Any advice for new Khajiit ?

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Brand new Skyrim player. Pretty much a new RPG player as well. So far have gone thru a few dungeon's and learned to Shout, and killed 2 dragons. I realize Khajiit probably aren't the best race for a novice, but theres just something special about the whole race and history.
So any advice as far as swords to get or anything special I should know right away to go and find?
Also are horses any faster than walking ?


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I'm also a new player, but I've gathered alot of info,
Khajiit are great for sneak attacks, with bows or daggers (the daggers do alot if dmg if the enemies are unaware, bows do x2 dmg) basically they are great for the thief style gameplay, idk anything bout weapons, just Use the best dagger or sword you can get, same for the bow,
A horse us quite useful you can fast travel while encumbered if on a horse, and yes it's faster, costs 1000g.