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    So, anyone tried a Stealth Mage?

    i started a dark elf again and this is the first guy ive taken past the mid 50s lvl. he has two sets of nightengale legendary. i got the second one by making serana use the armor stone in nightengale hall. but now hes wearing dragonscale. all combat skilss are at 100. alondg with pickpocket...
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    If mercs left after a certain amount of time then it is a very long time. But that makes sense in sort of a wierd way. but im on my 5th or 6th guy now. and that seems like a lifetime ago. If what you say is true it could have something to do with your level.
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    Skyrim DLC Dawnguard Finally Released - Xbox 360 News

    I bought it but I can't find out how to get there. I asked about rumors in rifted and white run and now I'm running around the road to morrowind
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    Invest in smithing? or an armor tree?

    I am very disappointed in the smiting tree. I thought the update was supposed to allow you to go all the way around instead of starting over.
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    chest with insane respawnable loot inside in Dawnstar

    The only one i knew of was the one in dawnstar. But its been a long time since I've been back on this forum. Maybe they were part of the update
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    chest with insane respawnable loot inside in Dawnstar

    I know I'm bringing up an old thread but I just got internet finally. And now that I got the update the dawn star chest isn't Res pawning like it used too. On my old guy it respawned every ten days. On my new guy it doesn't respawn now. I emptied it completely out. Waited ten days it was still...
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    The dumbest thing you done in game....

    my dumbest moment didnt come from the game. it came from real life. i have been working on the rest of the magic skills for a couple weeks now and wanted to see if you could write books like you can for destruction. well i went on vacation and took my xbox.(this is where the stupid part comes...
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    making a vamp, require assistance

    Really your enchanted stuff worked for you. I might have another bug that I wouldn't know about then cause I had a ring with really good stamina regent and had my armor with health regent but outside I wouldn't regent anything. Even with enchantments
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    What did you do today in the world of Skyrim

    This weekend I did something unspeakable..... I put down skyrim for the first time since its release. I put in this game called rage. Its made by Bethesda as well. Very fun. Kinda like a mix between fallout and badlands. Tonight I'm gonna switch back to skyrim and finish the no stone unturned...
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    What Can Survive the 30x Damage Perk?

    Depending on what weapons you use and difficulty you play on then there is nothing that can survive the 30x dam. That's why my thief got retired. The game just wasn't fun due to that.
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    The Battlemage - A Massacre In Skyrim (Character Build)

    I've never used a shield and I probably never will. Even though I should my current guy is the very definition of squishy. I put all the points into magic and stamina. My health is only at 160. Even though I'm wearing the ebony mail armor that has been Smith ed out the ass I'm getting killed...
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    Spoiler Skyrim goats are truly carnivorous

    If you play on Xbox with an HDMI cable it looks like that too.
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    making a vamp, require assistance

    Playing a vamp in skyrim is hard work. I played as one for a week with my pickpocket assassin and just got sick of not being able to regent anything its really annoying during the day when your outside. Good luck I'm not gonna spoil anything else when it comes to your experience.
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    Spoiler Skyrim goats are truly carnivorous

    Well even in real life a goat will eat anything so why not in skyrim
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    I have a confession

    Dude the game isn't going anywhere and I'm addicted to it. Other then putting some holes in targets sky rim is the only stress reliever I have not counting sex. So I feel your pain. So my advice is to play an hour here and an hour there. The game isn't going anywhere. Sleep isn't as important as...
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    Imperial Officer's Helmet

    its random but those are two forts i can actually remember seeing imperial gear in. ive never collected them other to sell them when i dont have money.
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    Is this normal?

    yeah this is normal its happened to me everytime i start a new character. still dont know why. but you might run into another group of hired thugs. but be ready to kill like 3-4 db assassins. ive kept the letters this time and im sitting at 10 notes from assassins sent after me. still dont know...
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    Imperial Officer's Helmet

    yeah you can find them in many forts. the one i can actually remember is mistwatch. its been taken over by bandits and this girls husband is there and asks you to look for her. and theres a fort just west of whiterun that was overran by bandits that has alot of imperial gear in it.
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    Outfit Ideas for Native American Character

    go forsworn and use alteration to buff your armor i didnt take my alteration up that high but you can smith and enchant your way to decent armor ratings. i have a ring necklace and guantlets that boost my armor up another 100 points. add that with the higher magic armor spells and you could get...
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    Hey I'm new I will tell you about my character

    @ novopo if you switch hands meaning you put your dagger in your left hand youll get even faster attack speeds. the weapon in your left hand controls your attack speed and the weapon in your right hand controls how much stamina your attack uses.( i think thats how it works.) but with the deadric...