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    Well-Endowed Member
    Roleplays - Drahonnal
    Name - Cyrus
    Nickname - Silvertongue
    Race - Redguard
    Gender - Male
    Age - 48
    Class – Bandit Chief / Career Criminal
    Hometown – Skaven, Hammerfell
    Laterality - Right Hand
    Sexuality - Heterosexual
    Relationship Status - Single
    Health - Unfit, lung and liver problems
    Afflictions - None
    Afiliations – The Hegathe Princes
    Property – A massive property and mansion on the ouskirts of Hegathe, Hammerfell
    Alignment – Chaotic Neutral
    Religion – Prays to Sakatal

    Hair – Long and very dark with grey streaks. Beard is more grey than hair
    Eyes – Dark brown
    Height – 5'11''
    Weight - 82kg
    Clothing – Dark grey rags, expensive rings (obtained and kept through bribery)
    Weapons – Basic shiv, long braided piece of cloth usually used for tying his hair

    Primary – One-handed, Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpicking
    Secondary - Sneak, Block
    Battle Tactics – Very skilled swordsman and gifted in most forms of combat. Will sneak up and backstab if it is an easier option.

    Positive Traits - Intelligent, Smooth-talker, Perceptive
    Negative Traits – Nasty, High-and-mighty attitude, Opressive, Domineering, Womanizer, Moody
    Likes – Gold, Being the leader, Women, Mind altering drugs
    Dislikes – Authority, Captivity, Strong woman, Cold Weather
    Aspirations – To regain control of his Drug Cartel

    Drug Cartel - At the age of 17, Cyrus joined a rising gang in the Hammerfell city of Hegathe. The small gang slowly transformed from a riff raff of kids intimidating locals and stealing from merchants into an organised syndicate specializing in smuggling drugs. At the age of 26, Cyrus was inducted into the Leaders Council and was in charge of acquiring new clients. On his 31st birthday, Cyrus challenged the Drug Cartel's leader to a duel for the leadership. Cyrus won in a convincing fashion and named his cartel The Hegathe Princes. Whithin two years his operation expanded into Human trafficking, prostition and Underground Fight Clubs. His noteriety grew outside of Hammerfell and his influence was felt strongly within the province.
    Nickname Origin - From a young age, Cyrus was as smooth with his words as he was with his sword strokes. He could woo young woman and make new, rich clients with ease. As he grew older, a signature torture technique of his would be cutting out the victims tongue. Silvertongue soon become a feared yet well respected icon in Hammerfell.
    Being Captured - As he became more infamous, authorites outside of Hammerfell plotted his capture. No one in Hammerfell would dare conspire against the Drug Lord, so a trap was carefully laid as Cyrus met with a new client in a Cyrodill city. 37 year old Cyrus gave himself up quickly due to the large force of soldiers involved in the bust. Only by forking out a fortune in bribes did Silvertongue manage to keep his head. He was sentanced to life in prison.


    Name: Gwendoline Lelias.
    Pronunciation: Gwen-dole-in Leel-i-es.
    Age in Approximate Years: 37.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Breton/Manmeri.
    Date of Birth:
    Birthsign:5th of Midyear, 4E 164; of which given year fell between when the Argonian invasion fleet arrived on Solsteim in 150 and when Titus Mede II was crowned Emperor in 168, which was after her birth when Gwendoline had completed two years of life.
    Place of Birth: Wayrest, which lies in the province of High Rock as the homeland of most pure-blooded Bretons; it is near the border of Hammerfell, close to the Bjoulsar River. Wayrest is well-known for it's contribution to Breton culture and tradition, being a large city rich in history. It is in the Iliac Bay region, and is considered to be a rival to Daggerfall, which explains it's outrageous display of it's ruling house. When Wayrest was a mere village, Daggerfall was a well-established kingdom. It was only after the fall of Orsinium when Wayrest began to prosper mightily and became the largest and riches population in High Rock. The merchants there welcome the arrival of the Empire, specifically because it's presence would help fend off the infamous pirates of the Iliac Bay. In Wayrest, Akatosh is the main god of worship. Wayrest, when Gwendoline was born, Wayrest had captured by corsairs who proceeded to raid and destroy the Dark Brotherhood's sanctuary there, negotiating with the admirably powerful Queen Elysana, who turned Wayrest into a major political force and allied with the Orcs. Since when, Gwendoline traveled away from Wayrest.
    Nicknames and Aliases: Gwen.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual – attraction between two opposite genders.
    Religion: The Eight Divines, specifically Akatosh as it's head.
    Current Residence: Markarth; Skyrim.
    Affliction(s): No diseases, poisons, or curses have afflicted Gwendoline initially in every roleplay thread. Bretons are not resistant to diseases or poisons, although they do have a likelihood to absorb the magicka of hostile spells on impact if that power is initiated. In roleplay, it is very likely, therefore, that Gwendoline will become afflicted with some common disease, as Skyrim is thick with such hostilities.
    Occupation: An adventurer but also an eager author, Gwendolyn has decided to travel to various settlements of intrigue and curiosity to begin a compiliation of her adventurers in such places. Such places include cities and more grotesque areas such as Nordic barrows and other named dungeons. She collects interesting and valuable items found on her explorations and sells them to folk who would be interested in them, especially court mages, for they seem to have an ample curiosity concerning items; also, jewelists and armorers may be interested in what she has to offer, if too much information about it's origin is not given. She is also an eager scholar, training in both the art of magic and the blade with renewed vigour.
    Affliation(s): She is a colleague of the College of Winterhold, although she does not agree with most of their given customs such as allowing necromancy and being generally closed to the public. She has considered joining the Companions in an attempt to learn more of the art of the sword and, perhaps, the shield as well. As part of the College, she is only a member for the sake of scholarship. She doubts that she would have the courage to be a Companion, or that she would appear too harsh or fragile to those who do not take well to magicks; also, they require that you have some skill with the blade, and Gwendoline knows only the raw basics of how to use a sword.
    Political Views: She tries to keep out of it, although it is no hidden lie that she does not believe in the rightful divinity of Tiber Septim, or Talos as he was later called. If he “ascended to godhood”, then so would all other famous heroes of the ages.
    Physical Description: Slight of build and hardly muscular except for in posture, with high, thin cheekbones; she is noticeably shorter by most races, about two inches smaller than the average Nordic woman. Her hair is black-brown colored, paled at the ends; her hair itself is midlength to her shoulders and with an inwardly-curled wavy style. She has the pale skin of an average Breton, with grey eyes, a thin and short nose, and she has full, pale-pink lips with a widely sloping jaw and neutral, thin eyebrows. If her hair were shorter, it would be a shaggy pixie-cut. Click >here< for character pictures for roleplay references.
    Alignment: Chaotic-neutral. She follows her whims, and is an individualist first and foremost, valuing her own liberty but not striving to protect others' freedom. She avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. As a chaotic-neutrally aligned character, Gwendoline does not intentionally distrupt organizations as part as a campaign of anarchy; to do so, she would have to be motivated either by good – and a desire to liberate others – or evil – a despire to make those different from herself suffer. She may be unpredicatable, but her behavior is not totally random. Chaotic neutral can be the best alignment for one to be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal. However, some chaotic neutrals can be dangerous, seeking to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.
    Traditional/Vanilla Class: Wizard/Mage.
    Custom Class: Battlemage. Magic is not a talent but a difficult and intensely rewarding art. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable; when catching others unawares, they are devastating. Her main strength is in her spells and wit; everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience. Over time, she learns how to, through manipulation, improve the functions of certain spells. As a Breton and wizard, she is as likely as an Altmer – although she has no weakness to elemental spells – to cast high level spells to aid her in her endeavors.
    Major Skills:
    Alteration – Expect
    Conjuration – Adept
    Destruction – Expert
    Illusion – Apprentice
    Heavy Armor - Apprentice
    Lockpicking – Novice
    Minor Skills:
    Restoration – Novice
    One-handed - Novice
    Expert Alteration – Candlelight, Waterbreathing, Paralyze. On the search for the legendary Equilibrium. As you can see, although she may be high in some skils, the spells she knows and therefore uses in them vary vastly. Consider Gwendoline's age and her childhood in High Rock, where magic was an automatic skill running already through her bloodstream, improved by her perseverance.
    Adept Conjuration – Conjure Frost Atronach, (Weak) Banish Daedra, Reanimate Corpse, Flaming Familar (spectral improvement of (racial) Conjure Familiar). Considering moving onto Bound Sword if she learns the way of the sword via multiple novice trainers.
    Expert Destruction – Thunderbolt, Whirlwind Cloak, Flame Cloak, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Sparks.
    Apprentice Illusion – Fury, Calm, Fear, Frenzy.
    Novice Restoration – (Weak) Healing.
    Weapons: A steel dagger, strapped to her the side of just above her right knee, strapped with a thick leather band, is the only physical weapon she has on her person; it bears marks of use and misuse.
    Apparel: Click >here< to view the Plate Armor Plus mod for Skyrim on the Steam Workshop. Gwendoline's garb is the steel plate armor that you find on that link, with an exception of the full-face mask, because that is silly for a “realistic” roleplay. Instead, she does have a similar helmet, but it covers the rest of her head, with the only part sticking out the “chin” part of the helmet; it slides on and off. Otherwise, nothing is changed.
    Personality: Gwendoline is definitely not one of the sweetest talkers you could come across. She's proud, distinguished, and has powerful compassion and confidence. Yet there is something in her heart easily broken. Although her mind is strong, along with a tough will, perseverance, and wit, and she is not at all weak or fragile except for the skills that she lacks – she depends on others for success in particular endeavors, even in times of peace. She changes scenery for herself far too often, which is the reason why she has many loose friends that she refers to at odd times, and why she has never had a serious relationship. You could call her desperate, trying to find where she fits in the world, clinging to everything she runs into. Whatever you decide to label her as, this is the backbone of Gwendoline's personality, and it will not change easily.
    History: Middle-aged Gwendoline did not feel at home in Wayrest despite spending her entire childhood there. In fact, High Rock altogether, despite it's strange traditions, did not feel like a place she could settle down in. So Gwendoline left her family and traveled; at first, she attempted Cyrodiil, and although without the political war involvement there, it seemed like a province that she could live in. However, it was not at all safe there, and there were new laws there that greatly limited any pleasant stay there. She attempted Skyrim next. Despite absolutely despising the below-freezing temperatures there, there seemed much to do in Skyrim, and despite the raging civil war there, everything else seemed fairly unrelated. Remember, High Rock – especially Wayrest – was a province of strange cultures and continuous change, so to Gwendoline, Skyrim seemed almost quiet despite the war that had risen there. She came to Skyrim at the age of twenty-three, and has been there for fourteen years now; although she yearns for warmer climates and the closed charm of High Rock or open beauty of Cyrodiil, she has not yet found it in herself to move. Even Markarth's issues with the Forsworn do not yet deter her, although 'it's a pain to cross paths with such barbaric savages. This land is rotten.'

    Extra Details: Both Kishan Braudil and Gwendoline Lelias were born of results from the Dungeons and Dragons Class Personality Quiz – click >here< to take it. However, Kishan is the result of my normal quiz. Wanting to create a new character to keep myself occupied, I retook the quiz with the ideal of a different personal altogether in mind – someone different than me, but one that I could be. Perhaps one that I would want to be. Gwendoline is nothing like myself or Kishan, yet I can see through her eyes as easily as I can see through water; it may be distorted, but there is no question of what is on the other side.
    Gwendoline's dialogue is in blue font, and the dialogue of other characters not my own are in white.


    Name: Arnstein-Bjorn
    Sex/Race: Male, Nord
    Age: 19 years.
    POB: Whindhelm, Skyrim

    A simple farmer by the name Svip, was a former a Mage from Cyrodiil who knew much of magika and whose brother, Bodvar. A talented warrior who left the Fighter's Guild had traveled with Svip to Skyrim, where they would raise and impart all there teachings and philosophies onto Arnstein. Whose mother, Aesa, a woman whose background was little known to Svip, in fact, they had known next to nothing about each other that night when they met. It was after all, a lonely night for the two who had welcomed the the stranger's embrace within the tavern of the Drunken Dragon.

    Arnstein was given his name in no small part of his interest in all things, even as a child, had taken to study, and shown great interest in matters of the court. Even in playing with other children, he had taken the role of a natural born leader. Though as great praise this may seem to be, his childhood adventures often led him into trouble and at other times, had landed him along with his friends, in great danger. As he grew, and with the teachings of Bodvar had been instructing, Arnstein began to show great potential as a warrior. It was this that inspired Bodvar to send word to Whiterun, to the leader of the The Companions. Kodlak Whitemane. For the boy's progress and ferocity was that of a bear and it is of this, that Arnstein became known as, Arnstein-Bjorn.

    Svip, Arnstein-Bjorn's father, had taken notice of the boy's progress as well, and spoken with him. "Well boy, you've grown into a fine man, big, strong, and fierce like Bodvar. It is clear to me that the path of the warrior is laid out before you like the cobble road just out front of our home. But from here I must wonder where this road will lead you. You must remember to be mindful, don't envy others, or behave arrogantly or you'll get a bad name. Instead, defend yourself, if anyone attacks you, because a great man doesn't boast much but makes a great showing, if he's put to the test." said Svip. So he gave his boy steel armor, finely made, and a horse. ,"Trust in Talos, trust in Akatosh, and you will do well."

    And it was with this that Arnstein-Bjorn rode off from Windhelm to Whiterun, to meet with the famous Harbinger of The Companions, Kodlak Whitemane. Since Bodvar's letter was to arrive weeks before he left. He wondered in what matter would he be received, it was his imagination that had taken him by surprise when a cloaked figure would emerge from the shrubs along the road. Stopping him in his tracks, it was then after a few seconds of silence when it was broke, a voice of a woman keeping him longer still, " You know not for whome I am child, but I know of you and your deeds. And with this, as she hands him instructions, you will learn more. And your journey to Whiterun must wait for a little longer". Shocked and at one with his confusion, he agreed to break away from his ride to Whiterun, to the Companions. To leave unasked questions until the meeting takes place.

    Alignment: Good, law bidding.
    Faction: Neutral when dealing with either the Stormcloaks or the Imperials.

    ((OOC: going to break away from this tonight but will be back to finish it sometime this weekend.))


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    ((Being revised))

    Name: Eponis Varro
    Born: 14 First Seed, 4E 177 (24)
    Race: Imperial
    Build: 5'5" roughly 140lb, average build and physically fit
    Birth Sign: The Lord
    Occupation: Free-lance thief and trader
    Affiliations: Various fences and general clients, sometimes trading caravans

    Ergonomics: Right-handed, heavy preference for duel daggers and sneaking. Terrible at magic. Currently learning to throw her daggers for ranged combat, if unavoidable.
    Armor: Mainly fabric-based on her torso, with hardened leather shoulder pads held up with straps across her chest that also connect to a hooded cloak; rolls up her sleeves some days, and on others she covers her forearms with braid-wrapped hide bracers from elbow to the top of the palm, placed underneath thick leather finger-less gloves that alone barely cover her palm. Sometimes adds a wrapped scarf to cover the front of her face, often for the cold. Lighter leather for trousers, coupled with simple fur boots holding her second dagger on the right boot. One satchel across her shoulder fits a book and purse, with a little space to spare; coupled with a belt holding to her right-hand side one dagger in place and a smaller satchel further back that carries lockpicks and the odd potion, but not much more.
    Weapons: Two daggers, which she may throw. Can't do even the most basic spells, relying on some potions to aid in places.
    Items: (Satchel) A book, coin-purse, letters and notes; (belt satchel) health or invisibility potions, lockpicks.
    Primary skills: Sneak, speechcraft, pickpocket
    Secondary skills: Light armor, one-handed, lock-picking
    Strengths: Skilled for her age, quick, sharp-wit
    Weaknesses: Ranged attacks, relies on sneak skill heavily, fire (The Lord)

    Appearance: Eponis has a strange mixture of features, though they plane together smoothly. Small chin set with a fairly wide and low jaw, moving up into cheekbones that aren't much wider, coupled with a relatively short forehead. A petite nose both in front and profile view with a slight hook, angular and sculpted with a upward flick at the tip. A small mouth set on full red lips bring colour to her matte olive skin, forming her little pout. Her eyes though are feminine and sleek, framing green-hazel eyes. When she crossed the border into Skyrim at age twenty however, she landed herself with two large and messy, diagonal scars across the left side of her face with smaller ones 'dotted' around the main two across the cheekbone to the edge of her lips; so not a clean fight, then. Thick black and wavy long hair, matte and often worn into a messy bun or just down and to one side, alongside thick and full though neat eyebrows with a subtle arch.

    Personality: A true introvert, she'll take the human side of herself to her own grave. Irony hits Eponis on the head and winds her gut in the same blow as her name could mean either "love" or "heroine" for a girl who's best weapon is her ability to argue for her life or just not get caught in the first place. Cold around people she's never met before, with doing business often the only way to get through to her; even then it's hard to catch her at a good time, rarely out to enjoy herself aside from the rare yet charismatically delivered bit of wit. However, she'll churn up a cheery tune if she thinks it'll get her into your coin-purse. Her innocence-immaturity shines through as she acts tougher than she is, and still hasn't properly formed her options and morals, with the odd show of cowardice. A smart girl who's good at what she does, but needs to grow fast.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Likes: Trade, history and reading, stealth, spiced wine
    Dislikes: People she don't know, criticism, her own stubbornness, mages (intimidated by them)
    Political: Neutral, though a dislike lending towards the Empire.
    Ethical: Laws don't really suit Eponis, unaided by a dislike for authority. Not one for murder however. Can work in a team if business be.
    Religious: Talos and Akatosh, rooted in her love of Imperial history. She tends to keep this side quite.

    Background: Her parents lived next to a stables just south of Bruma, Cyrodill; both shared an interest in alchemy and horses and planned to start a family. Unfortunately, her mother died at childbirth leaving Eponis to grow up with her father at first. Due to her mother's passing and were she lived, Eponis grow up completely without peers and therefore friends. Ultimately, when she proved to be a problematic child by stealing from around the house and eventually the farm for a mixture of attention-seeking and sheer boredom, her father left her in the company of his sister and her husband at around age six. While her aunt and uncle made wonderful parents, Eponis still grew up alone and chose to continue to steal. Over time, what started as a sort of pass-time eventually became a career as she started to care about being caught. Eponis isn't a dim girl however, with the devil being that she's fully aware of who she is and what she's become as a person.
    With nothing left for her in Cyrodill, she crossed the Skyrim border at age twenty (and not without a haphazard drunken bear fight) and has been there for four years since.

    Other: Some information (e.g age/ birthyear) can change around. I'm also fairly new to FFRPs and I hope this will do :').
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    BR1LL DYL 771

    The Destroyer
    Name: Syfore
    Race: Nord
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior
    Looks: Has short brown hair and dark hazel eyes.Is about 5'9 and has a serious looking face with war paint.
    Personality:Is a reasonable guy who has seen his fair share of battles. Is nice to his friends and companions but when you get on his bad side there's no telling what's going to happen. Is a member of the Stormcloaks but not a loyal one. Also works for the Dark Brotherhood, Companions, Thieves Guild and is in The Collage of Winterhold.
    Misc: Fights with a weapon in one hand a destruction spell in the other. Is well rounded at all the skills. Dislikes two-handed weapons and is extremely rich.


    Name: Tulodius Luwell.
    Age: 27 years.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Imperial.
    Date of Birth: 5th of Rain's Hand, 4E 174. This is the year that the Thalmor focus their forces in the Cyrodiil campaign, overcoming the Imperial City. Also, in 4E 174, the Reach falls to the Forsworn in the Forsworn Uprising, ruled as an independent kingdom for two years before Ulfric Stormcloak rooted them out.
    Birthsign: The Atronach; cannot naturally recover mana, but does have a slightly larger pool of mana and is more likely to deflect damage and absorb some mana from hostile spells on impact.
    Place of Birth: Imperial City, Cyrodiil.
    Picture: Click >here< for Noah Mills.
    Alias(es): N/A.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual – Interested only in the opposite gender.
    Religion: The Eight Divines; he particularly favors Stendarr, and after the God of Mercy, he loves Kynareth, Dibella, and Akatosh.
    Current Residence: Dawnstar, Skyrim – a temporary residence and not one he hopes to return to.
    Affliction(s): In Tulodius's recent medical history, he was greatly wounded in a skirmish near the Hall of the Vigilants, who saved his life. His wound is healing sluggishly, but is healing nonetheless and will continue to do so in-character and in-roleplay. Although he is not afflicted by any diseases in the beginning of any and all threads concerning him, There is a probability that Tulodius will get a common disease through a large ambush in the wilds; diseases passed through the bloodstream are the ones most likely to afflict him. His wound will not affect his endurance in combat.
    Occupation: Undecided, initially. A wanderer and explorer, and an ideal adventurer, but not ideal as a Vigilant, fighting off vampires and the like for a cause he does not wholly understand.
    Affliction(s): Initially, he is an associate of the Hall of the Vigilants.
    Physical Details: Things not explainable via the picture are mentioned in the following text. Tulodius's facial scar – see Affliction(s) and History for more information on this subject – from the skirmish is still very much visible. It is covered by a thin scar, the skin around it stiff and hard; it is deep and pale purple in color. The scar is on his right jaw, a twisted, jagged, and rugged wound that thins out quickly just underneath the side of his bottom lip on the righthand side. Otherwise, there is nothing else to explain; the rest of his physical appearance is all in the Picture.
    Alignment: True-Neutral; doing what feels right and seems like a good idea, a true-neutral doesn't feel strongly in one side of any argument, and doesn't believe at all in the elements of solid good and evil, law and chaos. They tend to stray from conviction and bias, rather than a commitment to neutrality. They think of good, generally, better than evil. Nonetheless, they are not committed to keeping good in power – only keeping evil out as long as it is an obvious threat to the balance between both. Again, rather than commiting to neutrality, they focus on philosophy. Uusually, true-neutral is the best alignment one could hope for, as it is well-balanced and mindful; however, it can also be incredibly dangerous if it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction. Tulodius struggles with his nature constantly.
    Class: Paladin Scout. Base of warrior, likeliness of Ranger traits.
    Major Skills: Light Armor, One-handed, Speech, Sneak, Restoration(appr).
    Minor Skills(nov): Alteration, Lockpicking, Enchanting, Archery.
    Spells: Candlelight, Oakflesh, Healing, Lesser Ward, Fast Healing, Healing Hands, Turn Lesser Undead.
    Weapons: This weapon >here< is of silver make – a gift from the Vigilants for his ruined sword, along with his simple hunting bow, found >here<, accompanied by twenty silver arrows. He also has an iron dagger strapped to his right thigh.
    Apparel: This armor >here< except without the cape – only the hood and the attached shoulder piece. The hood is usually down unless travelling.
    Items: In his small knapsack, he stores weekly rations, the exactly contents of which vary. Otherwise, he normally carries two waterskins and a skinning knife. Any items given to him in-roleplay he will usually store into his knapsack.
    Personality: There is no good or evil, white or black – only shades of grey. He struggles on whether to follow his heart and guts or his mind and knowledge. He also struggles with his bias, and has no commitment to neutrality. His ideal of “evil” is biased due to his upbringings. He dislikes arguing philosophy. Although he is mindful, he struggles to remain balanced and unbiased. He contantly fears that with neutrality, apathy will follow – and that with action, he would potentially become intentionally biased. Nonetheless, he has chosen action via speech over indifference or action by blade. He is constantly testing his confidence. He has a strong mind and subtle heart, but it is not always in the brightest of places. He believes that the Vigilants helped him back into the light of things, and is therefore afraid of dark thoughts and deeds.
    History: Tulodius was raised in the time when the Aldmeri Dominion had control over the Imperial City, which was bruised greatly in the Great War. He remembers the White-Gold Tower being replanned and rebuilt, and he remembers how the Altmer soldiers stood where once, he was told, Imperial guardsmen once did before they were slain in defense of the City before it fell to the Dominion. The Great War had a great influence on his life. He was raised to be not sneaky and mischievous but instead open and polite; knowing no better, he had no quarrels with following this, although he became very reticent in his teenage years. He moved to Bruma when he came of age, and worked at Nord Winds there. It was soaked with Thalmor influence. At twenty-three years of age, he joined the Imperial Legion, and was charged for nearly three years to keep the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim safe. He was moved to the Pale Legion camp near Dawnstar, where he stayed for half a year – mostly in his tent, doubting an attack on the camp would ever come despite what the Legate claimed – before they were finally sent out to form a second camp near Whiterun, to keep Stormcloaks from heading south from Dawnstar and Windhelm to attack the neutral city. Tulodius thought this was stupid, but he went along with it anyways. Along the way, however, they were ambushed by the Stormcloaks from the Pale Stormcloak encampment. Caught by surprise, they practically demolished the Legion party, although they had also lost nearly half of their own men in the process. This ambush happened near the Hall of the Vigilants, and it was the Vigilants who dispersed to the battle ground after the battle to bury the dead. They found Tulodius there, feverish and nearly dead. He had been mauled on the right side of his jaw. The maul had torn through the skin and flesh there, digging several inches deep, and already the wound was festering and infected. They cared for him in their Hall, passing two days alone attending to the infection before they had attained the correct ingredients. They called it alchemy – he called it a miracle. He remained unconscious and fevered the entire time. When the alchemical salve began to heal the festered wound, he had a vision of a burning bright light behind a hooded figure, offering him a horn. Tulodius accepted it and looked into it, but he saw nothing. Nonetheless, he drank. It was a clear liquid, and it burned like fire. The figure leaned forward and laid a hand on the side of his face where the wound was; the stranger's skin was as soft as silk and cool as ice. He screamed that morning, thrashing as if battling a demonic demon, and that is how he awoke. When he came back to consciousness and told the Vigilants, his saviors, of his dream, they insisted that it was Stendarr reaching from his haven in the stars and offering Tulodius mercy. He was in awe, and afterwards prayed and pledged himself to Stendarr, and was named as an apprentice of the Vigilants. He called the Hall home for a little more than a month, continuing to heal. When the scar from the wound was thick and hard, he decided to move to Dawnstar and decide from there what to do with his life. In Skyrim, having already opened his mind to the life of the Vigilants, he will see things, also, from the side of the Stormcloaks. Never has he been such a keen watcher of politics until now. And now, the dragons have returned, and the faint presence of divinity on Tamriel seems to quickly fade, despite the presence of the mysterious Dragonborn hero.

    Extra Details: Questions, ideas, suggestions, and/or concerns? PM me! And please, suggest new threads to me as well! I am thinking of having a journal for Tulodius, also.


    New Member
    Name: Natalia
    Nickname: Nat or Nattie by her close friends
    Birth Place: Skyrim, Hut deep in the woods near Falkreath
    Gender: Female
    Race: Nord
    Age: 18
    Body: Petite, large bust, 110 lbs, pale skin, 5"5, two tattoos; one on the back of her neck, the symbol of skyrim, and "Thrynn" on her right hip
    Hair: Long, pale blonde that goes down to top of her thighs which she wears in an intricate fishtail braid down her back
    Face: Perfect skin, with beauty mark above her mouth, large, deep brown eyes with long and thick eyelashes, high cheekbones, arched, neatly shapen eyebrows, pouty mouth
    Positive Traits: Funny, Flirty, Seductive
    Negative Traits: Rude, smart mouth, impulsive
    Likes: Money, stealing, animals
    Dislikes: Jarls, obeying the law, all elves
    Birth Sign: The Thief
    Relationships: Dating Thrynn from the Thieves Guild
    Class: Thief
    Major Skills: Speechcraft, Sneak, Archery, One-handed
    Minor Skills: Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Light armor
    Armor: Master Thieves Guild armor
    Casual/Town Clothes: Boots and tavern clothes
    Miscellaneous items: Silver engraved ring her mother gave her as a child, silver necklace from Thrynn
    Weapons: Ebony bow and arrows, two ebony daggers, set of 6 throwing knives
    Fighting Style: Take down enemies from the shadows with her bow and knives, but will dual-wield daggers during close combat
    Political View: Hates the Empire, but is not involved in any civil matters
    Religion: Worships Nocturnal and Dibella
    Affiliations: Thieves Guild
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, but more attracted to men
    Background: Natalia grew up deep in the woods of skyrim, in a small hut with her mother. They lived off of the land, hunting for food, never going to any small villages or big cities for any supplies. She lived with her mother until she was 16, until one day when a stray arrow shot an Imperial soldier straight through their head. She eventually ran all the way to Riften, where she met Brynjolf. She joined the Thieves Guild and has been with them ever since.
    Other: Natalia does not eat meat, after hunting animals for so long she became a vegetarian when she joined the Thieves Guild and has also pledged never to kill another animal ever again.


    Name: Evvalyn Reidweald.
    Pronounciation: Eh-vahh-lenn R-eed-wee-ld.
    Alias(es): Evva – prouncounced “Ey-vah”; Eve – pronounced “Eh-vey”.
    Age: Twenty-seven.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Breton/Manmeri.
    Date of Birth: 2nd of Sun's Dawn, 4E 174. 1) The Breton holiday Mad Pelagius Day, in which it is boasted that it was his time in High Rock that drove him mad and 2) During 4E 174, the Aldmeri Dominion attacked, raided, and took military control of the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, and the Reach and Markarth in Skyrim fall into an independent kingdom for two years by force by the Reachmen/Forsworn. During her childhood, the following events occurred: The Battle of the Red Ring took place as the Empire sought to retake the Imperial City, which was successful, although they suffered heavy losses. Exhausted from war – much similar to the neutrality acts between the nations in the history of real life – the Empire negotiated a peace treaty with the Aldmeri Dominion, the White-Gold Concordat, ending the Great War – the terms of agreement being that the Aldmeri Dominion would return the stolen territory to the Empire, and the worship of Talos is banned. Because of the treaty, relationships between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell detoriated – although allies in the War, the empire was forced to renounce Hammerfell as an Imperial province. Due to the White Gold Tower being partially destroyed in the War, all of the Elder Scrolls housed there vanished and scattered across Tamriel by unknown means. The Stormcloaks were created and rebelled, and the Second Treaty of Stros M'kai decreed that the Aldmeri occupation forced were to withdraw from Hammerfell. Finally, in 4E 201, the Dragon Crisis and Skyrim's Civil War begin.
    Birthsign: The Lord; a higher probability of deflecting damage from physical and magical attacks, except for fire due to the Trollkin Curse, which makes one naturally more vulnerable to that element. If one was a Dark Elf, the racial traits would override the majority of those of this birthsign; this is not the case, however. Due to being a Breton, Evvalyn does not only avoid more damage from magical attacks, lessening the effects of the Trollkin Curse, but she also has a likeliness of absorbing the magica of hostile spells on strike.
    Place of Birth: Evermor, High Rock, the city closest to Skyrim, bordering on Hammerfell. Home to the War Knights, a renouned gladitorial team. It was sacked by a horde of Reachmen led by Durcorach the Black Drake after a three day siege, in 2E 541. After the Reachmen were defeated and King Emeric killed Durcorach outside of the city walls, Evermor (amongst Daggerfall, Shornhelm, Camlorn, and Wayrest) signed the Daggerfall Covenant, which aided High Rock into interacting better and head-on with other races – specifically, Orcs and Bosmer. It remains a place of open culture to 4E 201.
    Picture: Click >here< for an ingame picture of Evvalyn.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual – interested in only the opposite sex.
    Religion: The Eight Divines, although the background religions of Evermor, due to interaction with Orismer and Bosmer, has intermingled and conflicted. Above all, she gives praise to the Ebonarm – the Breton god who always wields a blade – his arm fused with an ebony sword - but, without violence and only with words and the gift to lift bigotedness from the mind of living creatures, can halt an entire war in a single day.
    Current Residence: Traveller that is known to dwell in and around Whiterun and it's hold due to it's placement as self-acclaimed capital of Skyrim. Also has a tendency to stay at the Silver-Blood Inn in Morthal. Looking for a temporary residence to last her a few years. Travels around the province of Skyrim due to searching ancient ruins for relics and architecture of interest, which is partially why she is attracted to Markarth, if it were not for the Forsworn that bleed out of the very hills – not to mention that it's much closer to home.
    Occupation: Scholar and author, dedicated to exploring, in teams if possible, ancient ruins. In Cyrodiil, the Ayelid ruins were fantastic, but they were teeming with traps and creatures taking cover from the public eye, ranging from goblins and bandits to vampires and liches. It was too dangerous. The Dwemer ruins are teeming with traps, but the denizens within, although not to be underestimated, are to be expected. It is just as interesting if Ayelid ruins, although much less magical and ethereal and more architectural and automatic despite the age and state of the ruins.
    Affliction(s): College of Winterhold associate scholar and scout. Her means of sorcery and sneakiness are not looked upon kindly enough for her to be accepted into the Companions, although she wishes they would open their minds to her; she believes that being a member of the Companions would bring her much reccomendation, skill, and glory for her kin.
    Alignment: True-Neutral; doing what feels right and seems like a good idea, a true-neutral doesn't feel strongly in one side of any argument, and doesn't believe at all in the elements of solid good and evil, law and chaos. They tend to stray from conviction and bias, rather than a commitment to neutrality. They think of good, generally, better than evil. Nonetheless, they are not committed to keeping good in power – only keeping evil out as long as it is an obvious threat to the balance between both. Again, rather than commiting to neutrality, they focus on philosophy. Uusually, true-neutral is the best alignment one could hope for, as it is well-balanced and mindful; however, it can also be incredibly dangerous if it represents apathy and indifference.
    Major Skills: Restoration, Light Armor, Sneak, One-handed, Destruction.
    Minor Skills: Lockpicking, Conjuration, Alteration, Enchanting.
    Spells: Restoration(apprentice): Healing, Lesser Ward, Fast Healing, Healing Hands, Steadfast Ward, Sun Fire.
    Destruction(apprentice): Frostbite, Freeze, Frost Rune.
    Conjuration(novice): Bound Dagger, Conjure Familiar, Raise Zombie.
    Alteration(novice): Candlelight, Oakflesh.
    Weapons: Small-ridged steel broadsword – for reference, find “Glimmer” on the Steam Skyrim Workshop. Also carries two steel daggers on person at upper thighs.
    Apparel: Crimson Ranger Armor, Nexus only – click >here< for a link to a picture of it on a female model.
    Items: A collection of magica and stamina potions, some on person and most in knapsack for after-battle or before long-distance or heavy travel. Two waterskins and food restored when can – water only drinkable once boiled and then cooled over time. Skinning knife and large cannister of salts and pepper-spice. Other things may be included, if found useful or interesting in-rp.
    Personality: A real plopse-head whilst arguing – always believing that the other person isn't opening their minds to all of the possibilities, or “isn't being fair”. She insists that in the real world, it's not all about yourself and that being alone is better. Although a stubborn companion, she is fierce and loyal to her cause and allies especially, although can be dissuaded from continuing a task if the reason is good enough. She's keen on eavesdropping, and not terribly sensitive to the scenery around her unless something or someone nearby is intent on killing or praising her. She's eager for honor and spilling blood in battle, hardly regretting the loss of a life until years later, even if pressed about it, unless it is brought to mind via recent doubts, events, and sitations. She could be seen choosing comfort over practicality at times. Prideful but not vain, and a hardy organizer but weak prioritizer, Evvalyn has a heart warmable and nourished with victory and courage. Despite not being vain, she is overly confident in victory and relating to past victories. She has a tendency to be seductive and experiment in both battle and peace, and in a dark manner enjoys discovering riddles. Totemed by the wolf, she has sharp instincts, although they can be dragged into chaotic befuddlement and misdirection; she has a strong sense that she is being challenged or threatened constantly; and, despite her alignment, is slightly chaotic – valuing all freedom of mind, body, and spirit, much including her own.
    History: She adored her home; as a child, she was brought up with acceptance and raised to be proud and strong for her kin and all of High Rock. She never knew much of sellswords except that they were knights that demanded pay to protect High Rock. She was raised into a medially reputable family who lived on trade of silks and what the huntsmen agreed to trade them, although they always considered moving north to begin an independent ship trade. Perhaps they would have, had her life not been crippled in her preteen years, when a sellsword came to her house when her parents were off, one at the market and the other visiting a good friend, leaving her and her brother, Eerin, alone there. The sellsword seemed like a polite fellow, and her brother, scarcely nine years of age, opened the door for him. For unknown notives, the stranger raped her, at the age of fourteen, and left her brother with a scar stretching from the left side of his mouth to his left ear, caused by his gauntlet. Her spirit was crippled, but as she grew past her teen years, her persona hardened into a wall of stone and iron, yet to crumble. Her studies took her into ancient textology and ruins, which landed her into hearing of Dwemer ruins. She has since marched between the Reach and Whiterun Hold fishing out suitable sellswords to accompany her into one of the depths. She has been considering for a very long time now meeting with Calcemo in Markarth as an apprentice in Dwemer history and machinations.

    Extra Details: Evvalyn is a new character I made simply because I wanted a new character option for in-game purposes, and maybe I can actually do a journal for once on her. I wanted someone whose facial composure looked more like mine, and who shared in similar “skills” like I do. If there is a thread you'd like me to join in with Evvalyn, then please PM me. If you would willingly make me YouTube intro art for free, or are interested in helping me kickstart a successful YouTube channel, please email me at skyent22@yahoo.com - Thank you. There is a character picture from in-game in my signature - there, look for "Character Pictures for Roleplay Reference".


    Name: Cora (I didn't know I'd be joining a forum like this when I named her)
    Height: 5’
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birth Place: Elsweyr
    Class: Ranger
    Main Skills: Sneak, Light Armor, Archery, One-handed, Lockpicking, Smithing, Alchemy
    Weapons: Ebony Bow, Blades Sword, Scimitar
    Armor: Eleven Armor and Thieves’ Guild Armor
    Laterality: Right handed, but because she dual wields, she’s become skilled with her left as well.
    Marriage Status: Married
    Sexuality: Gay
    Properties: Breezehome, Honeyside
    Affiliations: The Companions, The Empire,
    Religion: Believes in the Khajiit telling of gods and the world, but worship isn't a big part of her life.
    Appearance: She’s medium build for a Khajiit, slightly larger than the average thief. Her fur is tan with dark brown, almost black, markings. She has three stripes on her forehead that merge at her hairline. On her cheek she has one curved stripe and a couple spots. Her jaw and muzzle are a cream color. The top of her muzzle is brown, though slightly lighter than her stripes. A fresh scar crosses her nose. Her eyes are a pale blue, almost silver. She has a gold earring in each ear. Her black hair comes down to her shoulders and is styled into dreadlocks

    Good: Cora is friendly and will genuinely try to help people. She won’t kill unless the person or animal is trying to kill her or someone else. She accepts her role of Dovahkiin with pride. She’s willing to face her fears if it means helping others.
    Bad: She doesn’t always think things through before she acts. She thinks of herself as a hero but is willing to steal from the people she saves. Her logic is if the person has something she needs and has enough wealth and items to spare, it’s fine to take some. She’s very jumpy and is terrified of undead. Bit of a scaredy-cat at times if you ask me. :p

    Companions: Goes solo unless going into a draugr invested dungeon or anywhere with undead. Then she usually brings along Mjoll the Lioness or Aela.


    Name: Wrathion
    Race: Orsimer
    Age: 30
    Height: 6’3”
    Gender: Female
    Birth Place: Wrothgarian Mountains
    Class: Battlemage
    Religion: Like most Orsimer, Wrathion worships Malacath.
    Main Skills: Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, Destruction, Smithing, Sneak
    Weapon: Don’t remember right now, but it’s a two-handed axe
    Armor: Mix of Imperial and Steel Armor
    Laterality: Right handed
    Marriage Status: Single
    Sexuality: Bisexual with a preference for women
    Properties: Anise’s Cabin
    Affiliations: College of Winterhold
    Appearance: Greenish-Brown skin. She has a defined brow and prominent cheekbones. Jagged scars mark the left side of her jaw. Her warpaint is red and covers her forehead and her eyes. Her hair is black and shaved into a Mohawk. Her eyes are a dark amber color, in dim lighting they look brown, and in the light they look golden. She’s tall like most Orsimer and is well muscled from years of training with a battle axe.
    Personality: Wrathion has her own standard of honor which she follows in Malacath’s name. These standards are her moral compass. She’s very selfish and her goal at the end of the day is to help herself. In Wrathion’s mind, killing anyone is alright. She sees it as she has bested them in combat, even if it’s by any means necessary. Wrathion’s intelligent and very strategic but finds she often doesn’t have time to sit down and read.
    Companions: Jenassa
    Short Background: Not wanting to end up like her older sisters, married off to other clans, she traveled to Skyrim looking for a new life. Wrathion’s clan disowned her when she left so she no longer uses her last name.


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    A Rotten Scroungeral
    Name: Maere Soul-Singer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Race: Nord
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Current Residence: N/A
    Class: Cleric
    Affiliations: Do’Vassal, Vigilants of Stendarr , herself
    Afflictions: None
    Alignment: Lawful good to Neutral Good
    Religion: Nine divines.
    Markings: White tattoos on her face and eyelids, given to her with each level of her training.
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 115 lbs. .
    Hair: White, grown past her shoulder blades. It is coiled tightly, (Dreaded) and some of it is wrapped in bun like wrap at the back.
    Eye Color: Icy blue
    Build: Small. Her body is not honed to perfection, as she has had no combat training.


    Personality: Quiet, well-mannered, and worried. But she has a mean streak that you best not see from the wrong end. She despises undead, and when she is in a situation including them, she almost becomes a symbol of righteous fury, determined to wipe them from the earth she walks.
    Equipment and Clothing
    Restoration imbued robes, that are labeled as such by the patch on her left. Wears thick, but comfortable boots, similar in look to the mage boots. A few satchels are located on her back and and side, holding herbs, salves and potions for any situation.
    Uses this staff, which is a staff of Stendarr’s Aura, enveloping herself in a warm bubble of light that burns the undead around her.

    History: Also going to keep her backstory under lock for now. Hopefully that’s okay.


    A Rotten Scroungeral
    Name: Do’Vassal
    Race: Khajiit [Cathay]
    Age: 40
    Height: 6’4 (Can change if incorrect)
    Class: Goutfang Monk, Monster Hunter.
    Affiliation: Vigilants of Stendarr, Maere Soul-Singer, Himself
    Religion: Divines, to Stendarr he is most devout.
    Appearance and Equipment: Tan fur with no real distinguishable markings on face and neck, aside from scarring caused by his training and many encounters with impure creatures and monsters.
    He has a blonde mane that runs to the base of his neck, along with whiskers like below, tied at the ends with golden rings. Many earrings on both ears that have multiplied since his introduction to the school of Goutfang.
    Well built body, toughened from his training and constant battle, as is displayed below:
    His armor is, as seen above, mostly clothe based, with expertly hardened leather gauntlets, with open fingers, so that he may access his claws to get a better grip on an enemy.
    A few things that are different from the picture is that he has an equally hardened leather chest piece that is for deflection of small blades, an arrow or two, and the occasional wolf bite. The same goes for his boots, which go up to right around where this guy’s leg wraps go. The rest remains mostly cloth, so that he can move about unhindered.
    Major: Unarmed, Light Armor, Restoration (Healing and Damaging)
    Minor: One-Handed, Speech, Sneak
    Personality: Do’Vassal is a proud warrior, working proudly alongside the Vigilants of Stendarr to cleanse the world of the evil abominations the Daedra unleash upon the world. He is fiercely protective of Maere, who he treats like family. I'm afraid I can't say much more, however, as it's classified!


    Name: Rosealia
    Nickname(s): Rose
    Race: Breton
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Birth Place: Karwasten, Skyrim
    Class: Mage
    Relgion: Believes in the divines but doesn’t think much about religion.
    Main Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, Illusion
    Weapon: N/A
    Armor: Apprentice Robes, Apprentice Hood
    Laterality: Right handed but the strength of her magic is equal in both hands
    Marriage Status: Single
    Sexuality: Straight
    Properties: None
    Affiliations: None yet
    Appearance: Rosealia’s skin is darker than most Bretons. She’s pretty but not extraordinary looking. Her face is ovular. Her short reddish brown frames her face. Her eyes are medium brown. A simple design is painted on the left side of her face with white warpaint. Growing up poor, her face is already showing signs of wear. Her hands are callused from mining and she’s physically stronger than the average mage.

    Personality: She’s a very sweet young girl however a bit naïve about the violent and harsh nature of Skyrim. She always tries to do her best to help others. Eager to learn, she wants to master magic so she can help her family and other citizens of Skyrim. I’m not going to add it here, but her personality is going to start changing the longer I play her.


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    Name: Lucretia Roscia – surname is a family name, as is the wont of most native Cyrodiilics; it means 'Tribunal', or a person who upholds or defends the rights of the people.
    Pronounciation: Loo-cretch-ah Rah-zee-ay.
    Surname Bannerism: Albino wolf, oft titled the Pale Dog. The logo “Night Never Ending” states the Roscian belief that the world is never without need of aid in hostile times from those with the strength to stand strong.
    Alias(es): Lucen, also aliased to Luce/i/y the spelling of which varies.
    Age: Seventeen (17) years.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Imperial is human; preferring the civilization of cities, Imperials are well-educated and well spoken, generally having good jobs with a certain amount of authority attached to it. Their luck is high, and things usually turn out to be in their favor. People may been indebted to come to an Imperial when they're emotionally sick, as Imperials also have a calming disposition. Lucen has Altmer traits as well; she can seem stubborn and sharp when in charge and taking leadership, and cannot be trusted to keep her word, and is therefore only vaguely trusted by close allies.
    Date of Birth: 16th of Morning Star, 4E 184, when the White-Gold Concordat was recent history and the Altmer had already receded from the rebuilt Cyrodiil, although Hammerfell was by then unfriendly with Cyrodiil, the Altmer having recently withdrawn from that province.
    Birthsign: The Ritual
    Place of Birth: Chorrol, Cyrodiil.
    Picture: Here is my screenshot of Lucen. Enthu/avalanche224 is my username on Steam, so all credit for this picture, excluding mods, goes to me. Please do not friend me without pming me on the Forums first.
    Sexuality: Undecided in role-play; defaulted as heterosexual, but is not as attracted to the appearance of male figures as most females are.
    Religion: The Nine, although no individual worship, and Morihaus (ancient Atmoran hero-god that established human control over the Nibenay Valley, and is associated with the Thu'um as “breath” of Kynareth; was Alessias's demigod lover during the uprising against Ayleid slavers; Morthal is named after him; depicted as wearing a greathelm with the horns of a minotaur; mentioned in battle prayers) Shezaar (Cyrodiilic version of Lorkhan; associated with many famed heroes, or Shezzarines, such as Whitestrake, who had unusually good fighting skills and could talk to fallen soldiers; also known as Shor in Skyrim culture; in the present age of racial tolerance, Shezarr is all but forgotten; may be referenced, although will be corrected in-roleplay as Shor by others, and will slowly adapt to this 'new name') and Reman (a cultural Cyrodiilic hero-god of the Second Empire, who was the greatest hero of the Akaviri Invasion of Cyrodiil. He convinced invaders to help him build his own empire, with which he conquered all of Tamriel except for Morrowind. Instituted the right of becoming an Emperor, including the Amulet of Kings, which was a soul gem of immense power later attatched to Akatosh's domain. Dynasty ended by the Dunmeri Morag Tong at the end of the First Era. Like Talos/Tiber Septim and many others, he was once a mortal hero. The rift between godhood and mortality and the will of the people made him a true, albeit secondhand, Divine.
    Current Residence: Dragon Bridge, Skyrim.
    Occupation: Scholar in the History and Articles of the Province of Skyrim, and ideal author and educator in the subject at the College of Winterhold.
    Affliction(s): None as of yet, due to still being fairly new in Skyrim.
    Alignment: True-neutral. For more information, see my biography of my first character, Kishan Braudil; you can find the link to his profile form in my signature.
    Class: Scout or spy.
    Primary Skills: Light Armor, One Handed, Sneak.
    Novice Skills: Lockpicking, Block.
    Weapons: On the Steam Skyrim Workshop, you can find 'Glimmer' – it is a short-hilted broadsword made of steel. The blade was the only surviving piece from a summer fire – it is ancient Cyrodiilic, from the late Second Era, which was the era in which Tiber Septim rose to godhood, uniting the Empire and beginning the Third Era. It may have been forged in that time, but it has never seen much more battle than striking wood. It holds a magnificent edge, and since it's recreation has yet to taste blood by the hand of it's current owner. It used to be named Mallun (My-oon) meaning 'charter/made to order' and that is what remains visibly inscibed upon the blade at the hilt. Her grandparents and their ancestors were convinced that the sword, given to Lucen as a departing gift as it had been ruined nearly two years previously, was for a soldier's son who died from Witbane before the success of Tiber Septim and the beginning of the Third Era. It was passed down by the parents througout the generations, and although it's blade's metal has not been truly tested, it soon will be. Out-of-lore, the sword resembles a sword from the movie Kingdom of Heaven. It is a true once-handed sword.
    Apparel: Thieves Guild-like armor without bandolier and made to fit a female figure, with darker and thicker leather and fabricated links layered with chainmail; the hood is fully fabric and crumpled, and it fits loosely.
    Items: In knapsack or belt pouch on left hip side: skinning knife, silver dagger, provisions, waterskin, collected and unused healing salves, bandages, pain-reducing potions known as Katurna medicines, and her personal journal.
    Personality: Open-minded and interested in culture and art. Imaginative, creative, and eager for cultural anc educational experiences. Loves art and despises bigotedness. Trusting, friendly, agreeable, negotiating and cooperative. Not at all energetic and sociable. She leads a balanced life between extraversion and introversion. Balanced in the terms of being well-organized at times and distracted at others. Also struck as average in neuroticism, suggesting that Lucen is balanced between negative emotions and being relaxed. Above all her personality traits, her openness to experience is most noticeable. She is proud and has many ideas, and although she is oft silent, she enjoys having some sense of civilization, and although fierce of mind, she is frank and detail-lacking. She enjoys both organization and liberty, and although having relaxed replies, she is oft seen as struggling with anxieties.
    History: Lucen was born under the second and quite rare Black Moon; her uncle claimed that the large dark circle in the morning sky was as black as the void when her first cry pierced the Cyrodiilic air. Her mother died soon after the birth, and she was therefore raised by her father, Monk Rian of Stendarr, her uncle Jorring, and her grandmother Aquilia. Her bastard brother Eerin is a year younger than herself, although he acts her acts, if not more maturely. They got into incidents and accidents together throughout her childhood. When Eerin, at the age of fifteen, fell from the Old Bridge just outside of Chorrol, Lucen felt broken and alone forever, departed from her blood-and-heart friend. They had been learning how to spar as a sport, and he had been alone when he had toppled from the stonework onto the depths below. He did not know how to swim, although it was the shallow and rocky bottom that killed him, although she was told that he was unconscious and free of pain before he died. She took up sparring in his honor, becoming a shadow of the Fighter's Guild. They frowned upon her use of lighter armors and more playful arts of “waterdancing”, but they accepted her nonetheless, mainly due to her uncle and fathers insistence and also due to her young age; where most would be careless, she was cautious. She learned how to hold many sorts of blade types with hand-and-a-half grabs and no hilt-bars. When her uncle was accepted as an Monk of Dibella, she decided to leave Cyrodiil for temporary years so she could discover her true passions and therefore get an occupation she would enjoy, for she deined to not join the Fighter's Guild for multiple reasons – the top like being that her grandmother disliked their bruteness, and because she did not feel at ease with a sword in her hand, although she did feel comfortable with one. Her father presented her Mallun and bade her his blessing, so that she may pass into Skyrim from the south unharmed. She planned to pass into Skyrim for a short amount of months before crossing into High Rock. When she discovered Dragon Bridge, however, those plans fell into ruin and she decided to stay in Skyrim for longer still. Although painfully far from modern architecture, the cities there had beautiful histories that she longed to explore. She has lived in a small waterside home in Dragonbridge for nearly two months now, and after fully settling in has decided to take to slowly traveling from city to city in search of discovering the truths and faults in Nordic history.

    Extra She bears a ring with a circle of crimson-tainted metal and the design of the Pale Dog on it's face. It's her Roscia Heirloom ring, and when not wearing it (which is often) she keeps it safe in her belt pouch.


    The Mad Conductor of Words
    (this is a Fallout Character I made a long time ago, I know this is a Skyrim site but I can't the link to the brother site for Fallout so yeah I'm putting it here)

    Name:John Matthews


    Gender & Age:29, Male

    Profession: A mercenary at times but mainly a well-known bounty hunter.

    Items: two 1873 Colt revolvers, Bowie Knife, some grenades, some C4, 5 or 6 stimpacks, a 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle, Pack of cigarettes, a map and 500 caps.

    APPEARANCE: a 5 o'clock shadow beard, has a tall and strong looking build, standing at 6,1 and weights 260 pounds plus armor, a fair few scars on his face and body, thick black short hair and blue cold eyes, usually wears a white undershirt, a metal breastplate covering his torso, dark brown jeans, brown boots, a black duster and two pistol holsters, as he always carried two revolvers. He accessorized himself with a wide brimmed hat, two bandoliers and a pair of fingerless gloves, his armor is that of a knight's chestplate he found not long ago it's not bulletproof but it's resistance is about 75% chance of protection.

    History: Not much know a few legends and myths passed around...Legends mostly say his hometown was raided and his mother and sister raped and killed in front of him. He grew up alone learning traits to survive in the cruel world. Then one day he finally found the gang that destroyed his childhood and decided to join in. When he finally got the trust of all the members he waited till nightfall to slit all of their throats. That was a long, long time ago, now he drifts aimlessly across the wastelands and just recently looking for work if it pays well.


    PERSONALITY: when he's in town he's usually is quiet but if something terrible and soul shattering is happening he will not hesitate kill the person responsible instantly too, and on his judgment, he is a bounty hunter takes all bounty and always brings them and he likes to smoke as well, He has been known to lighten up from time to time, showing a sense of humor through sarcasm, as well as being very compassionate to people he believes to be good and he does have a 'soft' side; loyal to those he considers friends and willing to stand up to a threat to defend them. He also has a soft side for the little guy, just trying to get by.

    Perks: Terrifying presence, Cowboy, Gunslinger and Lawbringer.

    Skills: Guns, Lockpick and Speech.

    Traits: Good Natured, Heavy Handed.

    Strengths: good with any gun you hand him but prefers with a revolver, not bad at lock-picking but could use some practice, a master of hand to hand combat but now fighting like he was in a bar fight you know smash a bottle over someone's head something like that.

    Possible weaknesses:John's primary Achilles' Heels is his surprisingly reliance on instantaneous executions and the 30% chance of armor being penetrated


    New Member
    Name: Lokir
    Race: Breton
    Class: Battle-Mage
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Caucasion, 5'9, shaved head and a freshly shaved face.
    Personality: Never tells anyone his name.. Only his closest knows his name, but no one knows his last name. He doesn't take orders unless its by elders ( Greybeards, Kodlak, etc ).
    Anyone who doublecrosses him dies.
    Skills: One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, Enchanting, Alchemy.

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    Jake Johnson

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    I thought of trying a character that would play completely backward to the way the character's race would be thought of as playing normally:

    Loki from the two Thor movies.


    Primary weapons:
    Daggers with fire enchantments

    Other main skills:
    Destruction spells (focusing on fire)
    Enchanting (the fire part of the tree)
    Illusion spells (watch Thor 2 - he mastered them)
    Alteration spells (I think he would especially like Transmute Ore)
    Restoration (I'd like to get him Avoid Death)
    Light Armor

    His appearance is based on Tom Hiddleston's portrayal in Thor and Thor 2.


    Introducing: Ki'jami
    Pronounced: Ki-Ya-mi
    Age: 22
    Race: Khajiit Dagi-raht
    Sex: Female
    Weapon: Conjuration (Atronachs) and a vitality-stealing Blue Dragon Ningato blade.
    Armor: Dwemer Battlemage armor with Conjuration and Magicka-enhancing enchants.
    Unlike most Khajiit, who use stealth and silver tongues to achieve their means, Ki'jami prefers to rush in headfirst surrounded by her small but loyal company of companions and Atronachs.

    Ki'jami was born under the waning of Secunda and Masser, resulting in her becoming a Dagi-raht, making her smaller and lighter than most Khajiit, and giving a greater aptitude for magic, which she puts to great use in her extensive studies of Conjuration and Enchanting. She comes from a relatively wealthy family of Khajiit nobles who have served the Mane since the 1st Era. Around the age of 16 she left Elsweyr and headed to Skyrim, where she quickly joined the Stormcloak rebellion and became helped bring about the fall of the Empire. After that she left the Stormcloaks and began wandering through Skyrim, eventually running into Esmerelda, who joined her across Skyrim.

    Fighting Style:Warhammers and a maid outfit.

    A lycanthropic wanderer who was captured by the Silver Hand group. Ki'jami found her in Gallow's Rock and invited her to join in her wandering across Skyrim.