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Jun 23, 1982 (Age: 41)


dunnegan lvl 49 dark elf delta warrior this one got retired
ebony war axe/ebony mace legendary
ebony bow legendary
nightingale armor flawless

chases-own-tail lvl 17 argonian theif/sniper forced into early retirement by mistake
orc bow exquisite
steel mace exquisite left and right hand
scaled armor exquisite

scouts for kills lvl 37 argonian thief/assassin/sniper retired
glass bow legendary
glass dagger legendary left hand/ blades sword legendary right hand
scaled armor legendary

nord lvl 52 battle mage
frenzy,incinerate thunderbolt, nightengale blade(legendary)left hand
frenzy,incinerate,thunderbolt,fire storm, lightening storm, deadric war axe(legendary) right hand.
ebony mail armor legendary. with ebony boots,gauntlets,and nahkriin mask legendary



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