Spoiler Ahtar's Axe... possible?

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We've all seen it by now, that MASSIVE axe that Ahtar, Solitude's Executioner, carries around. I've secretly lusted for it, but my previous attempts at acquiring it failed (pickpocket N/A, essential NPC).

After doing a bit of research though, I found out that you can actually recruit Ahtar as a follower! Unfortunately in my current play through, I've already blocked myself from obtaining him by killing Captain Hargar in Broken Oar Grotto.

Apparently, Ahtar become non-essential at the end of the Civil War Questline and can then be killed. I was curious if anyone had him as a follower?

1) Does he use his Executioner's Axe in combat?
2) If he died, could you pick up and equip his Axe?

Professor Skalvar

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This is from the Elder Scrolls Wiki page.
The Headsman's Axe is considered a Two-Handed battle axe and takes both hands to wield, yet is affected by the one-handed perks and skill level.

If you recruit Ahtar as a follower, you may simply go into his inventory and take it from there.
It's also possible to simply steal the axe from Ahtar while he is sleeping in his house in Solitude, regardless if he is a follower or not.

Jersey Dagmar

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I'm pretty sure I was able to obtain it in my first playthrough when I befriended him and he became a follower. It is a sweet weapon. Sadly, my Argonian wasn't going the two-handed route, so I didn't use it much. But since it gets one-handed perks, I might have to give it a try!


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It is a beautiful weapon.. but it's pretty pointless for high leveled characters..

Ken Grubar

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Ahtar got killed by an Elder Dragon on the special edition version I never got to use him as a follower on that playthrough, but i did get his axe. i don't understand why USEP lied about him being essential though.