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    Free Form Role Playing Guide for Beginners
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    Ultimate Jinx
    Carma Spiritsworn

    Full Birth Name: Carma Skimir
    Allis: Carma Spiritsworn
    Place Of Birth: Morthal, The Pale, Skyrim
    Date Of Birth: 15th of Last Seed
    Birth sign: The Warrior
    Race: Breton(Mother)-Nord(Father)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5,9
    Weight: 139lbs
    Laterality: Right Handed
    Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
    Martial Status: Single
    Health: Average
    Age: 22 Winters
    Religious Beliefs: Eight Divines
    Current Location: Winking Skeever, Solitude, Skyrim
    Affiliations: Companions, Member
    Class: Crusader
    Job/Occupations: Currently guarding The Winking Skeever

    Positive Traits: Loyal, Respectful, Tactical & Inspirational
    Negative Traits: Prejudice & Slow to Embrace Others
    Likes: Grog,Singing,Dancing,Good Times
    Dislikes: Ulfric Stormcloak,Stormcloaks,Racism
    Carma is quite the wonderful women of beauty, speed and fighting she loves a good fight and won't say no to a good knock-down with fists. Her body can endure and take most of the damage with little ever bothering her, this ability to embrace pain has allowed her to explore other ways of her life. Loyalty is a fine agreement of friendship as she will stay loyal and honourable to the end of her life, friends are a key element to her having closer relationships with her fellow companions and allies.

    Respect is another key element to her good side with a good attitude towards her friends and not just that she has respect for her peers and elders as well as her enemies as long as they show some back. Carma has always been and always will be respectful towards anyone, as that is how she was raised and she will stay the way, because she knows best to be respectful and friendly even to those who do not wish.
    Tactical warfare is a clean and clear element upon fighting before any battle weather its rushed or not she will always think up a plan, multiply entries, maybe take out the archers first.Effective is what it has to be she knows her ways around any type of terrain and battlefield and with aid of others she can execute deadly and precise attacks, these attacks could inflict major possibly deadly effects if approached in the right tone.
    Fight with honour die with honour can possibly be her motto but with her inspiration towards not just herself but other she is a great companion to have around, every time you want some sort of inspiration look to her for she will bless you by gods she will give you the strength of a thousand men. She will give speeches that talk of truth and honesty but have this fire and enraging power behind them, warcrys can be heard the thunder of swords clashing and many victory's, shouts to gods and praises during battle can always be the key to encouragement towards men who are failing in battle.
    Combat & Skills

    Combat Style: Parries, blocks and lighting strikes are in her favour power and dominance can be considered, rather then have all her might and power to brake down an enemy she tries to brake them down both mentally and physically. Inflict fear upon her enemy and then pain to do double the damage, warcrys and vicious shouts to deafen ears of others speed and speed only can inflict much damage especially when she strokes like a saber cat and moves like one to.
    Health: 100%
    Agility: 75%
    Magicka: 62%
    Stamina: 70%
    Strength: 55%
    Intelligence: 60%
    Will: 50%
    Luck: 50%
    Endurance: 82%
    One Handed: Training through precision and speed has made her an excellent warrior with one handed weapons as well as allowing her to use a shield in the other which is common favouring a combination of many warriors/knights all among tamrial.
    Blocking: Once again allowing her to be able to manoeuvre her own weapon or shield to endure the powerful or quick blows of an enemy attack, mastering her shield skills has favoured her in battles allowing her in some points even to use her block as a weapon(bashing,slamming).
    Restoration: Being a crusader she has allowed herself to douse in many health altering magic , thus allowing herself to take even more then anyone should be able to take in there lifetime.
    Alchemy: Once again using the environment around her she has enabled her ability in alchemy to grow of understanding what many resources do and how to use them when creating potions of many portions.
    Smithing: Young and new to creating and crafting her own weapons and armours out of ores and many other materials, she has been fascinated with smithing and soon approached only recently to learn the ways of crafting with fire.
    Light/Heavy Armor: having not fully established an understanding of her armours and wares she still struggles to truly embrace the full power an armor and adapt it to make it better and almost flawless.
    Speech: Thus Not truly how you say it its how you empathise it how you bring the fire to the words as you would honey the mead.
    Enchanting: Still only now focusing on the effects of enchanting weapons and armor she has slowly started to reassure herself that she can make it better and stronger with magic.
    Magical Abilities: All other magic styles are not very well known to her the schools of magic don't truly be leave within her knowledge but she accepts them.
    Sneak:Not really interested in a sneak method rather then manoeuvring herself around objects like thieves and arches she prefers to be tactical rather then be sneaky.

    Studded Armor[Fine]:This armor has been with her since she was a little girl it was her mothers, Carma has always cherished this armor with the last know piece of memory of her past mother. Careful not to desecrate the armor she has only modified it slightly to suite her body and her weapons.
    Fine Steel Longsword[Fine]: A family relic that was past down by her fathers side usually father to son but due to family problems the sword was given to her, She has kept it clean and sharp as well as modified and ready to cut any challenger apart.
    Steel Shield: Purchased from the travailing caravans of Khajiits during her first period of travailing skyrim. The shield has taken many hits and still deals out to be a strong and capable shield till its very end.
    Healing Potions: 3 bottles
    Stamina: 4 bottles
    Major Healing Potion: 2
    1x Alto Wine
    1x Argonian Bloodwine
    2x Firebrand Wine
    3x Honey Nut Treats
    1x Apple Pie

    Thalmor[Hates]: They wish it all there's, but they do not beckon it with the gods for they created the people that now live among these lands, but still Thalmor pillage and take what they wont. Nothing will ever change them and nothing will change her view of them.
    Imperial Legion[Likes]:They may have been broken many times but she still supports them through and though rather then the violent racist pigs of war storm cloaks.
    Stormcloaks[Hates]:She see's there treatment of other races there racial supremacy there just another bunch of semi-thalmor who bitch and complain about everything that needs to change.yet they take no offence keeping it a stalemate.
    Forsworn[Likes]:Being part Breton still means alot to her and with the stories told and read, the reach was truly there's and there's only no right did the nords have to take it and claim as there own for they were violent protagonist who forced forsworn into what they are now.
    The Thieves Guild[Neutral]: Although she dose not accept of thieves she finds no worries in the thieves guild unless they show some attention towards her.
    Companions[Likes]:The companions is a place to be as of now for her she loves to fight and fight she dose.
    Mages Collage[Neutral]: The mages do interested her but not as much as the companions, rather then learn spells she is more interested in the ability and power behind it.
    The Dark Brotherhood[Neutral]: She see's them in a harsh reality killing is there way of profit killing is her way of profit mostly and that in the end is all that counts.

    Hair Colour: Brown
    Hair Length: Shoulder length
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Skin Colour: Light Tan
    Scars: Small Scar on her leg from saber cat
    General Attire: A set of fine clothing for when she is not in her armor

    Carma''s early days as a child were quite clear on how her aspects on life was, her household was fairly strict driven harshly by her forcible father who almost abused her into the point were she had to learn the right way of everything.Her mother on the other hand was a former member of the desolate bloodline that once bleed in the reach a forsworn that left her old life for anew, the stories were quite bloody and bashful that Carma's mother had told her.
    That was really all she could remember of her mother after she was killed by storm cloaks who thought she was a spy during her daily routine of getting the fresh foods from local traders. Carma was only 10 winters into her childhood when that struck her and she never forgot that moment she saw her father beg to the gods to bring her mother back. Tears from her father formed with anger at what the stormcloaks had done, She saw the best and the worst of her father in the near future his anger spiralled which eventuated in her getting a few unwanted hits to her body and face.
    Fear of her own father made her what she was today a women who is strong at heart and fearless of men, From her own memory she remembers the day the guards came to her house and restrained her father, a few days latter she got to watch him slowly decay away in a prison after her bigger sister Nimatria had taken over the parenthood of her. Carma knew that her father was changing in and out from the loving man she remembered where they would go out and hunt together and he would always kiss her goodnight to the alcoholic and abusive man who lost his way with his own mind causing him to rot way in a prison after several unwanted conducts upon town.
    After 17 winters she was nearly her own age to leave out and adventure herself still lost and confused about her future she would soon understand her own path and accept it. During conflicts with her own sister she slowly adapted to this young and find maiden and battle harden women who understood and knew what her father went through after she lost her big sister to a pack of snow wolves.
    Pain and torture riddled her past, but she fought on and on to forget and move on so that she could deal with the present and focus on future things. With it all over now and down in graves she just now remembers the good times the happy times of when she and her family were all one and not torn by violence and death.
    Name: Ranvir Shatter-Shield
    Birth information mostly unknown
    Race: Nord
    From: Windhelm
    Personality: Ranvir was raised to be a good man by his father, and thus is generally very kind. He can be funny when needed, but is still a fierce warrior
    Beliefs: He is staunchly against the racism so common in his home city. He is a firm supporter of the imperial legion, enlisting when civil war broke out. Despite this, Ranvir is a closeted worshiper of Talos.
    Background: growing up, Ranvir spent much of his time fishing out near the city docks, and became good friends with a pair of young Argonians. During his youth, he also had a brief affair with a Dunmer woman, but the relationship was short lived, as his father found out and had the young girl's family threatened. Later, one of the two Argonians was lynched and killed, by a group allegedly led by a young Ulfric Stormcloak. The surviving Argonian, Scouts-Many-Marshes, is still good friends with Ranvir. Outraged, Ranvir vowed to do something to end the racism. When civil war broke out, Ranvir quit his job as a city guard and enlisted in the Imperial Legion, earning the rage of his father, who disowned him. Ranvir is currently reeling from the loss of his two sisters, and left the legion after the battle of Windhelm, now working as a guard for the new Jarl of Windhelm


    Mistress of Shadows

    Name: Tiberius Black-scales
    Age: 30 moon turns
    Race: Argonian
    Birth town: Helstrom, central city never occupied by Imperial forces, but later moved to Gideon which lies close to the border of Cyrodiil.
    Sexuality: straight, is married to Shahvee .
    Affiliations: Retired Imperial soldier, member of the thieves guild.
    Current residence: Lakeside manor, next to the beautiful Lake Ilinalta.
    Afflictions: none
    Skills:Duel wield swords, archery, alchemy and enchanting, accomplished smith and maker of fine jewellry.

    Appearance: Tiberius is tall and very muscular. He is dark/black in colour and has handsome purple head scales and horns. He considers himself to be better looking than most argonians and perhaps he is right.

    Dress: Was wearing steel plate heavy armour but has recently obtained a lot of ebony ore which he smelted and made a complete set of Ebony armour. He even had enough left over to make himself two fine ebony swords. He travels light, carrying nothing but his swords.

    Weapons and tactics: Tiberius is a well trained swordsman and prefers to duel wield. He will stand back and assess a situation before he acts. He is not afraid to charge into a melee. Sometimes, when the opportunity arises, he will use his bow to snipe from afar, but his skills with the bow are still developing. He is curious about magic as a weapon but so far has not really tried it. He may one day seek out more knowledge at the College of Winterhold.

    Personality: Tiberius came to Skyrim with no expectations. He is friendly and courteous, but is a formidable enemy. He can be ruthless. He hates his own kind being mistreated and feels they deserve as many rights as any other person does. Holds resentment to Nords for their apparent distrust and abuse of his kind. Tiberius has a weak spot for gold and is highly motivated in obtaining more. He wants to provide a safe and loving home for his wife whom he adores.

    Bio: Tiberius was hatched in a clutch of three eggs under a black moon. His father was a Shadowscale and wanted to train the three younglings in the ways of the assassin. But his mother, a gentle soul, did not want her children to become killers for hire. Tiberius’s father gave his mother an ultimatum. That she leave with one or none. She chose Tiberius and left Helstrom. She settled in Gideon as there were more opportunities for her to get work and for Tiberius to live a normal life.

    As a teenager, Tiberius was fascinated with smithing and making jewellery and became an apprentice to an old Saxhleel jeweller. When he died he left his small shop to Tiberius and he continued his trade until he was well into his later twenties. He then wanted to do more with his life and sold the shop and, with his mothers blessing, joined the Imperial Legion and began training.

    Tiberius was sent to Solitude to help with the crisis in Skyrim. He soon grew to be a person of note and rose up in the ranks, becoming a good friend and adviser to General Tullius. On a dangerous mission to Windhelm, the base of the Stormcloak rebels, Tiberius met and fell in love with a dock worker, Shahvee. Their courtship was quick and he fashioned a beautiful amethyst ring; as was the tradition for his people, and presented it to her. He managed to spirit her away before the assault on Windhelm and they were soon married. Tiberius was gifted land and he chose a plot near Lake Ilinalta. A house was built and together he and Shahvee moved in. He leaves his wife in the protection of his housecarl whenever he is away and also bought her a fine horse to get about on.

    After the war ended successfully with Ulfric’s head leaving his body, Tiberius retired from the Legion a decorated soldier. He now works for himself, doing quests for people. He has also fell in with the thieves guild of Riften in his desire for more riches as he now just wants to provide a happy and safe home for his love and hopes that one day they will have a little egg clutch of their own. He also sends a purse of gold and jewels to his mother whenever he can and thinks about his siblings often.

    Banner details: Background sourced from internet. Tiberius is my character taken from a photo during the game on Xbox360. Made in PhotoImpact

    Tiberius's skills in smithing have allowed him to be able to create a complete set of Daedric armour as well as two Daedric swords. He has gifted his ebony armour and swords to his best friend and adventuring companion, Valdimar.

    Crystal Secret-Fire

    Crystal Secret-Fire
    Name: Crystal Secret-Fire
    Age: 17
    Race: Nord (with some Bosmer descent from her maternal great-grandfather.)
    Class: Warrior
    Gender: Female

    A tad smaller than most Nord women, with ginger blond hair and blue eyes. Very beautiful. Slightly buxom.


    Crystal Secret-Fire 1.jpg

    Crystal is the estranged daughter of Ulfric Stormcloak after he fell in love with the daughter of Solstheim's Jarl Aeris, Rayne Michaelis. After Rayne found out about Ulfric's past, she asked him what happened. An argument ensued between the two, with Rayne begging Ulfric to open up to her. Ulfric then sent her away, not realising that she was pregnant with his child.

    A few months after returning to Whiterun, Rayne meets Balgruuf's court mage, Farengar Secret-Fire. Eventually, she fell in love with him. Shortly after marrying Farengar, Rayne went into labour and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with her father's ginger blond hair and blue eyes, whom she named Crystal.

    Crystal grew up under her stepfather's tutelage, and developed her skills as a battlemage. The first magical feat she performed, at age five, was making a frog dance and sing, much to her father's initial shock-turned-amazement.
    On her fifth birthday, Ulfric came to Whiterun to apologise to Rayne for casting her out years ago. There, he meets the young girl. Rayne had already forgiven him, but stated that she cannot leave her husband, which Ulfric accepted. Before leaving, he gives Crystal a small toy bear. She would continue to carry that bear with her for as long as she lived.

    When she was eight, Ysolda and her husband, a Khajiit named Ja'Raan, were about to have a baby. Ysolda gave birth to a half-Khajiit boy named Ma'Ori, and then passed out after the birth, and after ensuring his son's safety, he took care of his wife after handing the baby to Crystal to hold onto for a while. This forged a bond between the two.

    When Crystal was ten, her mother had a miscarriage and died as a result. Farengar told Crystal she was the only reason he would have to continue living.

    Six years after that, the Thalmor came to Dragonsreach and executed Balgruuf, his biological children, who were adults at the time, Aeris' remaining children, and Farengar, leaving only Proventus, Aeris, Irileth, and Crystal. It was then she grew to despise the Thalmor. However, this did not affect her friendships with other elves.

    One day, when Crystal was playing with Ma'Ori after a mead run for Ysolda, she saw Olfrid picking on Fralia and berating her, Crystal decided to stick up for her. Farkas showed up and scared Olfrid off. After that fiasco, Farkas told her that she should think about joining the Companions because her bravery impressed him. She soon developed a crush on him.

    Sometime, in the winter, as Crystal and Ma'Ori skated on a frozen lake, Ma'Ori skated onto some thin ice. Using the cane she brought with her, Crystal thought fast and flung Ma'Ori off the thin ice and onto a deep snowbank. Shortly afterwards, Crystal fell in, only to be rescued by Farkas.

    After she came to, Farkas asked her if she was okay and immediately recognised her. It was then he learned of her name. He displayed some interest in her through a kiss on the cheek and then left to return to Jorvasskr.

    The next day, Crystal went to the Companions and told the Harbinger of her intent to join. After showing her martial arts moves, Vilkas begrudgingly allowed her to join, partly because his brother begged him to let her join.
    Afterwards, she is confronted by her grandmother, Aeris, about her sneaking out while she was still recovering from hypothermia. While Aeris was arguing with Njada after the latter called her a "war axe" rather than a "battle axe", (implying that Aeris has something similar to Napoleonic complex) Crystal passed out. Farkas alerted the others and took her to the sleeping area for whelps and laid beside her to keep her warm.

    Upon waking up, Crystal had seen Farkas' act of compassion and kissed him in his sleep. Aeris arrived to check up on Crystal and stated that she was as stubborn as her father. Crystal asserts that Farengar was not that stubborn, prompting Aeris to reveal that Farengar was really her stepfather. Then Aeris gave her a medallion with the Stormcloak family crest on it, instructing Crystal to go to Riften and talk to a man named Brynjolf, describing his appearance as a fiery-haired Nord male.

    Despite being a princess, Crystal is very kind and humble, although this has caused much stress among some of the more ill-natured nobles, such as Maven Black-Briar. A few more traits of hers that annoy them as well are her stubborness and courage, as she cannot be intimidated into surrendering.

    She also tends to be very maternal towards her friends, becoming protective of her friends when danger arises.

    She also has a good sense of humour, such as when she pulls a prank that came from when she successfully performed a spell on a frog.

    Crystal is also very loyal to her friends and family, such as when she gets between Tullius and Ulfric to protect them both. This caused a friction in her friendship with Tullius. He eventually forgives her, and their friendship continues.
    This loyalty also extends into her romantic relationship with Farkas, whom she refuses to forsake as long as they both live.

    Crystal also has an eagerness to make new friends, such as when she attempts to befriend Njada Stone-Arm, which initially end in failure.

    She greatly loves her grandmother, who returns the care.

    Crystal also possesses a great deal of sympathy towards others, shown when she cries after most of her family is killed, and when she shows shock after finding bruises on a Nord mute she takes into her care.

    Crystal is musically inclined, like her great aunt, and has on occasion used this talent.

    She is also very skilled in combat as a result of her grandmother's training and in magic as a result of her mother and stepfather's training.

    She is also a good storyteller, such as when she tells ghost stories.

    Crystal is also unconsciously able to charm the good out in people, especially males.

    Aeris (Grandmother)
    Balgruuf (Grandfather - Deceased)
    Rayne Michaelis (Mother - Deceased)
    Farengar Secret-Fire (Stepfather - Deceased
    Ulfric Stormcloak (Father)
    Dagny (Aunt - Deceased)
    Frothar (Uncle - Deceased)
    Nelkir (Uncle - Deceased)
    Farkas (Mate)

    Njada Stone-Arm - While their relationship started out as antagonistic, Crystal somewhat grew onto Njada during their adventures. Crystal shows some admiration of Njada's honesty and courage.

    Aela the Huntress - Crystal looks up to Aela as an older sister-figure. Aela becomes protective of Crystal. Crystal also has this sibling-like relationship with Ria, Njada, Athis, and Vilkas, all Companions.

    Star - A mute Nord that Crystal befriends and takes in. Star is given to her by Crystal when she points to a shooting star. While distrustful at first, she becomes very attached to Crystal and develops a relationship similar to that of a mother and daughter. She was abused by her family, which prompted her to run away.

    Ma'Ori - A half-Khajiit that Crystal helped a couple bring into the world. She views Ma'Ori as the little brother she never got to have. Wise despite being only nine, Ma'Ori is in tune with Crystal's emotions, such as when he senses her crush on Farkas.

    Ingun Black-Briar - Friends since childhood, they were forced apart due to Maven's disapproval of her daughter's friendship, possibly due to having found out Crystal's true paternal origins through shady sources.

    Paarthurnax - Upon trying to save the world Crystal met Paarthurnax and realised that not all dragons are evil. She defends him against the Blades.

    General Tullius
    Hemming Black-Briar
    Sibbi Black-Briar

    Despite her kind, friendly nature, Crystal is not without enemies.

    Maven Black-Briar
    Lord Harkon


    Well-Endowed Member

    Name - Volanaro
    Race - Altmer
    Age - 119
    Class - Pure Necromancer/Illusionist
    Hometown - Cloudrest, Summerset Isles
    Laterality - Right Hand
    Sexuality - Straight
    Relationship Status - Single
    Affiliations - Mages Guild (Cyrodill), Thalmor, Elenwen (sister)
    Property - N/A​
    Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
    Religion - Loosely acknowledges Magnus, more interested in certain Daedric Princes
    Hair - Greying Dark hair, quite long, usually ties in a ponytail
    Eyes - Dark Charcoal
    Clothing - An assortment of different robes. Generally enchanted to enhance magic power or to reduce the toll his conjuration magic takes.
    Jewellery - Recently came across an interesting pendant, believed to be 'The Necromancers Amulet' that was created by Mannimarco.
    Weapons - Volanaro wields many different staves for certain purposes. His most used are staves of Reanimation and the Staff of Paralysis.
    Primary - Conjuration, Enchanting, Illusion, Alchemy
    Secondary - Alteration, Destruction, Speech, Restoration
    Battle Tactics - Volanaro is a master manipulator and will cause distrust, confusion and blood lust in his opponents. His reanimated thralls go in for the kill when the enemy is at its weakest to finish them off. He rarely gets his own hands dirty but if things go wrong, a well aimed paralysis spell or some Frost magic is usually enough to turn the situation back in his favor. He is an intelligent and very patient man, usually forming a plan of attack before every confrontation.
    Alteration - Candlelight, Ebonyflesh, Paralyze, Detect Dead
    Destruction - Frostbite, Ice Spike
    Restoration - Self Healing, Steadfast Ward.
    Conjuration - Bound Dagger, Dead Thrall, Reanimate Corpse, Soul Trap
    Illusion - Pacify, Fury, Mayhem, Call to Arms.
    Positive Traits - Very intelligent, Quick learner, Smooth Talker
    Negative Traits - One-Track Mind, Vindictive, Callous, Controlling
    Likes - Death, Magic, Learning, Manipulation
    Dislikes - Thalmor, Weapons, Armour, More intelligent or powerful Mages,
    Aspirations - To continue his research into Necromancy and mind controlling techniques
    Growing up with a well off family in the beautiful city of Cloudrest with his older sister, Elenwen, Volanaro would spend much of his time avoiding his abusive father by wandering the streets with his other magic inclined friends. They would often be in trouble from authorities for pulling pranks on citizens, usually involving magic. This would mar his father's name and cause him to punish Volanaro by forcing various experimental potions and poisons into him or reprimand him with damaging magic.
    His abusive and arrogant father, who was heavily involved in both war and politics went too far one day and nearly kill him. His mother didn't pay any attention to any of them as she valued her social status and shopping far more than Elenwen and Volanaro. After recovering from his father's physical outburst, Volanaro fled The Summerset Isles in the dead of night, telling no one about his plans.
    Volanaro than spent the next 40years traveling Southern Tamriel, learning about certain alchemical ingredients and recipes. He enrolled at various mage colleges but always kept his head down and was discreet as to not be found by his family or anyone who may be looking for him.
    As he became more comfortable and proficient in the arcane arts, Volanaro discovered he had a special skill with illusion and necromantic magic. He slowly became more powerful and ambitious, some of his experiments bordering criminal. It wasn't too long before his name was blacklisted from many colleges for delving too deep into the darker side of wizardry. He lived in solitude in Cyrodil for many years, perfecting his conjuring abilities and staying ahead of the law with his mind manipulating powers.
    Stories of Mannimarco's Amulet last seen in Skyrim, and the information that The College of Winterhold allowed the study of necromancy made Volanaro inquisitive enough to make the journey north. He is currently living near Winterhold in a small cottage and frequents the College to perfect the immensely complex art of permanently keeping a corpse reanimated.
    Note: A special thanks to shadowkitty for creating the CC banner <3
    Name: Maenil Nightshade
    Race: Wood elf (Bosmer)
    Class: Thief
    Gender: Male

    View attachment 28261

    Looks: 5'11 - 6' and well trimmed
    Personality: Short tempered, He trusts no one and is highly loyal.
    Story: He started his adolescents taking the wheel of his uncles ship as a pirate. All was well, wealth, mead and wenches a plenty until he landed on Hammerfell. His ship was highly sought after and many would and will kill him for it. The night he planed to leave his mead was laced with werewolf blood of unknown origin he was fine for a while until he hit open seas where he turned for the first time destroying his crew. He swore he would never put another person in danger of his beast form and left the ship in a state of disrepair.


    Aravis, deadly archer
    Name: Mage Killer
    Race: Orc
    Class: Warrior
    Gender: Male
    Battle style: Favors two handed weapons, great swords and battle axes. Heavy Armor. Use archery and destruction magic as standbys.
    Looks: 6'6'', 240 Ibs. Brownish, red skin. Bald with horny eyebrows and bluish white eyes, with a jagged scar dropping from his left eye. Has big black beard.
    Personality: Honorable with a kind streak despite his appearance. Has a tendency to fly into a rage during battle, but blood lust settles soon after. Is loyal and values quality companionship.
    Bio: Was nick named Mage Killer after a Dark Elf mage assassin murdered his brother. Travelled to Skyrim after hearing about the exploits of the Companions with the intention of joining and eventually finding the Dark Brotherhood and destroying them. Is neutral about the war between the Stormcloaks and Imperials but may pick a side later after learning more. Is interested in apprenticing as a smith and curious about magic to the extent of learning about enchanting to upgrade armor and weapons, which precludes a visit to Collage at some point. Doesn't hold a grudge against mages so long as they're not assassins or corrupt.
    Name - Jy Bloodscale
    Race – Argonian (Werewolf)
    Age - 17
    Class - Assassin
    Hometown - Windhelm Docks
    Laterality - Right Handed
    Sexuality - Bisexual
    Relationship Status - Single
    Affiliations - Dark Brotherhood (Member), Veezara (Love Interest), Scouts-Many-Marshes (Step-Brother).
    Property - N/A
    Alignment - Neutral... Sort of.
    Religion - Follower of the Daedra, specifically Hircine, being a werewolf himself.

    Hair – Two horns coming out the back of his head.
    Eyes - Orange, with snake-like pupils.
    Clothing - Elven Armour or Dark Brotherhood Armour.
    Jewellery - Has a ring that increases his sneak, but that’s it.
    Weapons – Two Dwarven swords, and also has throwing knives strapped to his thighs and arms.

    Primary – One Handed, Sneak, Alchemy and Light Armour
    Secondary – Lock picking, Pickpocket, Smithing and Restoration.
    Battle Tactics – He is claimed to be a flash of red and yellow on the battle field. While he prefers cloak and dagger, he is capable of hand to hand combat. He also uses throwing knives for a ranged kill, as he is terrible with a bow.

    Positive Traits – Charming, Seems Innocent, Witty and Funny.
    Negative Traits – Rash, Timid but hides it, hates to lose.
    Likes – Killing, His horse Coco, Swimming and Running.
    Dislikes - Thalmor, Stormcloaks and Imperials. Over-Confident people. Magic.
    Aspirations – Hook up with Veezara, and master his beast form.

    If Jy had to describe Skyrim in one word, it would be cold. And not because of the snow. When Jy first came to Skyrim, he kept hearing a particular phrase whispered to him by the other Argonians he came across.
    “Watch out, egg-brother. The only thing colder than Skyrim is the Nords themselves.”
    Jy thought they were crazy. Jy was wrong.
    He worked on the docks as a kid, with his older step-brother, Scouts-Many-Marshes, helping him out.
    He barely saw the assassin.
    He clung to the shadows of the docks, eyeing up a drunken Nord. Jy was unloading some potions from a boat. The assassin jumped out and slit the Nord’s throat with a quick move of his blade.
    The other Nord embedded an axe in the assassins thigh. He crumpled to the ground and the Nord stood over him, goading.
    As the drunk bought up his axe, Jy’s flying dagger hit him in the chest. He passed one of the potions to the assassin, who he had just realised was an Argonian.
    “I’m Jy Bloodscale.” Jy whispered to him, as he sat down beside him.
    “Veezara, and thanks,” Veezara muttered back, wincing from the pain.
    Jy simply nodded and slipped back inside the Argonian Assemblage, hearing Veezara's parting words.
    “Consider joining us, Jy.”
    Jy dreamed of the green scaled assassin that night.



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    Here's a character I've been working on for a while, enjoy.
    Drysccer Allias
    Religion: Follower of Julianos
    Age: 40
    Place of Birth: Daggerfall
    Likes: Knowledge, Reading, Studying, His Familiar
    Dislikes:Bandits, Brutes, Slackers, Racism
    Fears: Necrophobia
    Known as: Kage no bōrei (Ghost Shadow)
    Birth Sign: Shadow
    Family: Father(deceased), Mother(deceased), Grandfather, Wife, his Son.
    Hobby's:Writing, Reading, Creating Spell-books
    Philosophy :Philosophy-of-Fighting:-Morals-and-Motivations
    Quote's: " A Man's path is his alone to choose", "Why do we challenge our existence?",
    " A shadow is only as deadly as it's owner", " Fleeing from the light only leads to Darkness" "Conjure your courage"

    Tall shallow figure with dirty brown hair and a extremely pale complexion.He has a short rough edged beard and has dull silver eyes, which compare with his complexion. He has a slightly muscled figure:mainly on his upper-half. His dirty brown hair is long and uncut, a face covered in dirt and blood mixed together. Scar's covering his left eye in the shape of a lighting bolt. He wears a tore black mage's attire with worn down scaled bracers and hardened leather boots with the straps missing. His face is covered by a shrouded cowl allowing to hide his identity form his foes. A silver sapphire necklace is worn around his neck with a glowing purple aura.

    Drysccer was born in a place where poverty was common, at an early age he began to do jobs to earn gold for his family. At the Age of 11, his parents were murdered by a bunch of bandits raiding the city, thus he was sent to live with his closest living relative: His Grandfather. His Grandfather was distant from his family, this was because he was a mage who once worked at the collage of Winterhold as a professor in conjuration. When Drysccer arrived at his Grandfather's he was greeting by an unusual looking wolf that was like a
    spirit;His Grandfather began to explain that the "Wolf" was actually a familiar and it was a gift from him to Drysccer to keep as a pet. Years after this event, Drysccer was offered a place of study at the collage, this meant him journeying though the lands to reach Skyrim. Drysccer was confident at this because of the level of knowledge him having in Conjuration was at Adept, however he lacked in the other schools at magic being a novice in those area's. Never the less He set out on horseback to Skyrim. He journeyed through rocky terrain until he reached Falkreath, where he rested for three nights at the local tavern avoiding alcohol. Just as he left the town a guard caught up to him and asked him where he was going. After talking to the guard, he smiled and wished him well on his duty's. He followed the path until he caught a glimpse of a shrine in his eyes. Upon closer inspection he wasn't able to determine which God the shrine was too,so he continued. After another four days he arrived at a desolated Winterhold, destroyed by the great collapse with only the collage remaining: standing as a beacon of hope for the users of magic. He entered the collage and began to study. Twenty years pass and a thirty-nine year old Drysccer had learnt to master the powers of conjuration and Illusion schools, not only that he had settled down and started a family with a Dark elf from the collage, whom had given birth to his first born child, A baby boy. The boy had mixed culture and looked more human than elf...But that's another story for another time. To provide for his family, Drysccer became a merchant who traveled to and from Windhelm to sell his produces. One day whilst traveling he was attacked by bandits and captured, his resilience was met with a scar covering his left eye and torn clothing. The bandit's fortunately left him along unguarded in a locked room. Using his powers of illusion he turned himself into a ghostly shadow and escaped with a cowl covering his face in case they try to follow him. By the time he returned to Winterhold, Word spread of his escape giving him the nickname Kage no bōrei (also known as the Ghost Shadow).
    Conjuration: Drysccer's main skill for combat. He use's this skill to call creatures to aid him battle. Despite his lack of combat experience, he uses bound weapons; the weapon is usually a bound sword emitting his aura colour. He also use's this skill outside of combat to call his pet familiar his Grandfather gave him.(Skill Level 95)
    Illusion: Drysccer learnt the skill of illusion during his time spent at the collage of Winterhold. He use's this skill mainly to go "incognito" and escape or hide from people. This school of magic is how he became known as
    Kage no bōrei.(Skill Level 100)
    Restoration: Drysccer mainly use's restoration to heal his wounds. The healing spell's he knows are Healing Hands and Fast-Heal.(Skill Level 53)
    Destruction: He tends to use destruction magic the least as the school of magic because he see's it as a dishonorable death for his foe's(as well as seeing the school as reckless).He uses frost magic as a non-combat oriented skill and instead uses it for his leisure,such as ice fishing and sculpture making.(Skill Level 40)
    Light Armour: Drysccer has the inside of his clothing with leather so that he takes less damage from attacks when he's on the road to Windhelm. He tends to wear light Armour most of the time because he finds it comfortable.(Skill Level 67)

    Gregor Moon Fang

    Champion of Azura

    Name: Dian'Mie (pronounced Dee-ahn-may)

    Race: Redguard

    Gender: Male

    Class: Mercenary

    Faction: Sun Fang Clan

    Appearance: He stands at around 6'3'', with light brown skin. Muscular frame. He has reddish brown hair styled into a tied dread mohawk with a set of cornrows on the sides of the head, reaching just below the shoulders. He has a set of brown eyes that seem to place fear into those that do not know him. His face is that of a young man who has seen his share of battles, the evidence seen in the scar under his right eye. He wears the traditional red tear face paint in honor of his fallen clan.

    Age: 23

    Diseases: The founders of the Sun Fang Clan have learned and passed down the techniques of body resistance and thus are immune to any diseases.

    Proficient Skills: Able to handle any weapon with 100% efficiency, a sharpshooter archer, superb smithing skills, heightened senses

    Personality: A kind person at heart but not afraid to put someone in their place. He loves talking to people. Difficult to anger, but dangerous when angered. Always does what is necessary, whether it is just or not.

    Religious views: His clan worships the Redguard Goddess Leki, daughter of Tall Papa, whom his clan has been in servitude to for generations.

    Equipment: Dian'Mie wears cured black and brown leather armor over a set of light chainmail tempered with ebony, with a black hood cloth bearing a pattern of a panther head silhouette, fangs out, enveloped in the sun and a light brown fur-lined cloak draped over his large shoulders. He fights using two ebony and silver broadswords, used as a reminder of his time with his blacksmith mentor Master Ku, known as the greatest blacksmith in Hammerfell, often said to rival Eorland Grey-Mane of Skyrim himself. He also uses a modified ebony bow that can cause any arrow thrown from its string to set its living targets on fire.

    Likes: His friends, reading, good music, his weapons, treasure

    Dislikes: Spiders, being ordered around, nasty tasting food, cold temperatures, bandits

    Bio: Dian'Mie is a member of the fabled Sun Fang clan, a well-known tribe that lives just outside the City of Gilane in Hammerfell. He was seen by his clan leaders as a prodigy, developing great battle instincts and being able to best his mother and father in combat as young as 10 years old. When he was 17, he went out on a hunt with his father and got lost while he was chasing an elk. While wandering aimlessly, he was met by a girl by the name of Qiana, the apprentice of the Keeper of the Moon Fang clan. Upon finding out they had a lot in common, they quickly became friends even though they were not aware that their respective tribes were mortal enemies. Throughout the years, they secretly trained with each other, teaching each other techniques such as Dian'Mie teaching Qiana how to use a bow and Qiana teaching Dian'Mie how to utilize Restoration. On Dian'Mie's 21st birthday, the tribe elders enshrined him as an official warrior of the clan as he had come of age. As par tradition, Dian'Mie was set to travel around Tamriel for a year to hone his techniques as the Yokudans had done before them. None too eager to begin his journey, Dian'Mie sets off to make a name for himself and to bring honor to his clan.
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    Full Name: Siltani Auslo.

    Age in Years: As a sixty-two year old Altmer, Siltani holds the aged appearance of a human in the mid-twenties. Remember that Altmer live significantly longer than every other race, including other Mer, due to racial blessing of long-life gifted to them by Phynmaster, who taught the Altmer how to naturally life a hundred years longer. Despite the current belief that this is a proven fact, the complete lifespan of an average Altmer s unknown and will likely continue it be.

    Gender: Female.

    Place of Birth: Alinor, the main city of the Summerset Isles and not to be confused with the renamed homeland of the Altmer. Humans are still rarely allowed upon it's ports; this is a welcome change, however, as the city and shores of the Isles were once completely forbidden from foreign presence. It is a city where the sunlight is as tangible as flesh. The walls are like living crystal, catching and holding the sun's blessed rays until it sets, bathing the streets in blood-red light, leaving one grateful for it's passing. The city in itself seems to be a shrine to the heavens. It is made of some form of glass structure, and has the appearance of insect wings, easily rivaling the beauty of any surrounding structures on the mainland. It has been described by Imperial emissaries of the Reman Dynasty as “straight and glimmering, a hypnotic swirl of ramparts and impossibly high towers, design to catch the look of the sun and break it to its component colors, which lies draped across its stones until you are thankful for nightfall.”

    Nickname(s)/Alias(es): This character does not initially have any common nicknames for casual use, although an alias may be given to her at any given point in time of any individual thread. The reason for this remains that it may disorient other members and make it more difficult for them to, initially, join the thread – for they would not call this character a specialized name given to her by another source. Not only would it be unrealistic, but it would also break immersion and add a sense of dissent between friendly members. I have faced this in the past; it's called out-of-game knowledge, and is known as “game-breaking” for those that prefer to roleplay.

    Religion: The Altmeri Pantheon consists of: Auri-El, the chief deity who is the soul of all things; he corrected his one critical mistake of surrendering the race of Mer to the mortal realm for eternity – in reponse to this, he vanquished the tyrant Lorkhan and ascended to heaven in full observation of his followers, so that they may follow his steps to escape from the mortal plane and become immortal. Trinimac was a warrior spirit who fought against Men; Boethiah is claimed to have absorbed his shape by eating Trinimac so that he would convince the Altmer to eventually create the Orsimer; he disappeared and then promptly reappeared as Malacath, which is portrayed as the danger of Dunmeri influence. Magnus was the god of sorcery; he withdrew from the creation of the world at the last moment, although it cost him dearly; what was left of him remains as pure magic, and is controlled and sensed by mortals; Cyrodiilic legends claim that he can inhabit the bodies of powerful magicians and lend them his power – one supposedly being the Underking. Syrabane aided the Altmer against the Sload and the Thrassian Plague; he is now known as the Apprentice's God, as he is a favorite amongst young mages in training. Y'ffre, the forest god, made laws that made it so that the confused and ever-shape-shifting mortals could retain a single form and begin to learn of the mortal realm around them; he is known as the Storyteller, for the stories he once told us like a father would to a child; some Mer (the Bosmeri) retain some power (the Wild Hunt) of the chaotic times. Mara is the universal goddess of motherly love and fertility. Xarxes is the god of ancestry and secret knowledge; He began as a scribe to Auri-El, keeping track of all of the Aldmeri accomplishments both large and small throughout history; he created his wife, Oghma, from his favorite moments in history.

    Affliction(s): No diseases, blights, mental disabilities, injuries or addictions can be named at this time.

    Political Views: Can be discussed at full length at a later date. Due to my personal intrigue in philosophy, feel free to contact me at any time or invite me into a discussion on this topic. A character form, however, is never complete where politics are decided upon, even as an individual, for even though this character is mine alone as a creation, as a reader you may have personal opinions towards her. Therefore, please do not challenge my decision to leave this section out of all character forms.

    Physical Details: As an Altmer, Siltani is considerably much taller than the other races, through varying percentages. This also, however, makes all Altmer also considerably much less agile than their Bosmeri cousins. Her skin is pale gold with a faint hue of warm green. She is shapely, although slim and slender, with prominently pointed ears. Her eyes are only slightly angled, and less almond-shaped than an average Altmer's due to their hooded eyelids and long lashes; the irises are, true to the lore of the Summerset Isles, amber as frozen sunlight and as clear as the hunter's moon on a clear, star-speckled night. She has freckles; they are light tan-brown indoors and, alternatively and rather strangely despite biological customs of the other races, pale and almost glowing in the sunlight; the only time they are dark are when she submerges and re-emerges from water, in which they are as dark as freshly turned soiled. Her hair is an off-white, which is custom for Altmeri coming out of their puberty stages, of which she is already freed of. It is smooth and terribly light in weight; her hair is fine, thick, and is pushed into a semi-pixie cut without bangs, with hair strands brushing just past the front of her earlobes but otherwise short and nearly the same length. She has a long, smooth, and elegantly angular features, with a narrow forehead, low but prominent cheekbones; her features are otherwise sunken-in. Her eyebrows are arched and angles inside, relatively thin and even thinner at the exterior areas. Her lips are small, pressed, saturated and tinted a dark orange-tan.

    Major Skills: Alteration, Destruction, One-handed, Restoration.

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Lockpicking. Note that all Mer have much more time to study intensely into magical properties than humans do, and have also therefore developed a greater in-born proficiency to the various schools of magic.

    Initial Spells: Candlelight, Equilibrium, Detect Dead, Waterbreathing, Ebonyflesh, Paralyze (Expert Alteration). Sparks, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Rune, Chain Lightning, Whirlwind Cloak (Adept Destruction). Healing, Lesser Ward, Fast Healing, Healing Hands, Steadfast Ward (Apprentice Restoration).

    Weapons: Glass Sword, called “Masmer”, named after the smith who created it in Alinor. No other weapons other than a carved juniper staff of no magical value.

    Apparel: Casually wears Red Hooded Robes and Fur Lined Boots. For battle, she wears Elven Armor and garb similar to Cuffed Boots, Leather Hood and a gray-green version of Thieves Guild Gloves.

    Items: Water canister (wooden interior, leather exterior, polished, usually empty) and any other traveling gear gathered at the time, including foodstuffs and a journal.

    Personality: Quick thinker and good under pressure and in casually challenging situations, Siltani dislikes long, philisophical conversation and guards her personal opinions with care. She is proud and is rather an introvert. She prefers to work in the open, always with a back-up plan that works alongside the original plan, in the shadows. Her personality will further develop in time thanks to various threads and interactions.

    Background Summary: Her time in Alinor wasspent studying in the sunlight, speaking with friends and collaborating with professors. Twelve years ago, she became a Professor's Apprentice in the school of Alteration – but she never became a professor. She ended up decided to travel and record new accounts of magic throughout Tamriel, instead of relying on data whose sources were limited and outdated. She became a travelling scholar of sorts, and is still struggling to adapt to the Nordic customs after little more than a year. Recently, the dragons have returned – a great source of magic not seen in many years, and one that she is perhaps a little over-excited to exploit. She relies much on adventurers and maps. Her last known mission was to travel to Helgen to document the magical damage done there.

    Extra Details: None as of now. I was going to create a second character – an Imperial male – but have just now decided against it. One new character is enough, especially one still in development. Enjoy!


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    Full Name: Siltani Auslo.

    Age in Years: As a sixty-two year old Altmer, Siltani holds the aged appearance of a human in the mid-twenties. Remember that Altmer live significantly longer than every other race, including other Mer, due to racial blessing of long-life gifted to them by Phynmaster, who taught the Altmer how to naturally life a hundred years longer. Despite the current belief that this is a proven fact, the complete lifespan of an average Altmer s unknown and will likely continue it be.

    Excellent CC :)

    Also, I thought you'd find this interesting, re: race lifespans



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    Thank you, guys! I will most certainly see you on the Forums - not just the roleplay forums but also ones concerning mods, fanfictions, etc.
    AS88: Thank you for the information, and also for the comment!


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    Name: John Matthews

    Gender & Age: 29, Male

    Profession: A mercenary at times but mainly a well-known bounty hunter.

    Items: two 1873 Colt revolvers, Bowie Knife, some grenades, some C4, 5 or 6 stimpacks, a 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle, Pack of cigarettes, a map and 500 caps.

    APPEARANCE: a 5 o'clock shadow beard, has a tall and strong looking build, standing at 6,1 and weights 260 pounds plus armor, a fair few scars on his face and body, thick black short hair and blue cold eyes, usually wears a white undershirt, a metal breastplate covering his torso, dark brown jeans, brown boots, a black duster and two pistol holsters, as he always carried two revolvers. He accessorized himself with a wide brimmed hat, two bandoliers and a pair of fingerless gloves, his armor is that of a knight's chestplate he found not long ago it's not bulletproof but it's resistance is about 75% chance of protection.

    History: Not much know a few legends and myths passed around...Legends mostly say his hometown was raided and his mother and sister raped and killed in front of him. He grew up alone learning traits to survive in the cruel world. Then one day he finally found the gang that destroyed his childhood and decided to join in. When he finally got the trust of all the members he waited till nightfall to slit all of their throats. That was a long, long time ago, now he drifts aimlessly across the wastelands and just recently looking for work if it pays well.


    PERSONALITY: When he's in town he's usually is quiet but if something terrible and soul shattering is happening he will not hesitate kill the person responsible instantly too, and on his judgment, he is a bounty hunter takes all bounty and always brings them and he likes to smoke as well, He has been known to lighten up from time to time, showing a sense of humor through sarcasm, as well as being very compassionate to people he believes to be good and he does have a 'soft' side; loyal to those he considers friends and willing to stand up to a threat to defend them. He also has a soft side for the little guy, just trying to get by.

    Perks: Terrifying presence, Cowboy, Gunslinger and Lawbringer.

    Skills: Guns, Lockpick and Speech.

    Traits: Good Natured, Heavy Handed.

    Strengths: Good with any gun you hand him but prefers with a revolver, not bad at lock-picking but could use some practice, a master of hand to hand combat but now fighting like he was in a bar fight you know smash a bottle over someone's head something like that.

    Possible weaknesses: John's primary Achilles' Heels is his surprisingly reliance on instantaneous executions and the 30% chance of armor being penetrated

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    I've never RP'd before, but I love playing Skyrim, so I thought I'd try it out. That, and I love to write. I can't say that I'm any good at it, but I like to try. :) I also really want my character to develop. I guess I had planned on her developing as I play more of the game. Tell me if I'm off base though. I might snag some of everyone's ideas to properly introduce her.

    Full Name: Naiira Llenoran (Nigh-EAR-a Le-NOR-an) :)

    Race: Dunmer

    Age: Young, around 20

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: She hasn't decided yet.

    Place of Birth: Skyrim, but her parents emigrated from Morrowind. Her parents settled at a homestead outside Helgen.

    Occupation: Hunter

    Appearance: Small for her race and slight of build, about 5'0 and 110 lbs, steel blue skin, black wavy shoulder length hair, usually swept up to the sides to be off her face, large and wide blood red eyes, small pointed ears, full lips tinged with pink, high rosy cheekbones, and swirling red face paint. Not bulky with muscle, but rather, built like a runner or acrobat.

    Religious Beliefs: While not particularly religious or devout, she believes in life after death, or at least a great beyond. She is not particularly interested in religion and prefers to live in the moment. She favors Azura and Hircine. She does not deny the existence of the Nine, but considers them different names for the same things. She does like the divines Mara and Kynareth, as she believes strongly in true love and nature, and their restorative powers. She believes that the creatures of the earth have some sort of soul, different than those of humans, but a soul nonetheless. She prefers to believe in things she can see in the world around her.

    Politcal Views: Naiira has not seen much of the world, only hunting game with her parents, so cares little at the moment about politics. That may change as she sees more of the world.

    Major Skills: She is still coming into her own, but her parents passed along what knowledge they could. As a budding hunter, she is good with Archery, One Handed, Sneak, and Light Armor. Her mother taught her to read and write, and to spar and handle a dagger. Where her mother learned to wield a dagger was not spoken of, but she was an excellent teacher.

    Minor Skills: Restoration, Lockpicking, Alchemy. Her father was a thief type, although that part of his life was never spoken about either. He taught her to pick locks ("What if you lock your keys in the house?" he had winked), a bit of healing magic (just in case), and a bit about healing potions (also just in case). She picked magic up quickly, but only had her father to teach her what he knew.

    Spellbook: Heal, Healing Hands, Lesser Ward

    Weapons: Her mother's glass dagger, Ouakir Kilmin (Silent Hunter) given on her 18th birthday. Its chartreuse blade is slightly fluted and the handle is a burnished gold color. It had a lightning enchantment, but she rarely uses it. It was the only item her mother took with her as she fled Morrowind. She also has a steel dagger she keeps hidden in her boot. Naiira carries a hunting bow and shoots steel arrows. As Naiira grows and experiences the world, her gear may change.

    Apparel: Right now, she is in a sad state. She wears a russet cloak, green roughspun tunic, and leather boots. Her leather boots were made by her mother, and are intricately stitched with red thread into swirling patterns. she wears an amulet her father crafted out hawk bones and beaks. She carries a knapsack containing the entirety of her belongings. Her situation will surely improve if given time.

    Items: In her knapsack, she has a doeskin bound journal that she writes in when she can remember, a journal of her mother's that she hasn't had the heart to open yet, a wrinkly green apple, a fresh pheasant breast, a hunk of cheese she found, water canteen, a healing potion, and a few herbs and plants she has gathered on her journey.

    Personality: She is quick to be kind to others, eager to meet people but shy in large crowds, also a bit naive. Naiira lived in the wilderness with her parents and did not get much social interaction, so sometimes has trouble reading people's feelings, but rarely their intent. She would rather avoid confrontation or use intelligence to overcome an obstacle, but appreciates the use of strength. While being a hunter, she is kind to animals and sometimes prefers their company to some people.

    Likes: Dogs, the feel of fur in her fingers, children, wind as it blows fall leaves, spray from waterfalls, her father's stories about the homeland, long taffy treats, horses, her mother's flashing eyes, running, the soft look in a doe's eye, watching spriggans from a distance, hot ale in small amounts, dragon tongue flowers

    Dislikes: Cruel people, lightning, being underground for extended periods of time, spiders, gourds cooked into anything, xenophobes, splinters, slaughterfish, ice wraiths

    Background: Her parents were both from Morrowind, albeit from very different socioeconomic backgrounds. They met, fell in madly in love, fled the homeland, and settled outside of Helgen in the wilderness. Why they fled, Naiira does not know, but her mother was pregnant with her when they left Morrowind, and she was born in the summer on the road to Helgen. She is an only child, and much loved by her parents. She is versed in both Nordic and Dunmer cultures, but is more comfortable with the customs of her people. She speaks with a slight musical lilt but proper grammar, a blend of her more cultured mother and her common father. She will cuss when angry or hurt, but is not generally vulgar.

    How I see me:
    How others see me:
    How pervs see me:
    How I really look:
    Naiira Llenoran.jpg

    Mom and Pop:
    Mom and Pop.jpg

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    Good CC Hæđ. One little pointer: Maybe find some images, concepts or screenshots that capture Naiira's image.

    I love the detail and thoroughness you present throughout the CC. I'd be happy to write along side you in an RP if we ever get a chance. :D

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