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Specter of Death

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My 10 year anniversary of joining this website was a few months ago--I didn't even realize it. 10 plus years of this place.

I owe this forum so much. Some of my greatest and most long-lasting friendships started here. My love for fantasy and writing started here. My obsession and enjoyment of TableTop Roleplaying Games started here. My whole damned novel began because I was inspired by a story I wrote here--A FANFICTION FOR AN 11 YEAR OLD GAME ABOUT DRAGONS AND plops!

As far as my adolescence and young-adulthood goes, nothing can touch this place when it comes to influence on my entire life.

To every wonderful and eccentric Elder Scrolls Nerd I met, wrote with, and learned from on this website: I love you guys, I miss you guys, and I hope life has treated you well all these years later.

I'll still be lurking, as usual...but peace out!


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Yes it is amazing how time flies. This is one game I still play on occasion.