ESO The Dread Cellar Guide | Veteran, Hard Modes & Secret Bosses

Welcome to the video guide for the Dread Cellar Dungeon which includes Veteran, Hard Modes and all the Secret bosses. This dungeon contains three secret bosses and three bosses all with their own hardmode and is one of the most difficult in the game to date. Moreover, there are very good item sets to collect along with a new monster helm:
Scorion’s Feast (Light), Rush of Agony (Medium), Crimson Oath’s Rive (Heavy), & Magma Incarnate (Monster Helm).

Below are timestamps to skip below to specific sections. If you have questions on mechanics, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to respond. Thanks for Watching!

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0:00 Intro
00:11 Secret Boss #1 Purgator
02:20 1st Boss | Scorion Broodlord
08:55 Secret Boss #2 Undertaker
10:38 2nd Boss | Cyronin Artellian
16:27 Secret Boss #3 Grim Warden
18:26 Final Boss | Magma Incarnate
31:45 Outro

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welcome back gang it’s delta here from here with an eso dreadseller  

guide this is going to include all the bosses 
hard mode and the secret bosses so i’m going to  

skip the trash polls and things you don’t really 
need to know the first thing you need to know  

in this area is going to be access to phase one of 
the secret boss this is very important if you’re  

trying to clear all the hard modes so what’s 
gonna happen is this area you’re gonna clear  

out of the trash you’re gonna find an area where 
i’m character is going to right now that’s gonna  

have two braziers you’re gonna need to find 
the two flames for the braziers which i put  

here along with the entrance two players are gonna 
have to go grab the braziers with the synergy key  

bring them over and deposit them once that is done 
you’ll be able to access the mysterious corridor  

when you’re down in the mysterious corridor 
they’re gonna have two other things you’re  

gonna have to activate two crystals along with 
a portal that will spawn that will allow you  

access to the specific boss look at this map here 
so two players activate them at the same time a  

portal spawns and allows you to fight a secret 
boss the secret boss in here is very important  

if you want to complete these on hard mode 
because it’s going to give you an added benefit  

once you come into this area where the secret boss 
spawns you’re going to have another mechanic with  

the two braziers you’re going to have to light 
it bring it over to the yellow one once you  

get to the yellow one then you activate the key 
which will proc the secret boss the secret boss  

is not very mechanic intensive it’s very 
simple kind of like black drake villa with  

a little bit of hp you can’t change the fire atros 
in but you can taunt them so just simple stack and  

whack here get it down the purpose of getting this 
down is you’re actually going to be able to summon  

this specific boss to aid you in the fights 
coming forward with the synergy that you  

already got along with this status effect 
purgatory’s ascension weapon and spell  

damage increased you’re going to be able to 
summon this on your command for one minute  

and the most important part about 
this is it will summon and resurrect  

allies and shield alloys with bolster so this is 
like an oh crap button in the boss fights to come

go ahead and continue on and we’ll make it all 
the way to the first boss and activate hard mode  

and the first thing i want you to pay attention 
to is that exact crystal that we just unlocked  

it’s on the clear opposite end of the fight 
and so when you’re in trouble or you need a  

little extra boost this is when i grab it so 
i’m gonna play from the perspective of a tank  

this boss is very tough with hard-hitting um 
heavy attack damage over time debuffs it’s just  

nasty kind of reminds me of belladreth first 
mechanic up here is an aoe cleave common sense  

stuff pointed away from the dps and the healer 
otherwise they will absolutely get wrecked this  

will also blow through your stamina pretty quick 
so you need to be cognizant and make sure to block  

or use a frost staff and block with magic next 
thing up we’re gonna have some ads that spawn the  

bone colossus is your priority target and try to 
stack everything on the range if you can but it’s  

starting to get nasty with a lot of ground effects 
on the ground the bone colossus is priority on  

the ads because it will one shot your dps another 
mechanic here the boss is gonna look up in the air  

shoot up like a red portal and jump through 
it what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna summon  

a crystal that needs to be taken out immediately 
so it could be spawned pretty much all over the  

map and we find it here clear in the top left and 
it will also spawn a couple more adds the day drop  

on the right is very similar to that what you’d 
experience in vma maelstrom arena with a very  

hard-hitting damage over time fiery breath that 
if you leave it up it’s going to be a lot to deal  

with so dps are going to rotate to the crystal 
and you as a tank are going to have to deal with  

this fire breath so keep a defensive ultimate 
if you need it you’ll want to position yourself  

close enough to the healer where the healer 
can help the dps in a pinch and also help you  

so we’re going to keep on working on the adds 
the dps is going to work on the crystal i’m  

going to maintain and the boss comes back to 
me and here’s another mechanic it’s basically  

gonna do a laser beam from the top of it 
and you’re gonna need to bash it the faster  

you bash it the better so when you see that 
big right glow make sure to bash right away  

something that helped our group out is having 
crushing shock magic sork because it’s not just  

the tank that is responsible for this bash along 
with these big huge red circles very very hard  

shooting out in an aoe 360 so they’re kind of 
hard to avoid especially if you’re a melee dps  

so everyone should be aware of the bash mechanic 
coming from here on out and you can also have a  

heal or slot crushing shock as well because bang 
if i’m not right on top of it to bash it right  

away it will be a one shot and someone will die so 
you’re going to continue on like this encountering  

the crystal and a bunch of adds it’s very hard 
to taunt all of them at the same time as you can  

see there’s four three of them are melee and one 
of them arranged so ideally stack on top of the  

range if you can in the ground and your resources 
allow it and those are pretty much all of the  

mechanics that are in this specific fight that are 
of note so rely on the synergy in the back right  

corner from where you spawned because in a pinch 
if someone goes down it becomes very very handy  

we actually don’t use it in this one because we’ve 
done this fight quite a few times so we wanted to  

see if we could do it without that’s going to 
add a lot of damage per second and it’s going  

to have a synergy that you can use to shoot down 
a bunch of damage as well this is going to be a  

foreshadowing of what’s to come in the later fight 
specifically the scorion is a lot to deal with  

so the dot the damage over time you’re gonna 
have to find a way to deal with it as a tank  

you’ll see another theme throughout this dungeon 
as well is constant bash and interrupts so another  

thing i would suggest doing is i’m using the frost 
destructive clench because i like the major main  

that it gives me as a tank but you might want 
to slot inner rage or inner beast whatever morph  

you want to go with reason being is you really 
need a lot of range because the mobs and the  

ads spawn clear across remember to prioritize the 
day drop along with the bone colossus number one  

stack on top of the range if you can also don’t 
forget to position yourself as best as possible  

in between the crystal so your healer can heal 
you along with the dps it’s a lot to deal with  

as a tank and you’re gonna blow through a lot of 
resources which is why i’m using engine guardian  

so right there we didn’t do a good job of bashing 
and interrupting and you can see one of our party  

went down that’s okay you can recovery pretty 
easily from this fight assuming the ads are not  

overwhelming you so what you need to do is either 
use the synergy or coordinate a res but you can  

recover from this specifically so what i usually 
do on tanking this is make sure that i save a  

magma armor or something really really really 
survivable defensive alt just in case that happens  

now coming up here you’re gonna see an example of 
me not doing a very good job and taunting the adds  

as they come in because a bone cloth is gonna come 
from our left hand side and just clip one of our  

dps so i’m focused on the bash and boop dang dead 
so make sure that you prioritize taunting that and  

again the range taunt that comes from undaunted 
is very very helpful here if you are tanking this  

because they’re going to be all over the map and 
15 meters with a destructive clinch is not enough  

sometimes also i’d highly recommend when you’re 
learning this fight to make sure you prioritize  

your ultimates for survival along with selfish 
resource sustain healing and off heels there’s  

really no dps mechanic that you have to burn 
through in 15 30 seconds or so so essentially you  

can take your time clearing out the adds making 
sure you kill the crystal right away taking your  

time because there is no dps check so spec towards 
survival first then take the training wheels off  

once you understand the mechanics and you know 
what’s going to happen as you become more familiar  

with it now you’re going to start doing aggressive 
war horns and other things to really burn down the  

house but this one is very very tough it’s also 
tough for melee dps and everyone needs to be aware  

of that bash mechanic because that will ruin your 
party and end your day for you so make sure your  

entire team is able to bash because it’s not just 
up to the tank and that’s pretty much the fight

after you finish this boss fight you’ll make 
your way through a couple of hallways a couple of  

trash poles into a room like this and this room is 
going to have another set of braziers and you’re  

gonna have to hit the synergy and bring the fire 
to them so this one in particular has not two but  

three along with a door that you’re gonna need 
to unlock first so what i’d recommend doing is  

making sure you find the braziers unlocking the 
door getting it prepped and then kind of run a  

little relay race with your three folks 
that are carrying the braziers to unlock  

the secret chamber down here it’s gonna be 
more of the same so you’re gonna have three  

crystals you’re gonna have to simultaneously 
click at the same time which will spawn the  

portal here’s where we found the crystals so make 
sure to count it down three two one clicky clicky  

this is what one of the crystals look like 
defensive matrix shard you’re gonna click that  

and go into another portal which you guessed it 
it’s gonna have two razors grab the two braziers  

bring it over here to the blue activate it and 
then you’ll get another boss the boss here is like  

a lich very similar to some other bosses you’ve 
already faced crypt of hearts and many others  

nothing really going on that’s out of the 
ordinary here has a lot of ads so just make  

sure to taunt the ads that they’re pressing 
your dps and this will be able to be spawned  

going forward as well so now you’ll have two 
synergies two panic buttons if you will for  

these upcoming fights ahead making it very 
useful this will increase your magicka and  

stamina recovery by 200. so make sure to use 
this and keep it on your mind and you can use  

it especially if you need a res or some boosted 
damage so we’re going to keep on moving through  

and we’re going to go to the next boss which is 
a very very hard one especially for me the tank  

a lot of mobility needed on this one it was a very 
hard one to learn so you’ll see two atros in the  

boss you’re gonna taunt both of them and get ready 
for a lot of mechanics that are very hard hitting  

so for these two storm atros the best thing 
to do is kind of stack them on top of the  

boss aoe cleave them down just note they will 
come back so this is not just a one-time kill  

they’re very annoying and it’s hard to get 
the bashes because it happens so quickly  

so just be aware they’re gonna be around you’re 
gonna have to deal with them now comes the tricky  

mechanic you can see the red waves coming towards 
you also an npc will verbally have an audio cue  

that will kind of post up and put this big thing 
up in front this will block the waves so you as a  

party need to keep your head on a swivel and watch 
where that is also if you stack towards the rear  

of the encounter you’ll get more time to deal 
with the waves so that’s what i highly recommend  

you can actually put yourself up against the 
wall too which i’ll get to a little bit later  

so we see that coming so it blocks the wave 
another thing you have to deal with is the  

bolt worm this will slow you down so the person 
that it’s attached to has to kill it yes even  

you as a tank so heroic slash is what i do with 
a pierced armor and it’s enough to get it down  

but now you have atronachs you got red lines you 
have an npc to listen to and you have bolt worms  

to slow you down as you can see this is a lot to 
deal with and now you got another mechanic which  

is a big huge thing that’s going to be placed on 
you once it stops and procs it’ll stay there for  

a while so you’re going to want to move out of 
it drop it somewhere where it’s not inconvenient  

for your party and you’re just going to have to 
make your way around this so i’d highly recommend  

some mobility tool you can get major expedition 
from your chains as a dragonite or you can use  

elusive mist or you can use race against time but 
a lot of mobility stack here here comes another  

mechanic and this is a hard one to deal with 
this is an ideal time to burn the boss and it’s  

going to shoot out these huge skulls which you 
see these are a one shot unless you dodge them  

so this is what the skull looks like kind of 
slowed down our friend in the sorky porky got  

nuked down by these so do not try to block 
bash to do anything but dodge him if you can  

or you’re gonna get deleted so i do exactly the 
wrong thing which is kind of just try to face  

tank it a dragonite style and boom i get deleted 
but this is where the synergies come into play  

you can hit one pop both of us up and everyone 
gets a damage shield so we popped it up we got the  

purgatory active i’m gonna make sure i taunt the 
boss there’s going to be a lot of little adds to  

deal with so change them in if you’re a dragonite 
and you’re going to see that mpc in the corner  

so you’re going to have to keep your eye on the 
npc because the flame waves or whatever you want  

to call them are going to continue to come so i’m 
going to stack them here all together my head’s  

on a swivel looking to the right and then hit 
that synergy key will proc a lot of damage from  

that specific ad that’s helping you i’m gonna 
do warhorn here just to try to get this stuff  

down you always see i’m peeking to the right to 
see where those waves are the bolt worms are your  

number one priority even you as a tank are gonna 
have to deal with them so make sure those get down  

right away and you’re just gonna kind of hang 
out here doing as much damage as you can trying  

not to put those big huge circle balls on there 
we did try to dodge roll through these red lines  

it worked on the initial phase of the pts but 
it does not work now if you get in trouble you  

can actually hug up to the wall and it will not 
kill you the red lines will not kill you so it’s  

kind of a cheesy last stand thing you can kind 
of do but the red little orbs will be placed on  

you so it won’t last forever but if you get in 
trouble park next to the wall it did work for us  

so those are basically the mechanics um there 
are a lot to deal with especially if you don’t  

have mobility as a tank so you’re gonna have to 
probably slot something um especially if you’re  

not mobile you’re gonna have to deal some damage 
the bolt worms and you’re gonna have to keep an  

eye visually on where things are a lot of these 
ads will harass your dps and healer so it’s a  

highly recommended to either taunt or change them 
in and now you can actually 100 to zero this boss  

to start if you have really really high dps i’d 
highly not recommend it especially when you’re  

getting to learn this so look at the npc look and 
turn the subtitles on if you can’t hear it audibly  

because it will help you listening to the npc 
for their command where they put up the wall  

and then you’re gonna have to kind of be 
aware of it you can park it right in the  

center or towards the rear which will give you 
a little bit more time to deal with the walls  

when we were dying and learning this fight it 
really was the bolt worms that were the biggest  

problem and we kind of learned that oh the dps 
can’t just be the ones that nuke him down even  

me the healer or the tank has to hit him a couple 
times as you can see that bolt worm on me right  

there i do a couple dodge and it will reattach to 
someone else if you don’t kill it or just bash it  

do whatever you can to get that thing down red 
skulls are out we gotta dodge roll these puppies  

so until you learn the telegraphs pull back a 
ways because you’re gonna get more time with that  

telegraph if you’re further away from the boss 
very simple geometry here but it does matter when  

you’re learning the fight so during the red phase 
drop the house in the center and or pull away  

we had a couple people down because of the ads 
there’s a lot to deal with so i’m just gonna hit  

that last synergy and this is where it comes in 
really really handy so hit it we got two so i’m  

just going to save them until someone goes down 
and that’s when we use them more stuff going on  

we got the two adds about down boss is about 
down i can’t stand this fight as a tank i just  

want this done and fortunately for us we got 
her down but we’re not done now we got another  

secret area and we’re gonna be four braziers that 
we’re all gonna have to grab including good old me  

and run it to one location deposit it and 
get access to another secret boss area  

so this is what it looks like grabbing the brazier 
hit the synergy key i’m going to run my little  

tank bud as fast as i can all the way over here 
and there’s a secret door boom now we got access  

same thing down here there’s going to be four 
crystals one’s clear in the back which is kind  

of tricky to find but uh look at this map 
here should tell you all four of them and  

where we found the crystals count it down click 
the crystals at once and you should have access  

to the final boss to help you which you’ll need 
every ounce of help you can get for this last boss

last boss up you’re going to activate the white 
crystal which is going to spawn it this one is  

a little bit harder to deal with and what 
i’d recommend is making sure to range taunt  

the adds or they will harass your dps and healer 
and then you’ll have this whirling mechanic here  

you can eat it if all your buffs are up but i 
just highly recommend kind of side skirting it  

keep the boss parked in the same spot if 
you can that way the dps can have as much  

uptime as possible and you’re really just 
kind of line-of-sighting that big huge  

whirlwind that’s going around along with the 
boss’s mechanic but this really isn’t too bad  

but it will give you the synergy that we 
desperately need along with an extra buff  

once this is complete now you’ll have access to 
three synergies that will res allies during the  

boss fight and this specific one is going to 
last for one minute it’s going to increase max  

health by 2000 which is going to be very handy 
and needed for the next boss so now we’re going  

to keep on moving and get to the last boss after 
a couple more rooms and corridors and we’re going  

to activate the hard mode and get ready this is 
one of the longer boss fights in the game and one  

of the harder for four mans that i’ve experienced 
so it’s going to take some time to get this down  

it sure did for us so hang in there you can 
do this next is going to be the first mechanic  

which is a bunch of little scamps they’re going 
to proc heat waves at your feet and or allies  

these are not priority over the boss but you can 
change them in and lock them in place on top of  

the boss kind of increasing your dps next up we’re 
gonna have one of the most painful mechanics which  

is gonna target three people at random up to four 
later on it’s gonna shoot a big fire wave after  

about two and a half to four seconds and this is 
going to need to be dodged blocked or avoided at  

all cost you also not want to stack on top 
of each other or it’s going to be a one shot  

especially if you’re a dps you’re going to 
encounter this throughout the entire fight  

so you’re going to see our dps kind of spread 
out and i’m going to take care of the scams kind  

of park them on top and it’s going to leave a red 
circle that yes does damage throughout the room so  

make sure not to park it in an inconvenient 
spot or you’re gonna have to deal with it  

next up you’re gonna see a kind of purple or 
reddish whatever your tint is and this is gonna  

be a big huge aoe damage if you’re the tank you 
can eat this if you’re dps and healer it’s not  

advised so make sure to get back this is why 
you want to park the boss closer to the edge  

if at all possible so you can keep up the dps next 
there’s going to be fire tornadoes because why not  

these will do damage to you so move away from 
the boss try to be avoid these if you’re melee  

or anyone else so you have a bunch of stuff 
on the ground already you have fire tornadoes  

and it’s going to get heated up even more also 
the boss will do a big old heavy attack so if  

you’re the tank you’re going to need to avoid 
this or it’s going to be a lot to deal with  

and more of the same here and we’re going 
to get a couple more mechanics coming up  

at around 70 and i think about 35 percent you’re 
gonna get an extra mechanic where you’re gonna  

have to go into a door a portal and deal with 
the specific ads that’s what we’re gonna have  

to get to next and where this is is right 
where i’m facing right now to the upper left  

so this is gonna have to be placed by the boss or 
you’re gonna have to sprint over there so that’s  

kind of why we chose to fight it here because 
it’s just a little bit of ways away and you  

hit the synergy key which will show you that you 
have to get in there and deal with a specific ad  

so it’s a very long encounter and it’s hard for 
the tank especially on the the when you go in the  

portal and come out this is the hardest thing to 
practice so you’re gonna get used to these flame  

and fire mechanics i’m actually a vampire for this 
so i can use elusive mist for the damage reduction  

and that’s what i use to learn this fight you 
can use chains race against time anything but  

it’s very nice to have some mobility you’re also 
going to have a lot of damage fire damage over  

time after that specific heat wave on you so make 
sure a cleanse or something’s going out and you’re  

going to have to have a lot of healing coming 
in especially in the later parts of this fight

more of the same here gonna move out of the way 
and your job as a tank is trying to make sure  

that the boss can be damaged by the melee if 
at all possible and not to leave those circles  

at the most inopportune times you actually 
can go back to where that portal is and try  

to cheese this mechanic but we didn’t have success 
with it now the the mpc is going to spawn you’re  

going to hear a verbal cue and you’re going to 
have to come inside here and do crystal down  

highly recommend hitting a war horn dropping 
the house on this because if you don’t it’s  

gonna empower the scoria on making the boss 
immune to damage and basically life miserable  

so we’re coming in here going to stack and whack 
there’s actually a bunch of different versions of  

this so i can’t show you all of them but they’re 
very simple mechanics you might have to get out of  

fire you might have to rotate a couple other ones 
but this is the one that we got to clear on so you  

can actually park on top of the lights which makes 
it a bit easier or just all out nuke it so we got  

that down and now we can go back into the portal 
here and you don’t have to rush this actually it  

will drag you back at some interval so coming out 
of here we’re gonna have some more fun beautiful  

mechanics because why not we are not done yet 
you’re gonna have to do that phase one more time  

so keep that in mind what’s gonna be added is 
a big wave of fire along with that scorion that  

we faced earlier a little mini version of it along 
with a very hard hitting dot and a channel ability  

that you’re gonna have to deal with so again tank 
challenge here comes the heat waves now you’ll  

notice there’s a little gap in between the base of 
the pillar if you will and the heat wave so that’s  

where i park myself along with the boss so now you 
got heat wave flame tornadoes things on the ground  

this mechanic is next you as the tank have to 
recognize this and stand in it or it’ll be a group  

wipe so get in there otherwise it’s not going to 
go well for your party even if there’s a bunch  

of red on the ground that’s priority number one 
otherwise you’ll all die and we’re probably four  

minutes in five minutes and we’re still getting 
a mechanic so i promise it’s just about over but  

more flame waves here and we’re gonna park it 
over here and now the real challenging part the  

scorion this thing absolutely melts me as a tank 
so i’d highly recommend trying to avoid it for  

the beginning of the encounter after you tonic you 
can use a combination of dodge rolls cleanse magma  

armor defensive ultimates elusive mist a bunch of 
stuff but the heavy attacks if both the boss and  

that scorion hit you with a heavy attack it’s 
going to be game over along with both of their  

fire dots and the scorion dot it’s very hard to 
deal with so i’m going to rotate via tripods magma  

armor ultimate defensive ultimate running resto 
ultimate to keep me up through this phase so we  

get this down it’s a lot easier but the scorion is 
the number one thing to deal with so even swamping  

a defensive set of gear not powerful assault 
or something else will make a big difference  

in surviving this we just activated one of the 
synergies and that’s highly recommended as well  

you can hit that synergy as soon as that scorion 
spawns and it will do a lot of damage with its  

synergy but you might want to wait till someone 
goes down especially the tank like me because i  

had a lot of trouble learning this to start 
so i landed missed there hit a magma coming  

out of it and it’s getting really low on hp so 
i’m liking our odds to clear this one this time  

we got flame waves we got scams we got scorion we 
got a synergy there’s a lot going on as you can  

see so it’s very very survival heavy and that’s 
what i recommend doing here is speccing as a team  

for survival because if you get this down this is 
actually not that bad as long as the scorions go  

down and you’re gonna have to deal with it twice 
so don’t celebrate just yet we’re gonna have to go  

deal with it again also it is possible to do this 
with melee but as you can see from this footage  

it’s a lot easier with range because you have the 
ability not to be all up on top of five to six  

different aoe ground effect nasty things on the 
ground so right there i did a poor job placing my  

flame pool on top of someone else we might lose 
someone and we did because if you stack both  

of them on top of one player it’s going to be 
too much to deal with so our healer went down  

because i did that now i’m gonna stack and do 
the tank mechanic otherwise it’s a group wipe  

and we can recover here so as long as the 
scorion’s down i’m pretty survivable independent  

of a healer though it’s nice but you can survive 
along without the synergy and keep in mind  

if one synergy is activated you can’t do another 
so if two people go down and the undertaker or  

someone else is out you can’t go ahead and 
activate another so there is some kind of strategy  

with when you activate that when in doubt when the 
scorion comes out it’s very handy to activate it  

but if someone goes down right away it’s going to 
be hard to recover with that scorion out you’re  

going to spend five to six minutes getting back 
to the same spot so i lose aggro here and uh our  

melee dps goes down because i did a bad job 
prioritizing the scamps instead of the boss  

so lesson prioritized the boss not the scamps but 
we got them down and we got it recovered so you  

can recover as long as you’re not panicking and 
the scoring on is not out so you don’t have to use  

a synergy remember yeah you have three of those 
synergies you can hit twice when both scorions  

come or you can wait for this mechanic here and 
hit it and will help you get this crystal down  

which can be very handy as well so we actually do 
not get the dps check met here in this stone and  

in fact we uh don’t allow it to be destroyed so 
it actually empowers the boss so make sure you use  

your war horn here to get this down because if you 
don’t the last encounter is going to be absolutely  

miserable so don’t save that warhorn because 
it will empower the boss making life miserable  

and also make sure to pick up those ads priority 
number one so we didn’t make the dps check and we  

come out of here and you’re gonna see that scorion 
empower the boss making this last little bit  

very very challenging if it already wasn’t so 
bless and learn don’t save your war horn any  

ultimates or dps you have to get that crystal 
down priority number one and also make sure you  

park yourself by it so when that transition 
phase happens you’re really well aware of it

so there’s no new mechanics but we ran into 
doing this for a bunch of hours when we were  

starting to learn was just maintaining your 
focus for this long can be a bit challenging  

because you can recover from it but certain 
phases of it are going to be very very hard  

especially if you’re the tank if you go down it’s 
going to be hard to recover from this so it’s a  

it’s challenging being able to maintain your 
focus for this long but if you get past the  

scorion both the scorions then it’s just very 
simple mechanics throughout and just survival  

there is no dps check like vadishram or something 
like that meaning you don’t have to speed through  

it if it takes you 20 minutes to do this fight 
it does it takes you 9 5 whatever it may be fine  

but you can always spec heavily defensive while 
you’re learning and that’s exactly what we did  

running earth gore i’m not running in kratos 
behemoth i’m not running all the other  

abilities that i normally would to increase dps 
because i have to survive priority number one  

once i’ve done this a bunch of times i know the 
mechanics i got my build spec’d out and ready  

to go well then i’ll change it up but right 
now it’s a lot to deal with and here comes  

our front the scorion and we’re pretty low 
hp so i’m gonna pop my alt and i’m gonna get  

in my mist form i’m gonna sit and have to eat 
this so i’m gonna eat the scorion dot i’m gonna  

eat flame dot i’m gonna just have a whole heck 
of a lot of not fun and so you gotta make sure to  

maintain your focus and just heal up when in doubt 
dodge rolls are very handy here you can avoid some  

of that um cleave and aoe damage as well through 
the dodge rolls but you’re going to have to watch  

your stamina especially if you’re blocking so 
that’s why i expect heavy resource intensive on  

this tank also expert evasion is a very handy cp 
passive especially if you dodge roll as much as me  

also consider taking a frost staff and making 
sure that you either use magic or stamina to block  

that’s also through the destruction staff pass of 
the very first one so you can kind of alternate  

between pools making sure you have something to 
block with and a heal on one or and or both of  

the bars so right there i stood in crap i ate 
a heavy attack and i got nuked but we have one  

last synergy left so we’re able to recover this 
thankfully because i did not do a good job of my  

positioning and just ran out of focus so i’m gonna 
grab the scoring on here and we’re getting pretty  

low on the scorion and we got one person down 
thankfully i have my ultimate up so i’m going to  

taunt the boss do my tank mechanic here and i got 
a magma magma is very helpful for the other group  

members as well getting a shield and now it’s 
just survival mode oh using that synergy for extra  

dps making sure we get our allies up and just 
surviving so you as a tank are gonna have to be  

pretty tanky no pun intended and if someone goes 
down you’re gonna have to be able to recover so  

magma armor again along with potions i’m using 
drake’s rush as well for my armor set so i’m  

constantly generating tons of ultimate for myself 
and the group and we’re going to stack and whack  

right here we can get the scoria on down i’m 
pretty confident we can get this done well i  

know we get this done because i was there more 
of the same once again also uh since we’re 20  

minutes deep in this fight revealing flare major 
protection you can slot that on both bars that’s  

going to be very very good if you’re watching 
this and not aware it’s an alliance war skill  

that will give you major protections simply for 
slotting it so double barring that if you want  

along with a heel on each bar is very useful for a 
tank again the range taunt isn’t as necessary here  

so the 15 meters with destructive clinch i prefer 
over uh inner rage but that can help you if things  

are getting away from you which it did a couple 
times but it’s really just a very very long fight  

you have to maintain your focus for a long time 
even at a couple percentage it still has a million  

health and a million things going on so hang in 
there if i can get it done you can get it done  

and the only downside of this is this was 
on the public test server so i had to do  

it all over again a bunch of different times 
on the live server yay but that’s what makes  

pve great now this goes online is uh this is 
really next level dungeon four player content  

it’s super hard it visually is striking it’s one 
of my favorite dungeons in the game and it’s an  

achievement to beat this puppy there’s all sorts 
of cool bells and whistles that you get titles  

um all sorts of stuff so we got this new 
title here and we got a cool screenshot  

because of course we did and you get this momento 
it looks like a campfire with different colors so  

i appreciate you watching hope you got 
something out of this it took us a lot of  

time and energy to get this done but if i can 
do it i’m confident you can too thanks again



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world activity rpg computer game created by Bethesda Game Studios and distributed by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth principle portion in The Elder Scrolls series, following 2006's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was delivered worldwide for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's principle story spins around the player's person, the Dragonborn, on their mission to overcome Alduin the World-Eater, a winged serpent who is forecasted to obliterate the world. The game is set 200 years after the occasions of Oblivion and happens in Skyrim, the northernmost area of Tamriel. Throughout the game, the player finishes missions and fosters the person by further developing abilities. The game proceeds with the open-world practice of its archetypes by permitting the player to travel anyplace in the game world whenever, and to disregard or defer the principle storyline inconclusively.

Skyrim was created utilizing the Creation Engine, modified explicitly for the game. The group decided on a special and more different open world than Oblivion's Imperial Province of Cyrodiil, which game chief and leader maker Todd Howard considered less fascinating by correlation. The game was delivered to basic recognition, with analysts especially referencing the person progression and setting, and is viewed as one of the best computer games ever. In any case it got some analysis, prevalently for its skirmish battle and various specialized issues present at dispatch. The game delivered more than 7,000,000 duplicates to retailers inside the principal seven day stretch of its delivery, and more than 30 million duplicates on all stages as of November 2016, making it a standout amongst other selling computer games ever.

Three downloadable substance (DLC) additional items were delivered independently Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, which were packaged alongside the base game into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition and delivered in June 2013. A remastered variant, named The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was delivered for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2016. It incorporates every one of the three DLC extensions and a graphical update. A port for the Nintendo Switch was delivered on November 2017. A different VR-just form, named The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, was delivered in November 2017 for the PlayStation 4 utilizing PlayStation VR, and for Windows-based VR headsets in April 2018.

Skyrim is set 201 years after the occasions of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in spite of the fact that it's anything but an immediate spin-off. The game happens in Skyrim, a territory of the Empire on the mainland of Tamriel, in the midst of a common conflict between two groups: the Stormcloaks, drove by Ulfric Stormcloak, and the Imperial Legion, driven by General Tullius. The player character is a Dragonborn, a human brought into the world with the spirit and force of a winged serpent. Alduin, a huge dark winged serpent who gets back to the land in the wake of being lost on schedule, fills in as the game's essential foe. Alduin is the main winged serpent made by Akatosh, one of the series' divine beings, and is forecasted to annihilate and devour the world.

The player character is a detainee being directed to an Imperial execution. Alduin surprisingly intrudes on the parade, annihilating the town before the player can be executed. The player escapes in the mayhem and excursions to the city of Whiterun to demand help against the winged serpent danger. In the wake of killing a mythical beast that assaults close by, the player retains its spirit, which awards them the capacity to play out a yell. The city's watchmen illuminate the player that they should be Dragonborn, and the player is called to meet with the Greybeards, a request for priests who live in segregation. The Greybeards train the major part in utilizing yells and advise the player regarding their job in halting Alduin. The player discovers that Skyrim's affable conflict is the rearward in an arrangement of prophetic occasions prognosticated by the Elder Scrolls, which additionally anticipated the arrival of Alduin.

The player later meets with individuals from the Blades, a request for mythical beast trackers. The player and the Blades track down a prophetic engravement on Alduin's Wall and discover that old Nords utilized an exceptional yell against Alduin so they could draw in him. To acquire data, the player meets the antiquated winged serpent Paarthurnax, the head of the Greybeards. Paarthurnax uncovers that Alduin was projected into the flows of time by the utilization of an Elder Scroll with the expectation that he could never reappear. The player finds the Elder Scroll and uses it to peer through a window on schedule and become familiar with the yell to battle Alduin. The player fights with Alduin, who then, at that point escapes to Sovngarde, the Nordic life following death, to acquire strength by eating up the spirits of perished Nords.

The player summons and traps a winged serpent named Odahviing, and gains from him that Alduin has escaped to Sovngarde through an entryway situated at an antiquated post called Skuldafn. Odahviing consents to fly the player to Skuldafn, asserting Alduin has shown himself as powerless and undeserving of initiative over the mythical serpent race by escaping from the Dragonborn. The player enters Sovngarde and goes to the Hall of Valor. There, they get together with the three saints of Nordic legend who crushed Alduin initially. With their assistance, the player routs Alduin unequivocally.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an activity rpg game, playable from either a first or third-individual viewpoint. The player may uninhibitedly meander over the place that is known for Skyriman open world climate comprising of wild spans, prisons, caves, urban communities, towns, posts, and towns. Players may explore the game world all the more rapidly by riding ponies, paying for a ride from a city's steady or by using a quick travel framework which permits them to twist to recently found areas.

Non-player characters (NPCs) populate the world and can be cooperated with in various manners: the player may draw in them in discussion, wed foreordained ones, or connect with them in deadly or nonlethal battle. As in past games in the series, killing certain NPCs can make a few journeys or things impractical. A few NPCs can't be killed due to their importance to the account. Whenever saw, violations like homicide and burglary accumulate the player an abundance which is followed freely in every one of Skyrim's nine holds. On the off chance that the player is confined by a watchman, they may wipe out their abundance with gold, serve prison time or oppose capture, setting off battle. It is additionally conceivable to pay off or convince monitors if the wrongdoing is a minor offense. NPCs every now and again offer the player extra side-journeys; some have boundaries changed dependent on close by neglected regions. A few NPCs who are become friends with or employed by the player may go about as sidekicks who will go with the player and help them in battle. The player may decide to join groups, coordinated gatherings of NPCsfor instance, the Dark Brotherhood, a band of professional killers. Every one of the groups has a related journey way to advance through. Every city and town in the game world has occupations that the player can participate in, like cultivating.

The player's person takes part in battle with beasts while investigating a prison. The player may double use weapons and enchantment simultaneously to be more successful against adversaries.

Players have the choice to foster their person. Toward the start of the game, players make their person by choosing their sex and picking between one of a few races including people, orcs, mythical beings, and human feline or reptile like animals and afterward redoing their person's appearance. Throughout the span of the game, players further develop their person's abilities which are mathematical portrayals of their capacity in specific regions. There are eighteen abilities separated equally among the three schools of battle, enchantment, and covertness. At the point when players have prepared abilities enough to meet the necessary experience, their person step up. Each time their person levels, the players may decide to choose an expertise explicit capacity called an advantage or store perk focuses for sometime in the future. Prior sections in The Elder Scrolls series utilized a person class framework to figure out which abilities would add to the person's evening out however Skyrim permits players to find favored abilities as they play the game and it rewards them with more experience when an as often as possible utilized expertise is evened out. A head-up show (HUD) seems when any of the player's three principle ascribes (wellbeing, magicka, and endurance) are being drained. Traits recover over the long run, albeit this interaction can be sped up by utilizing mixtures or regenerative spells. Wellbeing is exhausted principally when the player assumes harm and the deficiency of all wellbeing brings about death. Magicka is drained by the utilization of spells, certain toxins and by being struck by lightning-based assaults. Endurance decides the player's adequacy in battle and is drained by running, performing weighty power assaults and being struck by ice based assaults. Things in the player's stock can be seen three-dimensionally, which helps tackling puzzles in prisons.

The player's viability in battle depends on the utilization of weapons and defensive layer (which might be purchased, found, taken as well as produced) and on the utilization of wizardry spells which might be purchased, taken or potentially opened by discovering spell tomes.[failed verification] Weapons and sorcery are doled out to each hand taking into consideration double using, and can be traded out through a fast access menu of most loved items.[failed verification] Some weapons and spells require two hands. Safeguards can be utilized to fight off foe assaults and decrease brought about harm or upsettingly through slamming assaults. Gruff, bladed, and hacking weapons can be utilized in close battle and each enjoy explicit benefits and jobs. For instance, the player can perform power assaults with every weapon. Spells have a few capacities like recovering the player's wellbeing, assaulting foes, befuddling adversaries, briefly raising the dead, projecting light or turning iron into silver. Bows are used for long-range combat and for bashing enemies in melee combat. The player can enter sneak mode and pickpocket or deliver powerful sneak attacks to unsuspecting enemies.

When exploring the game world the player may encounter wildlife. Many creatures in the wilderness are immediately hostile towards the player. However, game animals such as elk and deer will simply run away. Skyrim is the first entry in The Elder Scrolls to include dragons in the game's wilderness. Like other creatures, dragons are generated randomly in the world and will engage in combat with NPCs, creatures and the player. Some dragons may attack cities and towns when in their proximity. The player character can absorb the souls of dragons in order to use powerful spells called dragon shouts or Thu'um. Each shout contains three words in the language spoken by dragons, and the strength of the shout will vary depending on how many words have been spoken. The words to shouts can be learned by visiting word walls in dungeons or around the wilderness. The words to each shout are unlocked for use by spending the absorbed souls of slain dragons. A regeneration period limits the player's use of shouts in gameplay.

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    0:00 Intro
    00:11 Secret Boss #1 Purgator
    02:20 1st Boss | Scorion Broodlord
    08:55 Secret Boss #2 Undertaker
    10:38 2nd Boss | Cyronin Artellian
    16:27 Secret Boss #3 Grim Warden
    18:26 Final Boss | Magma Incarnate
    31:45 Outro