7,000 Steps: F*&$ing Frost Troll

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First off, What level do I have to be at, to defeat or get past him? I'm Level 6 Redguard. And let me say Lydia sucks as a follower. I used Faendal in the Bleak Falls Barrow and dude always was right at my back, sometimes if I stepped back, he would take point. Very useful. Lydia is always way behind me. I do stop and wait so its not just me. I've been getting slaughtered by the Abominable Frost Troll all evening. I"ve tried running, Shouting, fire, the axe, the mace.... Potioning up.... I'm dead in two strikes. She shoots arrows but its no good. If I run the ugly Bumble catches up with me and kills me. Do any of the frosty items I got from the Jarl help in this case?

Karma is a bitch, I knew I shouldn't have stolen that horse.


Troll (not the frosty kind) :pinkdragon:


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Try doing side quests to level up.


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Even if you do manage to kill the troll, you'll only receive troll fat as a reward, along with a bit of experience.

My advice is to save your stamina, wait for the troll to drop down, and then just bolt along the path of High Hrothgar. And if you still have that horse, it makes avoiding the troll a lot easier.

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1) Using Sprint to run right by him, then hope he wastes enough time killing Lydia that he gives up chasing you.
2) Someone recently posted an alternate path up the mountain that bypasses the troll.
3) You can sneak by hugging the very edge of the drop-off.


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Yeh, I was going to say to use Sprint and you can outrun the troll. There are, I believe 10 stops to make at small altar's on the way up, but you can always go back later to get them when you're leveled up enough to nail whatever is there.

I've had Saber Cat's, Bear's and Troll's on that trail, not to mention the wolves and Ice Wraiths.


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Everything everyones said thus far. Another option is to get a minor conjuration spell and use that summoning to distract said troll why you book it. (its what I had to do, he was too tough for me as well). Either run past, sneak past, level up and blow him away....the beauty of skyrim is the ability to do it as you wish :p.


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You can veer off the pathway to the left and do a small amount of rock climbing to completely avoid the Frost Troll:


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I'm a Level 5 Dark Elf & all I did was walk/sprint right past him and all the way to The Greybeards Castle. I honestly didn't think Lydia would make it but surprisingly she came right up behind me on the steps


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What I did to get past the frost troll on the Xbox 360 as a level 6 Argonian is this:
Tell Lydia to wait a good distance away so she doesn't follow you and get killed
Right hand: Flame spell
Left hand: Scroll of fireball (optional)
Walk up to the troll and when he notices you hit him with the fireball and quickly switch your left hand to a shield (i used a banded iron shield). Continuously blast him with the flame spell and when he gets too close, use Thu'um or bash him with the shield before he attacks. Be walking backwards away from him while attacking. Use potions if you have them. This took me a few tries but I managed to kill the troll and keep Lydia alive after a few attempts. Much better than sacrificing Lydia or sneaking past in my opinion. I hope this is helpful :-)
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