Glitch 12 Steps to Godmode (A guide on getting all perks in Skyrim)

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Hello everyone! Today I will teach you how to get level 252 and max all skills in order to buy all perks. This can be done really quickly even with a new character. In fact, a new character can be less time consuming than an old character. You know why? With the Oghma Infinium glitch you can max all skills really quickly, but if you already did the quest and have patch 1.9, you won't be able to use the glitch because it was fixed, so you will have to level your skills naturally. Anyways, this is how I did it! It took about 6 hours to complete it I think, give or take.

Step 1 - The first thing you need to do is delete the patch 1.9 from your console. I play Skyrim on a ps3, so you have to go to the ps3 main menu, go to the games section (the one where skyrim and demos and stuff appears), and then go to Game Data Utility. There you can just delete the patch. I don't know how to do it at the xbox but you can just google it.
Obs: If you already have a character with all skills leveled to a 100 or close to a hundred jump to step 11

Step 2 - After deleting the patch you will need to create a new character. Customize him any way you want.
Obs: Do not reinstall the patch until you complete step 8. You may reinstall it and play with other characters but do not load this save, otherwise you won't be able do load it again without the patch and the Oghma Infinium glitch won't work!

Step 3 - Follow the Main Questline until you reach Septimus Signus outpost (the old guy which asks you to go to blackreach)

Step 4 - He will ask you to go to Blackreach. There you will inscribe the Runed Lexicon and get the Elder Scroll needed to continue the Main Quest. Return to Septimus and if you are level 15 he will ask you to collect blood of all the “mers”. If you are not level 15 yet just explore a bit and when you get level 15 a Courier will deliver a letter from Septimus to you. The “mers” are the Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, Orsimer and Falmer. You need to collect blood from each of this races. Just kill or find dead bodies of those races and activate them. An option will appear and you can harvest their blood.
Obs: You can get all blood types except Altmer at Liar’s Retreat. Google it to know how to get there. And for the Altmer blood just go to Halted Stream Camp, north of Whiterun. There is a dead Altmer on the end of the cave at the spikes in the hole.

Step 5 - Return to Septimus and retrieve the Oghma Infinium. After you take it DO NOT READ IT.

Step 6 - Now that you have the book you need to find a bookshelf. I don’t know where you can find one that is free to use, so I bought the house in whiterun and decorated it for the bookshelf.

Step 7 - With a bookshelf in front of you and the book in your hands, we will start the glitch to level all skills to a hundred. The glitch is simple, but one mistake and you may have to start it all over again so SAVE BEFORE YOU START! Activate the bookshelf, place the book in the bookshelf and exit. Activate the book, select do not read and take the book. Activate the bookshelf again and go to your books section, read the book while it is in your inventory, select any option you like. After the book closes, place it in the bookshelf again without exiting the screen. When the book is finally placed in the bookshelf again, you can exit the screen and repeat the process by activating the book, not reading it, taking the book, activating the bookshelf, reading the book and placing it back on the bookshelf.

Step 8 - Once you finished using the book and all skills are maxed to a hundred, you should be level 81. Go ahead and purchase the first 5 perks in enchanting and the perk above it (Insightful Enchanter) which will make skill enchantments 25% stronger. Also purchase the first 5 alchemy perks, and the next two perks on the right tree as well (Physician and Benefactor).

Step 9 - With all skills maxed, you can now reinstall patch 1.9

Step 10 - Now we will need to collect a few items and ingredientes. Just follow the list:
- 5 Grand Soul Gems
- 2 Unenchanted Rings
- 1 Unenchanted Necklace
- 1 Unenchanted Helmet
- 1 Unenchanted Bracers
- 5 Abacean Longfin/Cyrodilic Spadetail*
- 5 Salt Pile*
- Choose 2: Hagraven Claw/Spriggan Sap/Snowberries
- Fortify Alchemy Enchantment

*This amount is not exact. With the perks I described on step 9 you will only need 5 of each. If you do not have any perks get at least 15 just to be sure. And you need to have 5 fishes, it doesn’t matter if you have 3 abacean longfin and 2 cyrodilic spatedail. Just make sure that both of them add up to the amount you need.

Step 11 - SAVE FIRST! Now with everything in hand go to Dragonsreach or any place where you can find na Alchemy Lab next to an Arcane Enchanter. Enchant one ring, the necklace, the helmet and the bracers with the fortify alchemy enchantment. Equip all of them and make a fortify restoration potion using one of the fishes and a salt pile. Drink the potion, unequip all pieces of enchanted gear you have and equip them again. Make another potion quickly before the effect expires. Drink the new potion and repeat the proccess. Do this until you make a potion with a high value percentage like maybe 5 million percent. Drink the last potion, unequip and re-equip your gear and make a fortify enchanting potion using hagraven claw/snowberry/spriggan sap. Then drink the potion and enchant your remaining ring with fortify alchemy. If the value is negative you will have to repeat the loop and make less fortify restoration potions.

Step 12 - With your new insanely op ring you can buy all ingredientes from any alchemy vendor and make potions with your ring equipped. Any potion you make will raise the alchemy skill to a hundred, so make a potion, legendary it, make another potion and so on. You will get levels quickly and when you reach level 252 you can simply purchase all 251 perks in the game!


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I got a much simpiler step to God Mode its called the Console Command TGM


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