE: Falkreath

    GENDER: Female


    CLASS: Archer/Thief

    PROFESSION: Thief, Craftswoman, Bounty Hunter, and Area Guide (wherever the coin is)

    LATERALITY: Lefthanded

    SEXUALITY: Straight


    FAMILY: None, Orphaned at Birth

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: The only thing of significant importance to her is her bow

    AFFILIATIONS: She did some training with the Companions, and a freelance blacksmith but is no longer associated with either


    RELIGION: Standard Nordic pantheon, with particular interest in Kyne and Talos


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    HEIGHT: 5'2"

    WEIGHT: 125

    BUILD: Lean, Lithe and Attractive

    FACE: Soft, Naive and Caring

    EYES: Icy Blue

    SKIN TONE: Fair Skinned, like most Nords

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight

    HAIR COLOR: Brown

    SCARS: Many scars along her back from lashings

    TATTOOS: She has the symbol of Kyne on her chest between her breasts. and the symbol for Talos on the top of her draw-string hand

    PIERCINGS: One in her left eyebrow, and 2 in the earlobe of her right ear


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    TEMPER: Relatively Even-tempered; she doesn't regularly lose her cool

    OUTLOOK: Bright; she is bright and young, and sees the world as her oyster

    HONOR: High; she believes that all those who have fallen deserve the respect and honor as any fallen hero

    ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Observant, Vivacious, Perky/Bubbly, Studious, Respectful, Headstrong, Bright-eyed, Passionate, Borderline Hyperactive

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Naive, Stubborn, Opinionated, Vindictive, One-track minded

    LIKES: Nature, Animals, People, Sun and Sky, Rainstorms, Hunting, People

    DISLIKES: Racism, Bigotry, Rudeness, Insults, Ignorance, Ice Wraiths

    FEARS: Ice Wraiths

    PHOBIAS: Ice Wraithaphobia

    HABITS/QUIRKS: She likes to Whistle, Hum or Sing as she walks and treks the wilderness alone

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: She wants to hunt alongside Aela and serve the children of Skyrim with the Companions


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    Gear and Fighting Style
    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    HEAD: While in cities in towns, nothing, but while out in the wilderness or hunting she wears the hood of her fur cloak

    TORSO: She has a thin, forest green, sleeveless tunic that she wears underneath her leather cuirass which is also sleeveless

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: The only thing that covers her shoulders is her fur cloak, her forearms are wrapped with thin leather bracers matching her cuirass, and on her right hand (her drawstring hand) she wears a green cloth glove

    WAIST: Her waist is wrapped in a simple hide belt, with two sheathes on her right hip

    LEGS AND FEET: Her legs are covered by tight fitting brown cloth, on her feet and lower calves she wears leather iron-shinned boots

    EVERYDAY CARRY: A leather quiver on her back, which she keeps stocked with 30 steel arrows, and a few other random type arrows ranging in strength and distance abilities. Attached to the side of the quiver is a small satchel, which she keeps a large length of rope - which she uses to tie together pelts to carry easier and room for a few simple potions.

    WEAPONS: Her weapons all hold a significant value to her, as she crafted them herself and hopes to only continue upgrading them or replacing them with better self-crafted gear (outside of her arrows). However, none more than her bow, a tough northern-wood recurve bow. It's length has complicated hand-carved designs inlayed with skyforge steel ingots, it's string is a unique combination of horse hair and woven spider-strings. [LINK] Her sword was crafted with her attempt of damascus skyforge steel and dwarven metal, in the the style of a xiphos sword; it's hilt and pommel is a more intricately shaped and designed form of the same metal with the handle wrapped in green-stained horse hide. [LINK] The last weapon in her arsenal is her dagger, which is crafted from simple skyforge steel but almost all intricately inlayed and carved; it's handle is wrapped in the same horse hide as her sword, and it's pommel has her attempt at a dragon's head. [LINK]

    MAGIC: She's never used it, been able to use it, or had the inclination to try and use it. She does, however, respect the craft unlike most Nords, and enjoys watching complex spell casting when she sees it.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: Her most practiced and skilled weapon is her bow. Learning from Aela the Huntress how to shoot with power and accuracy, along with countless hours of hunting and trapping, she is quite the marksman. She was briefly trained with her sword by Aela as well, and she practiced by watching other's practice their own swordsmanship. She has never been trained in dagger-wielding, and hasn't really needed to. She only ever uses it for dispatching, skinning and gutting her prey; however she probably could use it in a fight if she had not other option. How hard could it be?

    FIGHTING STYLE: In the few battles she's had while fulfilling bounties and encountering Bandit Camps, she is surprisingly good at shooting in close combat. She also cleverly uses her bow to parry and hit her opponents if they decide to get too close. Whenever she finds herself out of her league with shooting at close range, she will pull her sword and use it wildly and maniacally. She isn't super accurate or controlled wit the blade, but she's hacking and slashing madly most of the time; and against the opponents she finds, that's all that is needed to be effective.


    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    <---{{ ~8~ }}--->

    Not sure I am going to do these in the revivals of these character cards, but if I do, they'll be here :p

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Name: Serenity (The Ice Shot) Amaria

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Female

    Class: Archer/Warrior/Theif

    Armor: Pentulis Oculatus armor, without the imperial emblem, and instead of read, blue, And long sleeves and pants. Wheres a cloak of Snow bear fur, but is relatively thin. As well as no face paint.

    Weapons: Custom made ebony like bow. It has blue tribal designs all down the bow from the ice enchantments that are bound in the bow. With blue trim. A set of hidden throwing knives on her belt, and a black Dwemer like long sword, also custom made. Likes to get really close in hand to hand combat, and sword dueling. Usually she is in the middle of the action with her bow, killing as many as she can. The enchantment in her bow freezes some parts of the body, near where the arrow strikes.

    Physical Description: 5'2" 125 lbs, long, straight, brown hair, very fast, strong in accordance to her size, pretty good looking in a general sense of things. Blue eyes, scars on her back from forced work in her past.

    Biography: She was born in Falkreath, but was moved by a slave caravan to Dawnstar shortly after. She was forced to work in both of the mines up there, and hated it. He learned to fend for herself for 16 years, then escaped. She ran to the Winterhold, where she practiced the ways of enchanting, and some frost destruction magicka. In interest of fighting, she came to Whiterun, where she learned archery from Aela the Huntress, and learned expert smithing from a blacksmith called Oric Ironhand, who owned a forge a couple miles north of Whiterun. Since then she has been earning money buy stealing things, and reselling them, as well as taking down bandit camps, and private escorting.

    Personality: Very strong willed, much like Aela, whom she has deemed her hero, and very observant of almost every little thing. Comes with the occupation of an archer. Very protective of most wildlife, and can befriend most animals quickly. She will protect most she trusts, especially her friends (since she has no family).

    Reference Pictures:


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    Here's another revival of some of my very first Roleplay Characters that I ever did - revamped, re-imagined, and redone. They'll eventually be compiled into a list of links so that they can be easier to find! Here's the second of the 'Revived'!

    Just wanna do a little note here, this is likely going to be and is my favorite of these revivals that I have done so far. I loved recreating this guy, and I really wanna roleplay with him now :p

    (The art used in this CC are not 100% depictions of this character, but rather accurate ideas of what his visage is. Please keep this in mind while reading, and rely mainly on the descriptions in his CC and use the photos as reference points and imagery.)

    Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    ALIAS: None

    AGE: 260 (Aging slowed around 25, so he looks approximately in his late twenties)

    BIRTH-DATE: 4th of Sun's Dawn, 3E 375

    BIRTH PLACE: Greenwood, Valenwood

    GENDER: Male

    RACE/ORIGIN: Bosmer/Wood Elf

    CLASS: Forester/Ranger/Assassin

    PROFESSION: High Priority Bounty Hunter and Head Hunter, Vigilante Assassin

    LATERALITY: Ambidextrous

    SEXUALITY: Straight

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, Widower

    FAMILY: Parents Deceased, Kormuvan

    POSSESSIONS/HEIRLOOMS: His daggers, both were created by him and his father at a young age, one was his and one was his fathers

    AFFILIATIONS: He was involved in the 5 year war in 3E 395, in the Bosmeri faction

    AFFLICTIONS: PTSD, Lycanthropy

    RELIGION: He recognizes the existence of the gods, but doesn't worship any from any of the pantheons


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HEIGHT: 5'8"

    WEIGHT: 149 lbs.

    BUILD: Lean, Powerful, Flexible

    FACE: Firm, Stern, Stoic and Semi-angular

    EYES: Shining Yellow

    SKIN TONE: Olive Skinned

    HAIRSTYLE: Long, Straight and Wild

    HAIR COLOR: Ebony, Soft Black

    SCARS: His face is unscathed, the rest of his form is hard opposite

    TATTOOS: Most of his face is covered in intricate, soft black Bosmeri designs


    BEAST FORM: Considered a Gevaudan Werewolf (just a size classification) in Beast form, Lytahlas stands taller than most were's at 8'8", and a monstrous 438 pounds. His fur becomes sickly, ashy black sleekly covering dangerously large muscles ripe and ready to destroy, his eyes bleed blood red, and his teeth become as long as daggers and sharper than razor-blades. A couple of pictures for reference - [one][two]


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to Medium; Sometimes he is in pretty good control, other times his grip on emotions is thin

    OUTLOOK: Grim; He's seen a lot in his time, it only takes so long before somebody becomes desensitized to the inevitable darkness of the world

    HONOR: None; He had honor at some point in his life, but the amount of people he's met without any has tainted his soul and permeated into his heart

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Intelligent, Experienced, Strategic, Masterful, Efficient, Effective, Thorough, Vigilant, Observatory, Unattached, Fearless, Critical, Alpha-personality, Fierce

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Head Strong, Apathetic, Unsociable, Hyper-vigilant, Short Tempered, Aristocratic, Vain, Unforgiving, Ruthless

    LIKES: Rain-forests and Forests in general, Rain, Thunderstorms, Animals, Nature, Pine-trees, Scent of Pine, Hunting, Tracking, Thinking, Exploring, Stalking, Climbing, Free-running, Being Alone (aside from Kormuvan)

    DISLIKES: Attention, Large Cities, Unnatural Noise, Ignorance, Bigots, Racism, Admeri Dominion and their Agents (Including the Thalmor and in his eyes the Empire), Legionaries and Soldiers, Authority, People trying to control him

    FEARS/PHOBIAS: Losing Kormuvan is the only fear he can feel anymore

    HABITS/QUIRKS: He tends to dissociate and lose himself in thought and his surroundings, Talking to Kor and thus; himself

    ASPIRATIONS/GOALS: To kill all those who deserve to die until his last breath

    BEAST FORM: Despite his short temper, his control of his beast blood is surprisingly great. While the ferocity of the beast tends to bleed into his regular personality once his anger is triggered, it takes much more pushing for him to lose his grip as himself. When he does lose control of his human form, as a beast he is in enough control to choose the direction of which his power is aimed. This is enough to avoid needless slaughter and death, and attempt to either make it useful, or make it useless and point it toward nothing.


    -~ Gear and Fighting Style ~-

    (note: all his gear has been self crafted and upgraded over time)
    HEAD: While traveling alone, and with nobody around, he only keeps the hood sewn into his armor on his head; shrouding his face in natural shadows. When in the public eye, or while hunting and stalking his targets he adorns a leather mask along with his hood, that way even if his hood manages to come off he is still anonymous; it also adds a level of intimidation and fear to the mix as only the faint glow of his haunting and hunting eyes show through. [Here's the Mask]

    TORSO: On his torso covering his chest and belly is a leather chest piece, with fur lining in some spots [Here's an idea of what that looks like]. Strapped around his back, is his quiver with attached blade sheathes, the quiver can hold up to 30 arrows and the sheathes are custom fit to his specific daggers [Here's the look of the quiver] [and here's the look of the attached sheathes].

    ARMS AND SHOULDERS: His shoulders are covered in the attached leather pauldrons on his armor, matching it's design. His forearms are guarded and adorned with leather bracers of similar design [here's what those could look like].

    WAIST: Wrapping around his waist, pulling his armor tight to his stomach and making it seamless into protecting his upper legs, is a leather utility belt. It holds room for a small count of throwing knives, some sharpening materials, potions and poison vials, septims and other items while also having 2 sheathes for his different swords on each side [here's an idea of that].

    LEGS AND FEET: While his legs are covered in black trousers, over the upper portions of each limb the skirt portion of his armor cover his thighs while a pair of leather boots protect his shins and feet [here's those].

    EVERYDAY CARRY: He doesn't carry much on him aside from his major weapons, but the items include up to 6 throwing knives, 4 vials of miscelanious poisons, 2 potions of resistances, anywhere from 200 to 500 gold pieces, a sharpening set, strong leather twine, and dried meat/animal hide for Kor.

    WEAPONS: He has a pretty full arsenal of weaponry, and has no preference as to which he uses in any given situation as at this point in his life he has virtually mastered all of them. His bow, which he affectionately calls 'Claw", is a classic medium sized bow made of the strong, flexible and now rare Summerset Rosewood, and Elsweyrian Osage wood with a complex horse hair weaved bowstring. It has decorative claws or teeth attached to it's front with leather from the same beast, that Lytahlas replaces semi-often [Here's a look at that]. He carries two separate swords on his person, a short-blade and long sword. The shortsword, is that of royal Breton descent, made with Wrothgarian steel and symbols of ancient royalty. He has masterfully restored the blade, replacing the once decayed handle with smooth cherry wood [here's an idea of that]. His other sword is self created, and one of the first blades he ever forged; it's blade is made from an elven steel without imperfection curved into a long, lithe blade. It's handle is curved mahogany, matching the flow of the blade; it's dimensions makes the long sword as light as any dagger and as deadly as any executioner's sword [here's a look of what that could be]. His last two weapons, are his most prized; his daggers. They are not of the same design, but of the same descent. They were made from a damascus steel he and his father crafted together at a young age, and were formed at the same time. His father's blade a straight blade, styled similar to that of a classic sword, while his own blade is sharpened on one side, curving like his elven sword. His father's handle is the very wood his home was built with, cedar, while his own was made with ebony [here's his father's][and his own].

    MAGIC: None. Rather indifferent on it as well, it's just never served him any purpose, and he's found no need for it in all his years.

    FIGHTING ABILITIES: He's a veritable master of all his weapons, and thus, is capable of using them all to their fullest potential. He's also quite the capable free runner, and easily traverses most types of terrain; whether it be through the canopy of trees, rock faces and cliffs, or city walls and buildings.

    FIGHTING STYLE: He prefers to get things done quickly in most scenarios, and because of this he tends to stay a distance away from his targets, planting arrows in lethal points. If the situation doesn't fit that option, he will quickly switch to whichever sword he deems necessary, or even both. His short blade is usually better against smaller, more nimble opponents while the longer blade is more useful for larger, slower foes. His daggers are usually used for close combat situations and quick assassinations and kills. in the rare cases where he tortures or dissects his victims by customer order or whilst hunting, he'll use them accurately and painfully if need be.

    BEAST FORM: As a wolf, he is pretty unable to choose the target of his attacks and his power. He is, however, in control of his strikes and attacks. Once somebody or something is in his line of "fire" he properly dispatches them in whatever way he deems fit at the time. Whether that means a mauling, or a good mouthful of flesh, varies from person to person.




    -~ Basic ~-

    NAME: Kormuvan "Kor" Auvraeplith

    AGE: 214

    RACE/SPECIES/ORIGIN: Lupislycan - A wolf given lycanthropy (no beast form)

    GENDER: Male

    RELATIONSHIP/FAMILY: Kor's master and agreed Father, is Lytahlas. As Mer/Man are not wolves, the usual canine hierarchy doesn't apply to their relationship, and thus their friendship is based wholey on love, trust and innate and instinctual understanding. This understanding comes from Lytahlas being the giver of Kor's Lycanthropy, and their understanding is as close to telepathic as it can get. While Lytahlas is in his Beast Form, that hierarchy appears, and Kor becomes the Beta to Lytahlas' alpha and pack, and performs as such.

    AFFLICTIONS: Lycanthropy - adds to his lifespan, enhances his intelligence, strength, speed and senses


    -~ Appearance ~-

    HAIR/FUR COLOR: He's a shadowy looking canine, with charcoal colored fur and smokey colored underbelly and spots

    EYE COLOR: Blazing Red

    BODY/BUILD/SIZE: Standing at a tall 4' at the shoulder, and measuring from nose to tail 6'4", this 200 pound monster of a wolf puts most other wolves to shame. Despite his size, his muscles are lean, accurate and powerful. His Body is just as battle-worn and scarred as his master's and this adds a decent amount of intimidation to his form.


    -~ Personality ~-

    TEMPER: Short to medium; his temper fluctuates with that of his master, and due to his natural protective instincts, tends to be slightly more intense

    POSITIVE TRAITS: Loyal, Well Trained, Well Socialized, Well Mannered, Surprisingly Intelligent, Strong, Fast, Protective

    NEGATIVE TRAITS: Intimidating, Misunderstood, Too Inquisitive in Cities and Public, Uncontrolled Instinctively

    LIKES: Lytahlas, Nighttime, Rain, Thunderstorms, Forests, Horker Meat, Mammoth Tendon, Horse Hide, Elk Meat and Bones

    DISLIKES: Strangers, Loud Noises, Giants, Spider blood, Troll blood, Slaughterfish

    FEARS: Slaughterfish, Being alone

    HABITS/QUIRKS: Likes clawing deeply into tree trunks and roots, howling at thunder occasionally, and barking at a butterfly every now and again

    Here's the Original Character Card (Brace yourself :p)

    Name: Lytahlas Auvraeplith

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wood Elf

    Class: Archer/Assassin

    Armor: Custom Leather Armor, Sangartii Armor. Check Reference Pictures.

    Weapons: Orcish Bow & arrows (or hand made bow), 2 Orcish war axes, Glass sword.

    In battle he prefers to stay "high and dry", but when he runs out of arrows (very often), he is fierce in close combat. He is trained in parkour because of his Valenwood origin. On a full moon, or when angered, he will turn into his wolf form, and kill. He has control, but only after the transformation. If he is confronted during, or right after the transformation, he will go on a blood rampage, killing until he is killed.

    Physical Description: 6'2", 185 lbs, dark, long, smooth hair, yellow eyes, well built, one large scar on his face, and a tattoo on his right arm of a wolf. Very hunter/assassin/archer looking. Check Reference Pictures.

    Biography: Born in the forests of Valenwood, and trained by his father. His parents died in a planned forest fire by the imperial legion, which is why he hates them. After his parents death, he constructed his armor and his bow. He traveled to to Skyrim to learn the art of the bow, and wolf, from the Sangartii Elves. On his way there, he found a young wolf pup, who he named Kenon, and trained to be his companion. They traveled to Skyrim, mastered the bow, recieved the wolf blood, and was hired by the dark brotherhood. Now he fights in any war against the Thalmor and Imperial Legion. He likes anyone who respects him and Kenon, and hates the Thalmor and Imperials as much as he.

    Personality: Very serious, and cold. Almost emotionless. Gets angered easily.

    Reference Pictures:

    Kenon: Lytahlas' Wolf:


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