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    ALIAS: The Dragonborn is know as Kroniid to Dragonkind.
    RELIGION: Eifid is devout to Kynareth, Mother of Men.
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Eifid owns Breezehome in Whiterun, as did his wife and children. It is currently abandoned or illegally housed.
    AFFLICTION: Eifid contracted Lycanthropy in the wild and has since learned control. Due to recent torture, his human form has developed the thick facial and body hair and animistic behavior.
    AFFILIATION: He is a low ranked member of the Companions, of which he joined after the demise of Kodlak.
    POLITICAL OPINION: Although the Empire is displeased with the arrangement, it is too fragile to resist the force of the Aldmeri Dominion. There may be a resistance factor in the future. An allied international Empire would benefit all provinces. The Stormcloaks are too preoccupied concentrating on maintaining rage to notice this, or to pay attention to the Dragon threat. Their rebellion will not have a significant long term effect. Either side losing will weaken both and therefore strengthen the invaders, so he will go to great lengths to ensure peace between the conflicting sides.

    He has the typical stocky athletic build of a Nord with a tan to fit a farmer. His body is marred with wind burns and old scars. Due to recent torture, burns from magic and silver lace his skin and especially his ring finger. Thick tawny locks curl around his ears. He has grown a chaotic beard. Thick brows arch over blue eyes.

    • Blocking
    • Light Armor
    • One-Handed
    • Silver Mace
    • Steel Sword
    • Leather Armor
    • Wooden Shield
    • Backpack
    • Healing Salve
    • Dragon Mead Horn
    • Two Water Skins

    FAMILY: Nord mother Morgia deceased and buried in Rorikstead cemetery. Condition of Dunmer father unknown. Imperial wife Ullina and son Mojer.
    PERSONALITY: Eifid possesses a capability for deception and patience unusual for a Nord warrior. Like his kin, he is arrogant, merciless, and passionate. Praise gets to his head. He dislikes quiet companions and does not envy leadership position.

    Eifid was raised by his mother native to the region. They lived on a farm in Rorikstead where she taught him how to farm and familiarize with the land. When the World Eater returned, neither dared believe the rumors nor to leave home. It was when the rumors dwindled and they relaxed that a Dragon came searching for food and territory. It razed the farm to mark its territory but was drawn off by locals. Although both mother and son survived by hiding in the cellar, the stress soon sent Morgia to her grave.

    The concept of the death of others drove Eifid to chase stories of a Dragon. It was on this mad hunt that the Companions in their grief saved his life. They bonded and he promised his sword in exchange for safe harbor and training. It was in Whiterun and at this time that he met his wife and later had their child, who he saw as his promise to protect life incarnated. They lived in a house in Whiterun until it burned down by natural causes and was rebuild as Breezehome.

    Eventually a Companions bounty led him to kill a Dragon at the Western Watchtower before he believed himself prepared. The reactions of people both witnesses and strangers varied: in fear, praise, or threat. All demanded petty tasks for petty favors, of which he refused in his naive believe that he did not need the support of the people. He instead set straight to the Throat of the World to answer the call of the Graybeards who had summoned him. Here his path was forged in honor of Kynareth, and Eifid was tasked with removing the Dragon threat by word or sword in order to return the world to the peace that he craved.

    He studied under the guidance of the Graybeards and at the College of Winterhold, and learned new Words of Power. During this period, he had also contracted Lycanthropy, and before recent events had learned how to control his Inner Beast. He eventually trapped a Dragon, to whom he spoke in length in its Tongue until he loosed it free and was flown to the Dragon infested fane of Skuldafn. He walked alone into the portal to Sovngarde with the fear of failure, death, and an eternity in the Hunting Grounds.

    Fog at firs clouded his vision. He was blind and trapped, dumb under the keen eye of his target. When it cleared and he was passed into the Hall where he joined with Ancient Nords of legend, he combined his skill and knowledge of the Render Dragon Shout with that of those who had once created it. Together they made Alduin the World Eater taste of Morality. However, when its body and soul vanished without trace, both Eifid and spirits were concerned. He feared that he was a False Dragonborn. After returning to Nirn he spent months in council with Parthuurnax.

    When he returned home to see his loved ones, Eifid instead found a hollow house and a threat from the Thalmor. The influence of the Imperial Empire in Whiterun had allowed the invaders to march in and out with little disturbance. Eifid traveled to Northwatch Keep and put himself in their care, his cooperation in exchange for the safety of his beloved. But they lied. The Interrogator seemed interested in his role as Dragonborn. They brought his wife and son in at times. The three linked by blood remain here, although details regarding their disappearance and whereabouts have begun to leak out through rumor.

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    Name: Julandros
    Aliasas: Jul
    Race: Argonian
    Stone: Warrior
    Class:An-Xileel Warrior
    Major Skills: One Handed, Sneak, Block, and Light Armor
    Minor Skills: Smiting and Archery
    Weapons: Mace, Shield, and Bow
    Age: 19

    Likes: Fighting Thalmor
    An An-Xileel Warrior is the combination of the stealth and ambushing power of the Argonian marshland guerrilla tactics alongside the power and stamina that the Argonians possess due to the Hist's Blessing. They can handle themselves in a fight against most enemies, from Thalmor to Imperials they smash head and armor alike, crushing enemies beneath their mace and shield. On the other hand should they find their enemy unawares they utilize stealth to prepare an ambush or a sneaky attack in order to start the fight on their own terms.

    However they are not durable to face an army alone. Best found in small squads these warriors can take any force down with a combination of surprise, arrows, and speedy assaults. Therefore they are tactical and dexterous, not so brutish as Nords, nor Red-guards, these Argonians use more brain then brawn in their ambushes.

    Personality: Unlike most of the Xileel Warriors Jul is young and inexperienced. He has trouble taking things to seriously and is considered and out cast from his people.
    Name: Spread Eagle


    Race: Nord

    Class: Ranger

    Morals: Attempted righteousness although easily keyed to violence at anything she can twist into honorable. Also will do most anything to get a few septims, including theft, assassinations, and occasionally lewd behavior.

    Appearance: 5'9 lightly muscled yet very feminine, long blonde hair with scattered small braids. Light piercing blue eyes surrounded by dark eyeliner and fair skin. Her face bears no scars nor war paint.

    Attire: Her long blonde hair is often covered by a nightingale hood if out in the wilderness or a place of unfamiliar people. Usually wearing full nightingale attire save for the occasional night of socializing in tavern clothes and tall boots.

    Skills: Stealth, Hunting, Horseback Riding, Archery

    Weapons: Nightingale Bow accompanied by ebony arrows, an ebony sword, and a silver dagger stuck in her boot.

    Likes: Wine, mead, hunting, riding horses, werewolves, taverns, fighting, the empire, septims and killing

    Dislikes: Bards, Vampires(save Serana), Thalmor, skeevers, Orcs, Falmer

    Brief History: Born and raised in Riverwood hunting game, excelling in archery and daggers. That is until she turned 18 she was sent to the college of winterhold. Which she soon ran away from retaining only minimal knowledge in alteration. In a rebellious phase she hunted game across skyrim finally reaching the town of Riften. Falling in with the thieves guild for a while as the recruited her for her light feet and stealth. Rising through the ranks she was then accepted into the nightingales of which she still worships Nocturnal. Here she honed her stealth. Then came the civil war, she offered her allegiance to the empire as a scout. Although she soon started conventional frontal attacks with her archery skills, and picked off officers from afar. After eventually squashing the main force of stormcloaks she still lusted for the kill. Hunting only partially satisfied her blood lust after the war. So she accepted induction to the Dark Brotherhood, occasionally excepting contracts between hunting and exploring.

    Kinda new to this so be gentle but I feel this represents my character well.


    Werewolf Queen of Skyrim
    Name: Kivuli

    Nicknames: Kiv
    Birth name: Kivuli Careesareeth

    Race: 75% Khajiit, 25% Argonian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Laterality: Ambidextrous, but slightly leans more into Left


    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Dark grey base, lighter grey muzzle/belly/paws, black band running up one side of neck, across eyes and nose bridge, and down other side of neck

    Eyes: Bright electric blue

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: Solid black hair, pale yellow tiny horns

    Hair Style/Feathers: Tailbone-long, obscuring left half of face. Half of it is pulled back in two gold bangles on top, with the bottom layer flat against back.

    Build: Lean and lithe, meant for quick fast attacks

    Scars: 5-claw up left eye, rendering it sightless.

    Tattoos: Large one of Hircine's symbol on her back

    Piercings: One gold hoop in each ear and two amethyst studs in each ear



    Fancy Wear: Blue Fine Clothes, Gold-Emerald Circlet

    Casual Wear
    Kiv 2 (Season 2).png (Outdated, missing scar on face.)

    Armor: Dark Brotherhood mage set with mask (on duty as Listener), Stormcloak General's set (on duty as a Stormcloak),


    Weapons: Lunar Chaos Dagger (Ebony Dagger with the Chaos Damage and Silent Moons enchantment)
    Magic High in Conjuration, specifically Necromancy and Bound Dagger. Secondary in Illusion (Favorites being Invisibility and the Fear line of spells)

    Other: Loaded on maps, lockpicks, potions and poisons. Particularly of the Jarrin Root base.


    Personality: When out in public, be it with her mother or just alone, she's very socially awkward. While she's willing to partake in a social situation or conversation, she gets incredibly nervous when the spotlight is on herself and not on another.
    When on the job, that all fades to make room for a more analytical, coldhearted, and quiet persona. One built to be a murderer, as needed of her.

    Fighting Style: Hit and Run, while being flanked by numerous undead fodder to shield her from attacks. Combo's this often with the Fear spells to make the foe more prone to making mistakes or just flat out blindly running into a herd of awaiting undead. Often combos with her Thrall, an undead Alfiq Khajiit named Pandora.

    - Often seen standing with one foot held behind the other, sometimes tapping that held foot against the ground if she's nervous
    - Not directly meeting people in the eyes when talking to them.
    - Reanimating undead nearby to scare friends and folks, especially on All Hallow's Eve.

    Voice: ElieMonty (The Moon Rises animation's vocals, specifically. Has the same 'changing voice' talent ElieMonty has)

    - Exploring (Especially underwater)
    - Helping Others
    - Hunting- Wealth, to an extent
    - Sabretooth Tigers
    - The glowing algae above the buildings of Blackreach
    - Her zombie cat, Pandora
    - Lycans

    - Imperials
    - Altmer
    - Aldmeri Dominion
    - Vampires (Can be civil, but only a few she'll actually befriend.)
    - Lycan hunters

    Affiliations: Dark Brotherhood, Stormcloaks

    - Zira
    - Failure
    - Lycan hunters and haters
    - Abandonment/rejection

    Properties: Dawnstar Sanctuary, Falkreath Sanctuary, Vlindrel Hall (Markarth)

    Job: Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, General of the Stormcloaks

    Combat Skills: One-Handed and Conjuration take top spots, with Alchemy, Lockpicking, and Sneak a close second.

    - Physical Combat: She is, as the term would be, a 'squishy wizard'. She can't tank hits. Once you land a solid hit, you have her.
    - Breathing: Due to her Argonian heritage, she has almost asthmatic-like wheezing when on land on frequent occasions, while having no trouble breathing underwater. Wears a lower-half-face mask with a water scuba apparatus for such instances.

    - She tends to shift when sufficiently stressed out, or her adrenaline is pumping enough.


    Daughter to Zira Careesareeth, the Jarl of Markarth (If permitted), Kivuli grew up in high royalty and dark caves at the same time. As odd as that sounds. She was raised from birth to not only be the next Jarl, but to also command the Dark Brotherhood. On top of this, her entire family line has been (Some would say) plagued with lycanthropy for generations. Though, she doesn't see much of her childhood or conditions as 'bad', just either blessings or minor inconveniences. She's often the face of Markarth to the other Jarls and the public, since her mother is usually buisy running the day to days of a large dwemer city repurposed into a hiding sanctuary for those discriminated against by Altmer and Nord alike. Over the years due to her family's influence and riches, it's been mostly rebuilt from its state as a Dwemer ruin.

    Extra: Her dagger was a gift from her mother upon making Listener status in the Dark Brotherhood.

    Text Color

    (This is pretty much my PC from my copy of the Skyrim game. I tried to make her less OP than she is in my game. xP)
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    Name: Aust Amastacia
    Race: Altmer "High Elf"
    Age: 188 Winters Old

    Aust has the build of an average high elf. Standing approximately 5'8" tall while his slender yet graceful build only weighs roughly 112lb. He is commonly nicknamed as a walking bronze ingot because of the fact that his skin is like the color of bronze. Other times in the sun's warmth its almost like his bronze skin turns golden as his sign of getting sunburnt. Which just makes his skin look more bronze yet dull during the night. The elf's shoulder length hair is golden blonde that highlights his face even more. Strangely though his eyes represent the color of the moon as they appear to be silver. With his face shaped more angular, he could easily pass off to be a Thalmor if he wished to be.

    One can probably assume that Aust is this haughty and reclusive to himself. Believing in himself to be far superior to non-elves and even other elves. However, this is not true on Aust's behalf. While yes he does have the vibe that Thalmor emits when he enters the room. Yet he's anything but like the Thalmor. Similar to the Bosmer's attitude, Aust is still reclusive to himself and also a bit distrusting with anyone in general. However once he gets to know that individual better as the roots of trust dig deep into the soil, Aust turns out to be a really caring guy and very rarely does he ever betray his loyalty to those he calls friends.

    Remember those people that has done stuff such as becoming an entity of evil in order to either protect or avenge someone's death? Well in Aust's case he's done that before and most likely won't hesitate to use that method again. Its not that he's evil or wants to be evil. Aust just has the tendency to utilize the forces of darkness in order to drive whatever he deems as a threat to either perish before him or get lucky enough to escape. Even if he has to become a Vampire Lord to accomplish his goals; Aust will find a way to complete his task. He always has completed his tasks and has always found a way to do it.

    Conjuration ~ Grandmaster
    Restoration ~ Adept
    Destruction ~ Expert
    Alteration ~ Adept
    Illusion ~ Expert
    Enchantment ~ Master
    Alchemy ~ Expert
    Smithing ~ Apprentice
    One Handed ~ Expert
    Two Handed ~ Novice
    Blocking ~ Expert
    Light Armor ~ Expert
    Archery ~ Expert
    Sneaking ~ Adept
    Pickpocketing ~ Novice
    Speech ~ Novice

    Mun ~ An ancient Nordic sword that has been powerfully enchanted with the Silent Moon Enchantment. Meaning that while the moon is out, this sword deals additionally burning damage.

    Circlet ~ This gold band that has a flawless garnet implanted onto the circlet rests gently yet almost firmly on Aust's brow. All of his destruction magic gets reduced cost by 15%.

    Falmer Sword
    Falmer Bow

    Elven Armor
    Elven Gauntlets
    Elven Boot

    Name: Mirri Oakthorn
    Gender: Female
    Species: Bosmer, "Wood Elf"
    Age: 100
    Allegiance: None. She doesn't care for the Empire or the Stormcloaks, and is a bit annoyed at the high and mighty attitude of most Thalmor.

    Archery, climbing, horse riding, learning about lycanthropy

    Being caged in, vegetables (the Green Pact is still deeply engraved in her habits), being told what to do, bandits.

    Mirri is, like most Bosmer, very lean and slight of build, which enables her to be quick and light on her feet. She is muscular enough to properly wield a bow, which is no easy effort. She has light bronze skin, with dark eyes and light brown hair, which is pulled back into a short ponytail to keep it out of her eyes.

    Mirri has adopted her kin's detached and isolated attitude, but also the amiable one. It takes a lot to annoy her, and her anger can last for a long time if ignited. She's independent of most of the world's worries- she has very personal reasons for being in Skyrim, after all, and her dedication and pride doesn't allow her to stray.

    Her parents and younger sister both still live in Valenwood, and due to Skyrim being Imperial territory, it's a bit hard to contact them. Her grandfather and grandfather both died in the last Wild Hunt, which drives her passion to trying to find a solution.

    She's rather indifferent to what is 'right' and 'wrong'. If it benifits her or those she loves, then she will do it.

    Archery - Master
    Sneaking - Expert
    Light Armour - Adept
    One-Handed - Adept
    Speech - Novice
    Smithing - Novice

    Leather armour, eleven bow, elven arrows, and a steel sword for close fighting.

    Mirri was born in Silvenar, one of the more famous settlements in Valenwood. She was taught to shoot and stalk from the moment she was able to shoot and stalk, and spent much of her time outside, practicing with her bow and hunting small game before moving onto larger ones.

    She was always a curious girl, and researched everything thoroughly. So, when she was told about the Wild Hunt, she made it her mission to learn more about it. First, the studying was for fun, and then the weight of the situation hit her, as well as the opportunity.

    If the Bosmer could learn to control it, they could have a wildcard if it was necessary to fight. So, after her day outside with some other children aiming to become hunters or Thalmor archers, she researched other shifters who had learnt how to control it.

    When she learnt about a group of werewolves - or a rumor of one, more honestly - in Skyrim, she instantly made plans to set off for the cold, harsh land. Now, she's there, and the rest is where the present begins.

    She's not particularly affiliated with religion, but low-key worships the Daedric Prince Hircine, who is the closest to both her interests and her goal.


    OG Forum member
    Name: Vlad the impaler

    Sex: Male

    Orientation: Pure Evil

    Sexuality: Straight

    Laterality: Both hands

    Weapons: 2x Scimtars, Imperial bow, quiver full of steel arrows

    Race: White/unknown

    Age: 656, but appears 30

    Dislikes: Altmer (Aldmeri dominion), Imperial legion, Stormcloaks, The High king, the Emperor.

    Appearance: Long black hair, coming to his shoulders.
    A mustache on his upper lip. Blood red eyes. Wears high polished steel chainmail armour enchanted with sneak, enchanted steel chainmail boots for sneak, and chainmail gauntlets enchanted with sneak (entire armour is ebony chainmail but is made from high polished steel). He stands at 6 foot tall and has an athletic build.

    In the year of his birth, Vlad's father traveled to Skyrim, where he was then vested into the Order of the Dragon, a fellowship of knights sworn to defend Vampirisim against the encroaching Dawngaurd. He was educated in geography, alchemy, destruction magic and combat, and worshipped and served Molag Bal. After decades of war between the order and the Dawnguard, the order had been slatughtered by the Dawnguard. He feld but was later imprisoned by Redguards, however once he broke out he went to a forest not far from a village that was relatively close to the Dawnguard's fortress and In one night he single handedly cut down every tree and fashoned each of them into steaks. The next morning the Dawnguard had found out about his escape from the Reguard and had sent their army out to find him, however they found that an entire village had been impaled and raised in the air by these steaks, They were so frightened by what had happened that they retreated and the Dawnguard had became disbanded within a decade; as a result he was awared immortality when Molag Bal had spoken to him in a dream. His name was passed from mouth to mouth throughout Tamriel and he bacame known as Vlad the impailer. Everyone knows about him He was the most wanted in the continent for 210 years, until a lookalike was killed.

    Current life:
    He spends his time feeding, selling artifacts and illegal goods, assasination contracts. He has become a ledgend and rumours are that he is still alive, the Dawngaurd order is being bought back after the Volkihar Clan has been getting stronger and stronger. He aids them and remains a close friend to Lord Harkon, and has connections to the Dark brotherhood.

    Myths that are belived by people about Vlad:

    -He's so old that he knew the nightmother personally
    -He has been the mastermind behind the assassination of every emperor and high king
    -His remains are inside of Castle Volkihar
    -Ysgamor himself stuck Vlad's head on a steak outside of the Jorrvaskr
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    Name: Micah
    Race: Nord
    Class: Assassin
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Buzz cut light brown hair with blue eyes. 6'0 185 pounds
    Personality: He is kind to most everyone. Dislikes the Dominion and Dark brotherhood and will do anything he can to fight or avoid them
    Misc: Uses one short sword. Not by any means a warrior but fights quick with amazing sword skills. Sticks to the shadows and capable of taking down many enemies at a time

    Hercules of Hegathe

    Son of Hammerfell, King of Solitude.
    Name: Hercules of Hegathe

    Race: Redguard Arch-Mage

    Class: Necromancer

    Level: 54

    Gender: Male

    Spouse: Adelaisa Vendicci <3, Sylgja ( deceased ), Ria ( deceased )

    Current follower: Serana

    Political status: Refugee, accused of necromancy, sentenced to death by beheading.

    Looks: Negroid skin tone, usually a beard, baldhead with face tattoo.

    Personality: Righteous but deadly, history of anger issues.

    Misc: Conjurer of flame atronachs, eventually killed Paarthunax after I ended Alduin so I could be with my Blades crew that exists of Mjoll, Brelyna, Uthgerd and Esbern, turned into a werewolf once but cured myself, forcely turned into a vampire twice but cured myself without being contaminated ever since and now I'm once again a vampire Lord but just to save Serana and eventually cure her vampirism.

    Perks: Destruction lvl 100, Enchanting 100, Lockpicking lvl 99,

    Likes: Alchemy, enchanting, smithing and trading.

    Dislikes: Gargoyles and arrows to the knee.
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    Argonian Foreigner
    Name: Britton (Argonian nickname: Braitonno)

    Race: Argonian

    Class: Jack of All Trades, Master of None. He's good in all fields, but isn't perfect in any of them. To be comedic, he's a 1H-2H Warrior Archer Mage.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Looks: Green-teal scales, blue feather hair, two horns on his head that point back. 5'10. Blue eyes with slit pupils.

    Armor: Steel Plate Armor (because I don't want to use Daedric in RPs) including Shield

    Weapons: Sword, War Axe, Mace, Greatsword, Battleaxe, Warhammer, Bow (all Nordic, because I don't want to use Dragonbone in RPs). Swords for unarmored opponents, Axes for light armored opponent, Mace/Warhammer for heavy armored opponents. Knows some spells, but anything above Apprentice level, he needs time to use.

    Biography: Lived a normal life. His parents liked using foreign names, so his people thought his name was special and meaningful. Britton is actually just a name meaning "from the south". His normal life changed when he came to Skyrim. His parents were almost killed by a group of Windhelm people (because they're racist to anyone who isn't a Nord, especially Dunmer and Argonians). Just as all seemed hopeless, a group of healers, consisted of one member of each race, came upon him. With intense care and magic, they were able to save his parents. Inspired, he set out on adventure when he came of age, hoping to make his own group with at least one of each race and an equal gender ratio.

    Personality: He's cheerful, nice, loves small animals (and some big ones), and he enjoys the company of others. He's gay, and in love with another Argonian (that Argonian being Derkeethus). However, he becomes violent and blinded by rage at a simple racist remark (yes, even something as small as "lizard"). He tries to make things fair for his opponents, so he barely bothers with dodging or blocking.

    Misc: He has a 50/50 chance of winning or losing battles, despite being talented in various things.

    (I'm hoping he's not a Gary Stu, because I play Skyrim with mods and I just based him off of my default playstyle.)


    Princess of Hyrule
    Eilonwy Character Card



    Name: Eilonwy [Ay-Lon-Wee]

    Nicknames: Elie [El-ee]

    Birth name: Eilonwy Lorethus

    Race: Altmer

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Laterality: Right-Handed


    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Pale gold

    Eyes: Pale Yellow

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: Golden Blonde

    Hair Style/Feathers: Curly Semi-Long

    Build: Short for an Altmer; thin, slightly curvy. Very little muscle.

    Scars: Burn scars on her arms and legs from magic practice as a child.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Other: Icy blue markings around her eyes that travel down her cheeks


    Constant Wear: Blue mage robes with magicka enchantments, boots, Mage's Circlet, various enchanted rings, and enchanted necklace.

    Casual Wear: A casual button-up blue long sleeve, dark brown pants, darker brown boots, various enchanted rings, enchanted necklace, and Mage's Circlet.

    Armor: In battle, she usually wears her robes, which have no armor. However, if needed, she does have Elven Light Armor.


    Weapons: Ebony One-Handed Sword and Dwarven Bow with Dwarven Arrows

    Magic: Magic is her forte. She knows at least three spells from each school; however, she is most knowledgeable in the schools of destruction and restoration. She is still continuing to learn more through the College of Winterhold.

    Other: She is always carrying lockpicks, scrolls, a small painting of her family with their signatures on the back, and some book she is reading.


    Personality: At a first meeting, many will assume she is cold and apathetic; as her usual outward body language portrays, of course. This is false, and the moment one may speak with the high elf, one will see that she is kind and intellectual. She is a very gentle woman, unless provoked, and is willing to lend a hand if one is worthy. Her heart and mind often quarrel, as she is bound between logic and morals. As a very stubborn and independent young woman, she is difficult to lend aid to. When in battle with a foe, she will not hold back as her cold and logical thoughts do erupt. Overall, she is a kind-hearted and intelligent young woman.

    Fighting Style: Stating the obvious, she is a fine user of the arcane arts. She demonstrates this in battle, by using a variety of magic within both of her hands. Her strongest suit is between the range of 'not-too-far-away' and 'not-to-close', if one were to joke about the distance. There, her magic can reach the enemy while herself being a safe distance away. When closer enemies appear, she will often double up with destruction spells in one hand and a sword in the other. For long range and out-of-sight battles, she will use her bow. She tends to sneak and observe the enemy, trying to locate types of weapons, the type of enemy, and the terrain. It is then she can decide what spells to use.

    Habits: On free time, she often is found reading a book. She also runs her fingers through her hair while deep in thought. Oddly, she crosses her legs while casually standing.

    Voice: Daenarys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

    -The College of Winterhold
    -Reading and Researching
    -Sweet Rolls
    -Dwemer Machines

    -Nords who blame the college for their woes, or despise the arcane arts
    -Snobby High Elves; AKA, the Thalmor


    Affiliations: A student at The College of Winterhold

    -War that interferes with the Innocent
    -Markarth; The place bothers her for the dark undertones.

    She owns a small home in Dawnstar [About the size of the Breezehome in Whiterun, except it has an enchanting table extra, and the bottom floor front room is a shop.] She also has a dorm in the College of Winterhold

    Most who know her already know she is a student at the college; however, she does not teach spells or give training. She believes that if she makes one mistake of teaching the wrong person, they could use magic for evil. Instead, she makes and sells potions in her shop.

    Combat Skills:
    She is most skilled in Magic, of course. She tries her best to be stealthy, and attack quickly with magic. Simple. She is fairly good with a sword as well, but sometimes misses with a bow. She is very lacking in two-handed weapons, and when often confronted with an enemy who has one, she can struggle. This is the same for those why carry a shield, or in general have heavy armor.

    Other: She's a bit of a goody-two-shoes; so pick-pocketing and murdering/assassinations, aren't her thing. Despite this, she steals; more often than one would think. It simply depends on the situation, who the person is, and where she is. Picking locks to get into chests and doors happens quite often. However, if caught, she is always willing to pay and apologizes. One place she will never steal from is the college; she respects that place with very soul.


    Eilonwy was born in Summerset Isle, where the high population of the Altmer dwells. She was a curious child, always trying to soak up anything she could learn. Her younger brother was born at her age of three, and at the young age of 11, her mother died due to illness. Her and her brother got along far more than most siblings, and they often practiced magic with one another. When Eilonwy turned 14 and her brother 11, her father took them on a trip to Skyrim. Little did she know, her father was part of the Thalmor. When in a meeting, Eilonwy and her brother sneaked around to eavesdrop, and finally heard the awfully racist and horrible things her father had done and spoken of.

    When back at home, she confronted her father of being Thalmor. He simply laughed and ruffled her hair, stating how she and her brother would be too, someday. To his ignorance, Eilonwy was disgusted by this; and to her ignorance, her brother wanted to follow in his father's path. The confrontation grew into a heated and violent dispute between Eilonwy and her father, to which her brother took her father's side.

    That night, Eilonwy took her belongings, or at least what she could carry, along with the small portrait of her family with their signatures on the back, and left. She boarded a ship and left Summerset Isle. She traveled far across Tamriel, searching for a place to live where she could be accepted. Finally, from a kind old woman, she heard of the College of Winterhold. It took her months to get there, but once she did, she was quick to show her abilities in the arcane arts, which impressed many, and she was accepted.

    There, she began her studies, and her health rose thanks to the comforts of the dorms. The Arch-Mage was very welcoming of her, and Tolfdir treated her like an adopted daughter. As she began to be more worthy in her potion-making skills, she ended up selling some of her potions to the students. By suggestion of Tolfdir, as long as she was safe and cautious, she could travel and sell potions. She ended up making a lot of money, and was able to purchase a property. At first, she wanted to buy a home in Winterhold, but there were none for sale that weren't destroyed. The closest place to the college was Dawnstar, which did have a property for sale. She ended up buying a home and making the large bottom floor room a shop. She travels back and forth between the home and the college, making a profit and researching.


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    Name:Varick Ironbore
    Race: Nord
    Class: Warrior
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Long straight black hair, 6'2, caucasian,images.jpg
    Personality: Quiet and to himself , he has lived most his life alone, due to his family being killed in a raid at a early age,despises the Empire . extremely loyal to people he has deemed true friends.
    Misc: Likes using a sword in one hand and one hand open for casting a small amount of spells like the beginning spells of the destruction family. Next to no money as he does not need it.


    Princess of Hyrule

    Name: Valencia

    Nicknames: Valencia the Brave and Val
    Birth name: Valencia Ildrose

    Race: 75% Nord and 25% Breton

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Laterality: Right Handed


    Skin/Scale/Fur Color: Fair

    Eyes: Light Blue

    Hair Color/Horns/Ears: White

    Hair Style/Feathers: Wavy Short

    Build: Slim with Feminine Muscles

    Scars: One cut across chest, one burn on upper left arm, and one cut on right leg.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None



    Constant Wear: Her clothes are to keep her protected; thus, she wears thick apparel as well as armor. She is always seen with her blue scarf, no matter the weather. Skyrim is usually cold anyways.

    Casual Wear: Her protective clothes and armor, of course. She never knows what could happen upon any day, and is always willing to be ready for anything. Again, her trusty blue scarf.

    Armor: Her armor is always the same; an entirely handcrafted light armor set that has the stats of heavy armor. It is designed with various small details of leaves, referring to her gentle nature she showed during her epic battle. Also, her blue scarf.


    Weapons: She will always carry her favorite one-handed sword and shield wherever she travels. Her sword is the Royal Sword of Wayrest, and her Shield is the Royal Shield of Wayrest. They were forged with some of the strongest of materials in Tamriel, and rumor has it that when necessary, secret enchantments may come from them. She carries a few other weapons, including a dagger and bow.

    Magic (If applicable): While she is not knowledgeable on most magic, she is extremely skilled in restoration. She considers it one of her stronger suits as well, which is rare for a warrior-like person. She even dubbed it 'her life saver' in a speech. She also knows a great amount of destruction, which is for when she is stripped of her primary weapons in dangerous situations. She is also working on, and currently knows a few words, of the Thu'um.

    Other: She carries a lot of potions, lockpicks, food, and maps.


    Personality: As any hero would be, she is courageous, wise, kind, honorable, and generous. Despite being a woman who has murdered others in battles across vast lands, she is generally very sweet and surprisingly innocent in nature. Her innocence is not to be confused with ignorance, as she knows how evil the world truly is. For her, she radiates a pure heart that tries to bring peace and joy to others; hence the reason why she seems so innocent. She is a very patient and wise woman, and her generosity to help others extends farther than what many can possibly do. Her courage and honor spreads throughout every land she walks upon, hoping to find peace in a world that worships evil and commits such sins.

    Fighting Style: Sword and shield come first to her; of course, after her analysis of the situation and environment, of course. Then of course, healing and destruction magic if needed. Her skills with a bow are also great for long-distance.

    - Because of her backstory with royalty and knighthood, she is very polite when interacting with others, even when they are rude to her. She also has a great posture and table manners.
    - She often organizes things, sometimes unintentionally.
    - Counting her coins. She never does this in public, but mostly in her home. She is very self-aware of finances, and wants to make sure she can have a happy life if she somehow cannot return to Wayrest to an unforeseen factor.

    Voice: Emma Watson

    - Exploring
    - Helping Others
    - Dresses
    - Wealth, to an extent
    - Rabbits
    - The Sky, both day and night
    - Learning new things

    - Evil
    - The Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, Bandits, Vampires, Werewolves, Hagravens, Necromancers, Thalmor, and Multiple other 'evil' groups of people.
    - Death
    - Poverty
    - Illness/Injury
    - Arrogance
    - Carelessness


    Affiliations: A knight of the Knights of the Rose in Wayrest, High Rock.

    - Surprisingly, death. But she will not let that get in the way of helping others.
    - Failure
    - Her love, surprising as well, and she keeps it a secret.
    - Permanent injury; same with death, she does not let the fear get in the way.

    Properties: She owns a property in Whiterun

    Job: Knight, Mercenary, and Trader. Healing can be considered, but she doesn't dare ask for payment of such.

    Combat Skills: Her combat skills are beyond most. With high stamina, health, and magicka, her combat is spread overall with skill. However, her strongest skills are with a sword and healing.

    - She is secretly disconnected on the affection of love. She prays to Mara, hoping someday she will understand. She wishes to find someone to be her partner, but she desires no children or intercourse. She refuses to say why, and usually ends up pushing away any feelings due to her lost thoughts.
    - She is not a fan of alcohol, and jokingly calls it "brain poison". Despite this, if one manages to get her drunk, she becomes very flirtatious, immature, rebellious, and careless; everything opposite to her. The next day while ill, she will mourn over her actions and apologize constantly.


    Born with a healthy baby girl, the parents of Valencia were surprised to see the white hair she possessed. Despite having white hair, they were not concerned, as it was not tinted grey, and she was overall very healthy. She grew up a curious child, wandering the halls of the Wayrest castle. Her father was a respectable and one of the highest ranked knights at the time. Thus, to protect inside the castle itself, Delvon Ildrose was allowed to live within it. The King and Queen were delighted to have another child roaming the halls with their own son, often playing together.

    As she grew up, she was taught benevolence and chivalry when in the presence of royalty, to which she became accustomed to both acting like a royal and acting like a knightly guard. Her mother, despite being fully Nordic, taught her daughter the arcane arts, while her knightly father, Breton and Nordic, taught her the ways of the knight. She lived a very happy life, and became very popular among others who visited the castle with her bright personality; enough to where she was mistaken to be a princess.

    The years passed, and she grew more mature. Valencia was often found healing the injured knights and guards, talking with civilians, tending to the gardens, training, and reading. While she was never a royal herself, she couldn't help but love the beauty and responsibility it had. The wealth, the responsibility, the changes she could make to the world for the greater good; she wanted it. However, she knew very well it was never in her grasp, and began to take a similar path of career as her father.

    More years passed, and as her princely friend grew as well, she managed to form a fondness of the young man. She very often pushed away anything to do with such emotions, as he was a childhood best friend. She did manage to invite him to a dinner with just the two of them, and he did except. Despite this, nothing else came out of it but the continuation of their friendship. This, she did not mind at all.

    As her training years passed, she finally became a knight of the Knights of the Rose. Her father was honored to have his daughter follow in his footsteps, and at such a young age. Two years passed after her acceptance, and an ordeal faced the kingdom greatly. An evil man, the name of Fanandar the Strong, stormed the castle with his group of rouges, attempting to murder the royal family to take the throne.

    The Knights of the Rose took their stands, and began to battle. While all of this was occurring, the King and Queen were taken into protection in a separate room. In the chaos, their son was lost in the castle. Sprinting frantically, Valencia left to find the prince. She made it the throne room, to which he was hiding in. Not a second later, did Fanandar the Strong bust through the doors, sword in hand, ready for battle. With no one else around, Valencia stood in front of prince Rodeyval drawing her sword to Fanandar.

    The battle was grueling and tough, but her skill in healing managed to save her from massive injury. With each slice, she grew closer and closer to finishing him. Finally, after a long and damaging battle, Valencia managed to stab him through the chest, killing the rebellious leader. She managed to heal herself until others arrived, Fanandar the Strong dead with the prince alive. She was quickly healed by others, and praised for her courage from the royal family.

    While the surprise rebellion was deadly, it was far from a war or large uprising. Despite this, Valencia was awarded with the Royal Sword, Royal Shield, and a lifetime to stay in the castle. The blue-eyed young woman couldn't be happier that she helped protect those she cared about.

    Not many years later had Valencia decided she wanted to go exploring, and spread kindness and peace throughout Tamriel. Her main target was for Skyrim. She desired to meet with the Grey Beards, learn the language of the Thu'um, and learn more about her Nordic culture that most of her heritage was from. She was given a hearty goodbye, told that she would forever be a Knight of the Rose, before she left for Skyrim.

    In time, she managed to learn a few words of the Thu'um, and decided to stay in Skyrim for a few more years to learn more from the Greybeards. She was also tragically grief-stricken by Skyrim's awful politics and violence, to which she hoped to solve as well. She ended up buying a property in Whiterun, that way her location was central to Skyrim, and her travels would be less drastic. She also began trading with many, as her adventures lead to many items of finding, and Whiterun was the trading central of Skyrim.

    For now, she also offers mercenary work, and still considers herself a knight, and trades, to earn money. She still has many riches from her duty in Wayrest. She also volunteers to heal the sick and injured while traveling, never asking for coin in return. Again, her main goal is to spread peace and kindness throughout Tamriel.

    Extra: Her blue scarf is from her childhood friend, Rodeyval. He made it himself and gave it to her for saving his life.

    Withering Fang

    Hope Begins in the Dark

    Name: Alavun Denox
    Alias: Feroxus
    Occupation: Hunter, Traveler, and Beast Tamer
    Race: Half Breed Dunmer and Bosmer
    Age: 34
    Brief Description:
    At first glance most would see just another Dunmer, pale grey skin, permanent scowl, and somewhat length. But of course they would miss the fact that he was covered in very old elven markings, Bosmer made weaponry, furs and clothes made from the animals, and other beasts he hunted that covered his very scarred and marred body. Although none truly learn of the red eyed long white haired half breed, most know him as Feroxus, making his living off the land Feroxus will only stay in a town for a month at most before traveling, and when he speaks it is usually very cold and blunt. Standing at about 5'10 he wields a black bow of elven make, a Nordic sword, and a pair of daggers to match the larger blade.

    Personality: Feroxus is a loner, not by choice, but by the life he has lived, born in Morrowind, once he became of sufficient age, he ran away from an abusive home, and found himself in the Black Marsh where he made his living hunting animals, and men. Feroxus usually will eat his meals away from others, outside of taverns, or in the corner of the room if the elements prove to be too harsh. Although he can be rather accustomed to isolation, he occasionally will try to strike up conversation. He does have a pet wolf, that he keeps on a leash...in town at least.

    Magic: Feroxus tends to stick toward the magics of Nature, growing things if he can, or using fire as the most extremes of things. Although he can use magic to coercere animals to his will, he would rather do it the old fashion way. Aside from that he can do minor restoration magics.

    Gear and Weapons:
    • His casual attire is mostly just light furs, aside from that he will occasionally wear a pair of black pants, with black leather boots, and red shirt.
    • His hunting gear is usually furs ranging from black and white, he only wears this if he traveling through the cold forests or rainy climates.
    • Aside from those he usually wears light armors with some metal pieces here and there, and underneath the armor it is usually light clothes.
    • He carries a black bow of elven bow named "The Song of Ventrus", a pair of nordic daggers, and a Nordic Sword that he named "Wolf's Bane."
    Combat Styles:
    Feroxus enjoys using his bow to rain down hell upon his enemies from afar. But if they get to close he tends to quickly dispatch them with his blades, via very acrobatic movements and attacks. If all else fails he uses a combination of magic and his long blade to fell the enemy.

    Trekking, and tracking people, animals, and monsters.
    Surviving if need be, camping, fishing, hunting, and living off the land.
    Wild Magic (nature/druidic magic) Destruction magic (Fairly well trained with Fire Spells, and Lightning spells) and Restoration (Healing himself, curing himself, and healing others)
    Rather good with blades, and bows.
    Communing with beasts, and making hide, leather, and fur armors.

    • Animals
    • Nature
    • Women (All but Nordic Women)
    • Music
    • Werewolves (Really thinks they are interesting)
    • People that are open minded
    • Helping out children
    • Racism
    • Trolls
    • Vampires
    • Any followers of Molag Bol, Merhunes Dagon, and those two Daedra Princes themselves.
    • Spiders
    Brief History:
    Feroxus was raised in an abusive home, and once he was about fourteen he set out to make a living for himself out of Morrowind; his father being some sort of minor magister of sorts, Feroxus was not one for the harsh life lessons that his father attempted to burn into his soul. Just before leaving he was approached by one of his father's assistants with a small handful of letters from Feroxus' mother. Heading to Valenwood, Feroxus would find his mother after about a year of doing odd jobs in Cyrodiil and the Black Marsh. Upon arriving his mother gave him the warmest of welcomes and teached him the ways of being a hunter and a protector of nature.

    Once reaching about twenty years old his father found them, sending a handful of abductors both of them were taken to Morrowind, and Feroxus was forced to witness his mother being tortured and murdered in front of him. Not long after Feroxus was put through a horrid regime of training, with Destruction magic, after what seemed a lifetime Feroxus eventually would eventually kill his father and venture off to Skyrim, to see the events of it unfolding.

    Character Card:
    Alvun Denox
    Alias: Feroxus
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 150lbs (68Kg)
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Red
    Skin Color: Cloud Grey
    Tattoos: Traditional Bosmer Tattooing
    Weapons: Black Elven Bow dubbed 'The Song of Ventrus' it would do electrical damage to its targets, Nordic daggers, and a Nordic longsword made of silver which would be dubbed 'Wolf's Bane'
    Clothing: Mostly furs from various animals and a simple set of clothes for when he is staying in a town for a while
    Magic: Wild Magic (Was thinking like the druidic magic from the mod, and just like druid like spells from DND, if people don't really care for it just write it off.) Destruction magic, and some Restoration.
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    Name: Barzug Agunag

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Orc

    Height: 8'2"

    Weight: 650lbs (700lbs in Full Armor)

    Class: Warrior/Blacksmith/Werewolf

    Hair/Eye Color: Black, Heavy Dreadlocks/Sky Blue

    Skin Tone:

    Physical Description: Massive Bulging Muscles, So tall and wide he can't fit most doors, his normal face looks like he's about to kill someone, Massive Hands, Feet, Head to match his body. Extremely Strong, Strength of 5 Orc Warriors and quick/agile for his size.

    Personality: Even though Burzag is pessimistic and deppressed, he is a gentle giant. For which he doesn't want to hurt anybody, but yet will given situations. He also isn't trusting/like people in general because to him everyone is against him. Burzag is extremely protective over people he cares about, for an example mess with anyone he cares about, you are dead.

    Magic: Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Enchanting (For an Orc Burzag is gifted in magic)

    Weapons: Burzag loves any Two-Handed Weapons and keeps either a Sword or an Axe on him at all times. Hates Archery. (Burzag has to craft his own clothing and weapons.)

    Casual Clothing: Topless in comforatble shorts with leather boots.

    Any Heavy Armor Availiable.

    Smithing, Building, Food/Eating, Fighting, Nord/Human Woman.

    Dislikes: Every Elf Race, Bandits, Nasty People, Selfishness, Hateful/Evil People, Necromancy.

    Backstory: Barzug was born to a Forge Wife in a remote stronghold outside of Orsinium on the 17th of the Second Seed of the 4E 182. Growing up was not easy for Barzug. Even though he was part of group, Barzug was constantly treated lesser than everybody. With him not having any clothing to fit him and being forced to sleep with the pigs and can't fit in most doors. His rapid appetite did not do Barzug any favors either. His brothers feared Barzug for his size and so did his father so combined, nobody in the stronghold taught him anything. Until on Barzug's 7th birthday his brothers and father burned down the barn where Burzug was sleeping, with him barely getting out alive. And for the next 12 years he had to walk alone has nobody in Tamriel would accept him, and had to learn things on his own which was easy for he (unknown to others) was a genius. And the people who did accept him ultimately betrays Burzag. While being alone he figures out that his true mother and father was Mara and Malacath, realising the he can regenerate bad wounds and bring people back to life, if they didn't get decabatated or incinerated. Having this has left him depressed and pessimistic toward life and until he accidentally crossed into Skyrim, and before his capture, Burzag was turned into a Werewolf.



    Name: Eryk Greenham

    Gender: Male
    Race: Mixed- Half Nord Half Breton
    Class: Spellsword/Archer
    Backstory: Eryk Greenham is the son of a Nord Imperial soldier father and a Breton Imperial Battlemage mother. They lived a relatively peaceful life in Anvil. Well, as peaceful as being the child of a battlemage and soldier for the Imperial Legion could be. He quickly became skilled in the blade and in magic. However, when the Aldmeri Dominion invaded the Imperial City, his parents were called into action and died as a result of the violence. He began to wander around, trying to find some purpose since he was the only one left in their family. He ended up crossing the border into Skyrim, where he was captured by Imperial soldiers preparing an ambush on the Stormcloak rebels. He pleaded with the soldiers, explaining his story so far. They took pity on him, seeing as he was only 13 when this happened. They said he could stay in Skyrim, but that if he did anything else illegal, he would be executed without hesitation. He soon started a small mercenary group called the Greencloaks due to the green cloak he would wear.

    Starting Location: he will be starting in Whiterun at the Bannered Mare with his mercenary guild.

    Ysarth the watcher

    High Elf of the Skyrim wilds
    Name: Alla'Amir
    Race: Khajiit
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Brief description: A mangy khajiit with no discernible habitual neatness save for the brass hooped earrings that hang equal lengths from each other on each ear. His coat is a mass of intermixed oranges and browns but decorated with complex patterns of stripes - a trait considered a flaw by his parents
    Weapon preferences: Daggers, and rarely a bow
    Profile: A self-serving khajiit with little expectation of others and even less confidence in his kin. He prefers his own company due to seclusion at home early in his childhood yet adores affection and praise.
    Name: Dar' Shajiir
    Race: Khajiit
    Age: late 20s
    Gender: Male
    Class: Theif, Mercenary
    Height: 6' 2"
    Appearance: White fur with black stripes, black hair. Well kempt with a perpetual grin. Prefers comfortable but presentable clothes, or light armor if expecting trouble. Large for a Khajiit, but carries his weight well being exceptional agile for his size.
    Personality: Indefatigable optimist, always finds humor in the darkest of situations. Friendly, loves crowds and meeting new people. spends time off the job in taverns drinking, gambling, and embellishing stories. Enjoys telling tall tales. Will make a drinking game or bet out of anything and everything.
    Background: Parents ran a trading caravan and brought Dar along with them. He befriended an imperial boy his age while traveling through Cyrodiil. The boys parents, realizing that his parents didn't care for him well, adopted him. His upbringing made him fluent in imperial, but originally learned the Khajiit dialect, so tends to switch between the two arbitrarily. Spent most of his life around the imperial city living on the waterfront working various jobs of varying legality. Spent time aboard a ship working as a privateer.although his time on the ship taught him the way of the sword, he still prefers to talk rather than fight his way out of situations. His ability to live off the land has come in handy multiple times when hiding from both lawmen and jealous husbands. Currently finds himself in Skyrim after a streak of bad luck left him with a gambling debt to the wrong kinds of people. Currently looking for work while things in Cyrodiil cool down.
    Notable Skills: Smooth talk, basic archery learned from hunting, basic survivalist, journeyman swordsman with an aggressive fighting style. Uncannily lucky.
    Name: Casamir Arcole
    Nickname: Cass
    Race: Imperial/Breton
    Age: late 20s
    Gender: Male
    Class: Healer, Fighter
    Height: 5' 9"

    Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes, 5 o' clock shadow but otherwise well kempt. Wide shouldered and muscular. wears brown long sleeve with a hood and single button at the neck. will put a leather chest price over shirt if expecting a fight and will roll up sleeves, leaving his arms free for mobility. Carries a sword and dagger on his right hip.
    Personality: Neutral Neutral alignment, thinks logically. generally personable but prefers company of close friends than that of strangers. Smokes occasionally, will often roll a cigarette and put it behind his ear as a nervous habit, or while thinking. History of moon sugar use, but doesn't use regularly. Avoids excess drinking. Natural leader who Aspires to more than the Mercenary work he turns to to survive.
    Background: Brought up in the Cyrodiil countryside by his Breton mother and imperial father. His adopted Khajiit brother and him are still close friends and working partners. his parents past away in a house fire when he was young. His father was a political figure in the imperial city, and his political rivals wanted him out of the way. the orchestrated "accident" achieved just that. He escaped the blaze and he and his brother grew up being raised by different denizens of the imperial city, primarily residing on the waterfront. Learned to fight from a martial arts teacher. The same teacher taught him to meditate and to control his mind.
    Notable Skills: Alteration and restoration magic, specializing in hardening own skin for defense and healing own wounds during battle. Also able to heal others. Formidable unarmed opponent, able to grapple and snap bones. Able to create a bright flash of light that disorients opponents. journeyman skill with sword.
    Fighting Style: Fights with his sword or dagger in a reverse grip in his right hand, but with his left side facing his opponent. he holds his left hand out towards his opponent. Prefers to hide his magical abilities from his opponent until the critical moment where he can catch them off guard. Is an even more formidable opponent when he is unarmed, specializing in disarming his opponents and brutalized them up close. Able to harden fists with his alteration before a punch making it more dangerous.
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