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  1. itsmydragon

    Fallout 76 Discussion/Speculation

    I play Fallout 76 sometimes, sporadically. I think there will be a ton of new players after Amazon's TV show on Fallout goes live
  2. itsmydragon

    Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish! ]

    I have negative associations with the word Gulag, but your art is fine
  3. itsmydragon

    Create your own Dovah name.

  4. itsmydragon


    Hi - I have been playing Oldschool Runescape for many years. I stopped because I had to start playing ... life I still have an account and a lot of OSRS gold
  5. itsmydragon

    Whats your favorite game and why?

    My favorite game is Morrowind and Heroes of Might and Magic III Because they have a great atmosphere, great music and are a work of art among games. However, when it comes to MMO games, EVE Online is what I value the most - this game does not get old and has the most intelligent community of all...
  6. itsmydragon

    a few things why I am proud of myself. "accomplishments"

    I am proud of myself because my predictions for the future are often right. I am proud of myself because I came up with ways and solutions that no one had ever thought of before and I revolutionized the industry in which I work. I am proud of myself because in every job I was quickly promoted to...
  7. itsmydragon

    Add a new section - Fallout 76

    There are Fallout forums that don't even mention Fallout 76 because they consider the game an abomination - and so is Fallout 3. There is even a Fallout 4 section on our forums, so that's probably not the problem. The forum can only benefit from it, the Tv Show about FO76 is to be released soon...
  8. itsmydragon

    Which Country Do You Come From?

    I'm from Poland - Europe
  9. itsmydragon

    games you have played and mastered.

    I'm PoE master - I can play 10h per day for every new Path of Exile league
  10. itsmydragon

    Introducing myself ♡

    FB is getting worse, I hope the forums will come back into favor Welcome ;-)
  11. itsmydragon

    Does anyone play Morrowind anymore?

    I play sometimes - but I already know the game too well. Recently I installed to show this game to my daughter
  12. itsmydragon

    Your "wow" moments.

    The biggest WoW was when I saw Throat of the world - I immediately hit google to read more
  13. itsmydragon

    Elder Scrolls 6 (VI): Where will it take place?

    Why do so few people vote for Morrowind? Morrowind was beautiful, I'd love to see it again!
  14. itsmydragon

    Imperials or Stormcloaks, what one?

    Stormcloak is closer to my heart
  15. itsmydragon

    PC Do you prefer a controller?

    Keyboard and mouse. I can only play racing games on the pad. The precision advantage of the mouse is unbeatable by the pad - there is probably no discussion here. Besides, I often play shooters, after all, playing a pad shooter is a parody (there is also an aim option, drama).
  16. itsmydragon

    What truly is the strongest combat style ?

    IMO style ranges have no chance against brute force and good armor.
  17. itsmydragon

    Did you know these references between the Elder Scrolls series and Fallout?

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, but I got an arrow in the knee." The guardian's monologue from Skyrim was a very popular meme. The creators of the game (Bethesda) referred to him in their next productions which was Fallout 4. While visiting the airship of the Brotherhood of Steel (Prydwen)...
  18. itsmydragon

    Why is Hroar missing in the orphanage?

    It wasn't - thank you :*
  19. itsmydragon

    Why is Hroar missing in the orphanage?

    I'm sorry, what is "timeout" in Skyrim? What do you mean?