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Id love in on this, i have always wanted to be a writer for a magazine and such. I was an inspring sports journalist but work was difficult to find in my area and since im just as passionate about gaming i would enjoy this and would love to contribute.

I would need a few more weeks before i started though because i want to be more knowledgeable about Skyrim first. I'm still on my first character so i could write an intro article in the near future about my feelings and opinions coming from someone who is experienced with RPGs and learning more by the day about Skyrim. So perhaps a perspective from someone who is just two weeks into playing the game for new comers to the site that could be researching if they want the game and have an article on how i feel so far. Then later on do some deeper articles as i learn more about the game because i intend to put a lot of time into this game.

One question though, I'm not too familiar with website designing and graphics if someone didnt mine maybe message me some kind of tutorial so i can learn it. That would be the biggest thing for me.

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Are we allowed to link another website's URL to our post or is that frowned upon?

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Ok, I know I am new to this forum, But I would love to be a writer. The only issue is I have a TERRIBLEH H key. I don't know an awful lot, but I record what I do find, anything unusual.


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I'm new to the forums, and I by no means consider myself a Skyrim expert, but I would absolutely love to write for the website.

I immediately thought that I could write about playing the game without companions. When I started getting into the Skyrim community, I was shocked to see everyone taking companions on quests with them, because I never do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers to go it alone, but it seems that I'm in the minority, so sharing my thoughts and experiences in that aspect could provide a new perspective to a lot of players.

Also, I'm a comedy writer by nature, so I would love to write humor articles, parodies, that sort of thing.

And I think a series of Top Ten articles would be a lot of fun.

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I would like in. I think of myself as pretty experienced. Haven't found a question I couldent answer. One thing though is that I am disgraphic which means i have issues with spelling and I can only type from an iPad. Would appreciate consideration


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I would like in. I think of myself as pretty experienced. Haven't found a question I couldent answer. One thing though is that I am disgraphic which means i have issues with spelling and I can only type from an iPad. Would appreciate consideration

We'll get you added to the writer's group.

Don't worry about the spelling either. I can edit your article before it goes live to help you with any corrections.


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Greetings Writers!

We have an upcoming article about some of the unique weapons found in the game. The author isn't on a PC, however. Who is still available and willing to help with some screenshots?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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I've been looking on the help section, and i'ts obvious that skyrim has a lot of bugs. I myself am experiencing some bugs that are making the game difficalt for me. Is it just me or do you think they should of sorted all these problems out, or at least most of them. This game is seriously buggy. I dont know if im going it or not yet.


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... duh. o_O They aren't as patched as soon as PC because the patches have to go through Microsoft/Sony and be approved, but it's not that much of a time difference. Maybe around two weeks.

well, i've made a complete fool of myself. sorry for being an annoying little uninfourmed dick... ._. goodbye forever!


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I would love to write for the forums. My articles would cover secrets, glitches, and character building tips for those playing skyrim right now. Some of the things i have to offer are how to get your smithing to level 100 in under 15 minutes and a secret chest found in one of the villages


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As a freelance writer, I usually don't do these sort of volunteer writing positions. A great game and community has been known to change that tendency though ;)

I can serve as a proofreader or a writer. Sadly, my playing experience is limited to the Xbox 360. I will perhaps purchase the PC version soon: I won't be completely dependent on others for pictures for very long! I can always do a thorough scouring of Google's image database and pick up something that's out on the free market anyways.

So if there's room, count me in :) Don't worry; I'll leave all the fancy em-dashes and colons for another audience :cool:

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