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  1. Lindor

    PC Need Help: Bugfixing the PowerMods on Double-Enchants

    Hello dear Skyrim modders! I have a little bit of a problem with a mod i released on steam, Lindor's Enchantments (sry am not able to post links yet). Btw i don't really know in which subforum to post since it's both already released and work in progress. It is about the removing 100+% cost...
  2. Lindor

    Hi everyone :)

    Hello Dragonborns! I'm a 24 yo gamer from Germany and i love modding games. I've written mods for Factorio, Sacred: Underworld, Sacred 2 and Scrap Mechanic (and didn't publish most of it so far), but my latest project got me into rediscovering Vanilla Skyrim with the help of the Creation Kit...